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A certain pastor was called by God to lead a church. He came, laboured, prayed, spend money, time and resources until the church began to grow and pick up powerfully. Then, the people started spreading rumours about him, backstab him and plot against him. He was deeply wounded and wept many times and found it very hard to forgive the people. Many times, he thought of quitting and giving up, but the Lord would not allow him to do that, until he was healed by the Lord. Sadly, this is not an isolated case today.

Many pastors are being wounded by their people and many are secretly weeping and going about with scars, hurts, tears and injuries. It’s one of the hazards of modern day ministry- the people you spend your life on will turn around to cause you deep pain and hurts and tears!

A. Tears of Genuine Pastors.  Acts 20:17-21; 2 Cor 6:3-10; 11:23-29; Psalm 55:12-14.

The rich also cry. That was the theme of a television drama few years ago. It is also a frustrating reality in ministry today. Pastors are crying and in tears, unknown to their people. Here are factors that make genuine pastors to cry today.

i. Church: Matt 23:37-39

 Difficult, stagnant, weak, sinful, religious, half-dead, stingy and rebellious Churches that fail to yeild to prayers, preaching makes pastors to cry and weep. Jesus wept over the unrepentant nature of Jerusalem. Pastors weep over finance, crisis and accommodation problems in the church.

ii. People.

Majority of the tears of pastors comes from the dealings of people. Church is people-business. Many times, these people are hurting and hurtful. In the first instance, pastors meet these kinds of people in the church:

Refreshers – they inspire your dreams and energize your talents.

Refiners – they sharpen your ideas and clarify your vision.

Reflectors – they mirror your energy, neither adding nor substracting.

Reducers – they try to reduce your vision and efforts.

Rejecters – they hinder your efforts and impede your vision.

 Furthermore in Ministry, you will come accross people who are:-

* Critics – they constantly complain about you.

* Wet blankets – pessimistic about you.

* Steam rollers – blindly insensitive.

* Gossips – spread rumors and leak secrets.

* Backstabbers – irrepressively two faced.

* Green-eyed monsters – seethe with envy.

* Sponges – always taking, never give back.

* Competitors – always keep track of tit for tat.

 Oftentimes, these people come as board members, deacons, trustee, associates, workers and close friends. They cause division, breakaway, crisis, confusion and chaos in the church. They inflict emotional, mental and spiritual injury on you as a leader. Because of them, pastors are in tears, discouraged, downcast, sorrowful and tired of continuing.

 iii. Personal Warfare

 Many pastors are in tears because of personal problems in the ministry. There are many battles that pastors are fighting that people know nothing about. Such as:

– A Sick wife or husband.

– Personall struggle with sin.

– Death of loved ones.

– A curse of elders.

– Debt and financial crisis.

– Accomodation and housing.

– Unsupportive spouse.

– Feeling of rejection.

– A disease or sickness.

– A weakness or bad habit.

– Family crisis and problem.

 Many genuine and sincere pastors are having daily battle with these problems and they don’t have a settled mind to concentrate on the work. In many instances, these personal problems have led to the close down of churches and ministries.

 B. How Can You Pastor Without Tears. 2 Cor. 4:7-10; 11:7-10.

 It is absolutely impossible to pastor without tears. Things that cause tears, in the church, with your people and in your personal lives will always be around, but you must learn how to handle them with maturity, courage and faith in God.

 1. Have a covenant relationship with the Lord. John 21:18; Acts.12:6.

Peter was able to sleep in prison because he knew God’s prophetic covenant for him. Also Paul the apostle in Acts 27:21-25.

 2. Place the Lord always before you. Psalm 16:8.

 3. Have courage to face whatever life throws at you.

 4. Build people, but don’t rely on people. Rely only on God. Isaiah 26:3-4.

 5. Have no skeleton in your cupboard.

 6. Relate well with a good mentor, father and leader.

 7. Practise forgiveness and a large heart.

8. Learn more about the ministry everyday.

9. Make sure you are in the will of God always.

 10. Be pure, be good, be kind, be honest always.

 11. Commit everything to God in intensive prayers.

KEEP ON BROTHER.  – Francis Akin-John.

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