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To all members and participants of this year’s edition of the annual Night Of Divine Experience organised by The New Seraph, a group of young and old, vibrant and development oriented members of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church Worldwide, all is set and ready for the 2021 edition of the series holding on Friday 20th August 2021.

This assurance was given by the visioner and the chief host for the programme in person of Her Grace Dr. Oluwaseye Yomi-Sholoye, in an interactive session with the members of the press and leaders of the fellowship ahead of the programme.

She said all things were ready to meet the expectations of all participants spiritually and physically.

Night of Divine Experience holds on Friday August 20, 2021 at Kilometre 60, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Solution Bus Stop, Ode-Remo, By Sapade Bridge, Ogun State from 6.00pm till the following morning. According to her all government recommended covid -19 protocolds would be strictly adhered to, so as to ensure that all participants enjoy maximum protection and safety.

“We cannot compromise our security. We can assure participants of both their physical and spiritual safety and security. There would be strict compliance with Covid-19 protocols at the venue.”

For physical safety and security the organisers assured participants of the presence of all manners of government security and safety agencies, right from the police, Civil Defence, to local state controlled Amotekun outfits, and even local hunters.

About 50,000 worshippers cutting across various Church and non-Church denominations are expected for the historic event, and they would be drawn from different parts of the country, while some others are expected to partcipate from other African countries and nations of the world.

For all those who want to be part of the programme from all parts of the world all the channels of social media would be opened to streamline the programme for them to watch the live event.

Also speaking on the spiritual importance of the all night service, Dr. Yomi-Sholoye spoke on the theme Last Chance inspired from 2Corinthians 6.2. The woman of God explained that more than ever before this was the best of times to rededicate one to the service of God.

“There is no better time to be closer to God, knowing that the real end time is here with us. So it is a clarion call to all and sundry, Christians, non-christians, all manners of people from all walks of life. It is a divine call to populate the kingdom of God, and that is our greatest service as Christians.

“To right your wrongs may be your last chance. It is not all about death, but one needs God now more than ever before, and this is the best of times to follow God. It is to the benefit of our salvation and the glory of God to yield to this unique call,” appealed the woman of God.

Speaking further, Dr. Yomi-Sholoye noted that evangelism was the primary assignment of all Christians for the end time, saying “Our call is to envangelise, and that is all we are doing at Night Of Divine Experience.

According to the organisers, there would be mobilisation from different parts of Nigeria ahead of the main event.

“Participation is not limited to those in urban areas as The New Seraph has been making impacts and adding values to the members. Mobilisation is already in progress in the rural areas among our members.  Members are already mobilising in Lagos, Ibadan, Ogbomoso, as well as from the states like Ondo, Ekiti, Kwara, Kaduna, and others, with open air crusades, with rallies, and prayers for salvation of souls,” she explained.

Dr. Yomi-Sholoye would not just be hosting, there have been eminent men and women of God to also lead in sharing the word of God with prayers and counselling. Among these are Prophet Sam Ojo, Pastor Mrs. Seyi Bakare, Evangelist Dare Melody, Evang. Kemi Rehoboth, Moses Harmony, Vanessa Seluka Gold, Ewa Kristi and a host of others who would be joining the wonderful Choir of The New Seraph.

To make movements easy for participants, there are already free transportation arrangements made with public transport companies in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo States and all parts of Nigeria, and all that would be needed to do was to locate local buses which could also be monitored via social media. About 200 of such big buses would be made available.

The conference was witnessed by leaders and representatives drawn from the various  centres, among which were Primate G.O. Roberts, the Chairman of the Local Organising Committee, Primate Olasunkanmi Ogabi, Primate Olusoji Bakare, Mama Okiki Prophetess Oyin Adesanmi, a Matron of the New Seraph, Primate Prophet Luke Babasanya, and a host of others from far and wide.

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