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A new set of officers for the Youth Wing of the Christian Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria in the South Western part of Nigeria has been inducted.

The induction which took place in Lagos has Pastor Isaac Ogunrinlola as the Chairman and Mr. Oluseyi Okelola as the Secretary.

The induction and inauguration which took place at The Apostolic Church, LAWNA headquarters, Olorunda Ketu on Tuesday 14th March, 2023 attracted members from all the Nigerian South Western states of Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Ondo and Ekiti States.

The Induction and Inauguration Ceremony was presided over by the National President of the Fellowship, the Vice President of The Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Chairman of LAWNA Territory of The Apostolic Church, Pastor E,S. Awojide ably represented by Pastor Dr. I.G. Fakunle.

In his opening remark Pastor Fakunle charged the youths to always make themselves available as instruments in the hand of God.

As youths, you should present yourself as young people who are wise, full of knowledge, understanding, integrity and wisdom of God of who God can say ‘here are My ambassadors,’” as he prayed that they would not fail in their chosen assignments.

“As young persons, have the spirit of discernment, and you need this as youths more than the old people. The Church needs young people who can carry the dream of yesterday to tomorrow. Nigeria needs youths who can stand out among other youths,” praying that the plans and purpose of God would be fulfilled in their lives.

Also in his message at the event, the National President of the Youth Wing of CPFN who is also the National Youth Coordinator of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samson Gbuyiro, speaking on the theme of the service, The Purposeful Youth called on young people to make up their mind to live for purposeful life.

According to him God is a God of purpose and for everything He creates there is a purpose and therefore the youths should see the purpose of God for creating them.

“He is a God of purpose. Taking purpose out of God makes Him incomplete. If God requests us to meet him at different places, He would be there for different purposes. If you are yet to know that God is a God of purpose you are yet to know Him,” he admonished.

Pastor Gbuyiro who noted that the priority of men of purpose for living is what they can do for God said “God has designed our life to achieve His purpose, and to be a purposeful youth is to show that you have made up your mind on what to live for and die for, even when death is involved.”

Using the example of Daniel in the Bible the youth minister told the youth not to defile themselves.

“Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself. Unfortunately, what God calls defilement is what others call different names in the world today. Some call it funs, some see it as opportunities,” noting that “Joseph purposed in his heart not to sin against God by refusing to bow to Portiphar’s wife’s satanic wish. Daniel also refused to eat the king’s food so as not to defile himself.

“What all these mean is to live a purposeful life. Try and make that decision to live and die for God. If living is not enough, be ready to die for God. What equips a man is the capacity to achieve his purpose. It makes you focused and stubborn until that purpose is achieved.

“Being purposeful makes you to be resourceful. Men of purpose are resourceful. Daniel was a man of books. Reading gives you the secret of God. By being resourceful you are purposeful. You add value to life. When you are purposeful, you are successful. Show me a successful man, I will show you a man of purpose,” he concluded.

The inauguration and induction ceremony was later performed by the representative of the National President, Pastor Awojide, with the assistance of the National President of the Youth Wing of CPFN, Pastor Gbuyiro who presented the Holy Bible to the members of the executive.

The executive which has Pastor Isaac Ogunrinola as Chairman also has Pastor Dr. J. A. Apotieri Adebanjo as Vice Chairman, Evang. Oluseyi Okelola as Secretary, Pastor T. O. Owolafe as Treasurer, Pastor S.A. Adedeji as Financial Secretary and Bro. Ogunseye Olakunle as Assistant Secretary.

Other officers inducted were Pastor E.S. Oluwadara, Chaplain Samuel Adewumi and Deaconess Oluwafunmilayo Ajayi as PRO 1, PRO 2 and Director of Media and Publicity respectively, Sister Olajumoke Ogunsakin as Sisters Coordinator, Pastor S.O. Muyiwa for Ecumenism and Interfaith, Taiwo Akiode as Legal Adviser, and Pastor T.O. Adesina as Director of Protocols and Logistics.

Sister Blessing Fapojuwo and Rev. Seun Olorunpomi are the Directors of Social Welfare 1 and 2, Elder Isaac Ogunlade and Pastor Fagbenro Directors of Music, Deacon Sarah Tolulope Adediran as Director of Medical, Pastor Taiwo Ishola, Director of Security and Elder Oni as Prayer Secretary.

The inauguration and induction was attended by some officials of Lagos State’s branch of CPFN led by Pastor S.O. Adeosun as Chairman, with Pastor Dr. J.B. Olajide Vice Chairman and Pastor Dr. D.D.E. Asaaju as Secretary.

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  • Pastor Sowole Oluwole, March 16, 2023 @ 7:56 pm Reply

    This is a very good development in the right direction. I have always advocated that our youth must be ready to “take the bull by the horns” and there can’t be a better time than now.
    I wish them well, as we are expecting a greater transformation of the mission and the nation at large through them.

    • ptl_admin, March 17, 2023 @ 11:39 am Reply

      Thanks sir. Where are you now sir?

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