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On Tuesday February 22, 2022, Rev. Dr. Margaret Modupe Soremekun, the President and Visionary of the United Body of Christ International, a 12-fold ministry touching all parts of human endeavours, was a year older. She is a woman very unique for not wasting time on frivolities. A seriously committed woman of God called to the office of the prophet. She is a called prophetess in her own right. A spiritual mother to many, and a grandmother to her biological children, male and female.

While preparing for her birthday celebration, PTL News was with her and she shared the fond memories of adding another year to her age. Even as sheadvances in age it seems her energy is not reducing. She shared the secret behind this success and why she wants to thank God for her life and her modest contributions to the lives of others.

On that Tuesday February 22, the high point of the day is a prestigious award that will be presented to her by a body of young men and women in the name of International Civil Elite Service Corps led by Corps Marshal Oluwadare Daniel.

The presentation of the award which comes up at about 11.00 prompt in the morning is expected to be witnessed by many dignitaries within and outside Nigeria, as many of her associates and followers join online from other parts of the world as witnesses.

Preparatory to this, works were already in progress in the ultra modern reconstructed edifice and premises that will make the headquarters of the ministry inside Ajao Estate, off Airport Road, in Lagos. When PTL News came calling, and Mummy was all over supervising as finishing touches were being put on the project.

As a foremost mission and gospel promoter one of her prestigious properties in the high brow Ajao Estate has been dedicated for mission works, housing high flying office facilities with computerised systems, when completed it would serve as residential apartments for fellow missionaries and workers from different parts of the world.

Yet there is another 500 hectares of land somewhere in Abeokuta which has also been committed to mission assignment, and all these are on front burner on Mummy Soremekun’s list of priorities.

In fact, her thinking was not particularly on the birthday celebration but how to complete the project she decided to call Ara Mission house. She explained that the work was so delayed because of those who had been handling the project before she came to meet a child of God who she felt was doing things perfectly well, supervising it day and night.

Inside the compound were three separate apartments, one for office, the other for residential purpose and the third for the children.

On why she was doing that even at her age, the quiet, unassuming soft spoken business woman socialite turned prophet simply said, “Handling this project is by God. I don’t need to think about it. It is God. He gives the strength and supplies the means,” adding that “God has a way of keeping His chosen ones busy.

“The moment your brain is idle, it means you should prepare to leave the scene, you must prepare to go. But when your brain is busy it means you still have a lot to do, and if it is for God He would know how to sustain you.” By implication, she still has much to do for her creator, and no going yet.

For sometime now she presides over her ministry called the United Body of Christ International which is an all encompassing non denominational ministry with special interests in Ministries, Children, Media, Medical, Recreation, Relief, Christian Education, Construction, Business, Musical, Women and Youth. There is something for everyone that comes into the ministry. All these operate by bringing Christians, ministers and workers alike together under one umbrella of a united body of Christ.

As a precursor to her magnanimity and Christlike life, she shared the testimony of an experience of the encounter she had with the Lord that really fully drew her to Christ, and so made her open handed.

“I was once in a debt. It was 36 years ago I owed a bank 250,000 naira, and they were about to sell my property. One day, my driver took me to a Church and that was the headquarters of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. I was attending their programmes most especially their Digging Deep programme. It was after four years in the Redeemed that I came to the true knowledge of Christ. That day I cried. I met with the Lord, and that threatening nightmare was turned to a testimony. It is a long story which I will tell on a larger platform someday.”

Continuing she said, “One thing I asked from God was that I may know Him, and God gave me prophetic gifts,” noting “the use of the five fingers that make human hand she said, each of the fingers has its spiritual role. One is to control, one is to point the way to go, one is for warning, and one is to accommodate while the others cannot function without the thumb. That was the way I was given.

“The Lord provided, we paid the debt and also helped others to pay their debts. If the worst does not happen the best cannot, if the night does not happen the morning cannot happen,” she affirmed.

“UBCI is a big dream and it is about to start, and it is going to start in a very big way. The burden is heavy and I pray for people of similar hearts who understand the vision and the message God has sent to us.”

Rev. Soremekun also has a very big place for the youth in her ministry. She said again, “I don’t joke with the next generation because they are the future. If Jesus tarries, and in this respect, we have provision for teaching them music, and empower them appropriately. We also have space for recreation and sponsorship of people abroad. We have partners in the United States of America who are ready to help us execute these programmes. We thank God that we have never lacked support for the ministry.

“It is my special God’s gift to be a blessing to all. If I don’t give I don’t know how I feel, and God said that is my work and mission, that what I can do is to nurture this five fold ministry by giving, and giving, and giving.”

Doing this she has no doubt that her reserved place is secured in the kingdom of God, and she wants other Christians to follow suit. “When the gong sounds, I know where I am going, and God will ask, ‘who is this one coming? Allow her to come,’ and doors of heaven will open. I can see myself there.

“It is part of our vision to develop our mission camp, and our partners are coming to develop it to one of the best mission camps all over the world, with accommodation, and they will build one of the best hospitals in Africa.

Presently we are praying for new hands. God told me to releave all my old associates and bring up a new set of people. So we are recruiting, gathering and training new hands who will handle the new projects we have on our hand. We are doing this very slowly, we are not in a hurry. All is ready within here including media services. We are also training students. We have started registration of students for computer studies and we have scholarship for 25 students to begin with.”

On why she decides to name the Ara Mission House, she explained she was a good fan of the late Olubukola Olomola aka Baba Ara.

“Years ago, at one of Dr. Ebenezer Obey’s Praise Altar programme at Abeokuta, I saw Baba Ara play and I was highly fascinated and I planned to bring him to play for me on my birthday but he did not live to that day as he died before then. But I continue to listen to his music. He was a good musician. His music gives a lot of inspiration.”

Speaking more about the building, she added, “Looking into the structure, we are building it to God’s specification. God told me to paint it in anointing and royal colours. Have you heard that before? When I told the architect he could not understand but by the time we put our ideas together, we could understand what God wanted. I want everybody to know it as Ile Ara (Ara Building). God has performed wonders in my life, and the project is a wonder of the lord. The dedication will come with the birthday and the award presentation. It is not going to be elaborate. We have few cards here, yet I know many people will like to be here, but we have our security boys all around us.”

For Rev. Dr. Prophetess Soremekun it will be a day of celebration of doubles. Her day is 22-02-2022, she will be celebrating 77th birthday, it is a celebration of double perfection, and she would be honoured as the Patron of Civil Elites Corps International, celebrate her birthday and dedicate the expansive mission house.

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