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On Friday, May 5, Apostle Dr. Stephen Gbadebo Olagunju, the General Overseer of Anointed Christ Power International Church will turn 75 golden years. Even though no special arrangement has been uncovered by PTL News, the engineer business man turned cleric deserves a special mention.

Apostle Olagunju, has been a very good reliable father in the faith to several others and has been a very good partner to PTL News in its near three decades operations.

Apostle Olagunju became a very good friend and benefactor of PTL News through another father in the faith in person of Archbishop Lawrence Ayodele Afilaka, the Founder and General Overseer of Preach The Word Evangelistic Mission, and the President and Chaplain General of Chaplains Fellowship of Nigeria. The duo are associates of another father in the faith, Apostle Ezekiel Aremu Abatan who has just turned 80years.

They have been brought together by a very strong untainted ministers’ prayer fellowship, popularly known as Virgin Prayer and Ministerial Fellowship International.

Virgin Prayer Fellowship is presided over by Apostle Abatan as the Life President, and he is faithfully followed by others as members of the Board of Trustees of the fellowship. All they do is to engage in mutual prayers, charging of members on Ministerial Ethics and Excellence. They meet every Tuesday at Apostle Abatan’s Church along Ejigbo Road side of Idimu, Lagos.

Back to Apostle Olagunju, he is a man with very few friends both in the ministry and in the society. His focus is towards building men and women of values and character in life and ministry and that explains why his ministry has been growing in leap and bounds.

He is not a man that boasts but quietly making impacts and earning respects among colleagues and church members. But he is a man of God in his calling, a prophet, a prayer champion and a leader loaded with undiluted word of God, very loving and full of wisdom.

To him celebrating 75 years is a honour to God that creates him. “All the glory belongs to God. To be alive and in good and perfect condition of good and sound health is of the Lord, and that is why we are returning the glory unto the Lord.”

One thing his followers and Church members will always celebrate him for is his generosity. “He is a man with open hands,” explains one of his associate ministers.

“Daddy G.O. is a giver par excellence. He is an encourager of youths, and he appreciates talents and that is part of what has been adding members to the church in their number.”

As he celebrates his 75, all we can wish the ebullient Ejigbo Prince him is more of good life, sound health and growing anointing in the Lord’s service. From PTL News, it is happy birthday to Baba Olagunju, and we say Many Happy Returns of the Day.

Why the Celebration is Low key– Celebrant, As Virgin Prayer Fellowship Felicitate

The news around the Apostle Stephen Debo Olagunju, his Anointed Christ Power International Church Incorporated, and his associates is the celebration of his 75 years in the land of the living.

His landmark birthdays are usually marked with pomp and pageantry. But there is no indication that this 75th will be celebrated heavily. The celebrant disclosing to PTL News said the celebration would be low keyed. He attributed this partly to the prevailing situation on Nigeria in which many Nigerians are presently struggling with battle of survival caused by the Central Bank inflicted cash crunch.

Apostle Olagunju also mentioned the death of one of the key members of the his Church saying, he did not see the need to hold any gorgeous and elaborate celebration.

So my request is just to do everything quietly and ask for the prayers of my loved ones.  

In spite of this he has chosen to celebrate with his colleagues at Virgin Prayer Fellowship and Ministerial Association. PTL news was there to see how the event would go.

Apostle Olagunju came prepared with food and drink to appreciate the members for their concerns and prayers.

Speaking at what could be called a prayer reception, Apostle Olagunju thanked God for His love and mercies and members of Apostle Ezekiel Abatan led prayer fellowship.

He said, “I thank God we have Jesus. He is our joy. You know how I used to celebrate my birthday ceremony, especially every five years. But it is my deep thinking that makes me organise low key celebration this year, and I have decided to come and thank God within Virgin Prayer Fellowship. Should I decide to do it in my church I know how much it would cost and there are some of my friends who could take up the responsibility whatever it will cost. I only asked them to pray for me in view of the prevailing situation in Nigeria.

He also took the advantage to retrace his steps in the meeting of the ministers of God.

“I have stories of testimonies about Virgin. Virgin was shown to me from heaven and I thank God for being faithful. What I saw was a man of God which I explained to Pastor Amos Oladejo. He took me here and discovered that it was Apostle Abatan that I saw, and I became a member of this fellowship. I can recall the days of our humble beginning when we used to come here and pray with fasting breaking with gari and coconut.”

He also admonished fellow ministers present, young and old on how to receive bountifully from God which he attributed to giving.

“We should know how prayers are answered. We should ask why prayers are answered and why prayers are not answered. Prayers are answered by giving. When we give, we use it to appreciate God. When we talk about giving we do not mean reckless and meaningless giving. When we talk about giving it does not mean cash giving alone. One can give his property, time and even prayers.

“In 1974, God told me to list 1000 ministers of God and pray for them and not to pray for myself. Think of somebody you can pray for within and outside members of the Virgin Prayer Fellowship.

“If I had known this is the way my prayer would be answered I would have prayed more. Let us pray for one another. I thank God I have been increasing since I got to Virgin.

“People talk about success in the ministry. I always say that no Christian is successful until he or she makes heaven in the ministry. A successful Christian is the one that makes heaven.”

In his response, the leader of the fellowship, Apostle Ezekiel Abatan described the celebrant as a man of God whose life is full of testimonies. “He is a very humble man of God and lover of Christ and evangelism. His call and anointing speak world over.”

They all took time to pray for the celebrant, and the meeting was rounded off with a package of delicious meal for each of the ministers present.

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