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Touched by a story earlier posted on Koiki Media of one Mrs Elizabeth Adeoye, a woman abandoned by a runaway husband with eight children, I had to do a follow-up because the woman resides in my Aboru neighbourhood.

With the contact person one Mrs Remi Fawole we headed to the woman’s abode to authenticate her stories.
When we got there we met the woman with her children, a girl was around with six other young boys. The eldest was said to be outside and they sent for him.
The young man named Femi later met us there.
Initiated, it was believed the woman might not open up, being somebody who had earlier seen a fair side of life before the table turned against her, no thanks to her husband, the father of all her children.

Mrs Adeoye was once a successful business woman selling provision and essential goods, as well as running a transportation business.
But things changed later when she fell to the fraudulent antics of her husband. He was said tohopeless and frustrated. Children who were earlier attending good schools were withdrawn from schools. One is about to sit for O Level SSSCE, without any means of registration, the others have no hope of going back to school.

The house they live is nothing to write home about. Just one room was sparsely constructed with leaking roof, no doors. They lacked basic essentials of life to the extent that they did not have a cooking stove.
As at the time we got there there was no hope of what to eat for the day. We had to arrange something to take care of there immediate need.
There was a grown up young man among the children. Femi is an OND holder in Mass Communication with no formal employment but hustles for any legitimate means to sustain the family.
He said he could not abandoned the mother and his siblings knowing how caring she was when things were very smooth for her. Most times he sleeps outside as the single room cannot contain the family.
On how she knew them, the contact person bemoaning emotions was crying along the woman when she was trying to explain some things.

According to her she came across the family when she saw one of the young children at Ile Epo market begging for food. She was so touched that she had to leave what she was doing to follow the boy home.
On getting there I was so touched that I believe her case must be made known to the general public especially those who can lend one assistance or the other.

According to the family, they need to feed, the children need to go back to school, they wouldn’t mind if any help can come their way for somebody to just complete a portion of the building to make it habitable for them.
And for the woman who has been suffering some mental disorders from her harrowing experiences, whatever can be done to put her back on her feet for survival is desirable.
“If I can be empowered, I am ready to go back to my business, so as to get something to train my children. It wasn’t like this before, if not what their father did, my children were in the best of schools and they were all doing well academically.”
We could attest to the brilliance of the children as they responded to our chats in good spoken English. They expressed their willingness to go back to school as soon as help comes their way.
With this we enjoin the good will and generosity of members of the public to arise to help them.
An account can be opened for the family where  payments can be made to assist them.
Feel free to share the story and get across to them. God bless you as you do this. have duper her to the tune of about N500,000 Naira. The business collapsed.
She also made several efforts to save the business by taking loans from a finance house, only for the man again to come back and pack the remaining capital.
These led the woman totally dejected,
For any assistance, Mrs Elizabeth Adeoye and her children can be reached out to through Access Bank Nig. Number 0046085763.



Julius Adegunna, a writer, and publisher of good news and reports. He is also a trainer in Writing and Publishing, a Media Consultant and an Entrepreneur. A 1987 Graduate of International Relations of the University of Ife, (Now Obafemi Awolowo University) with Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations, and Master in Communication Studies of Lagos State University. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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