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Bishop David Oyedepo, the presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church has made open how the next President of the Church will emerge. He disclosed this at the Covenant Hour of Prayer, one of the early morning fellowships of the Church.

He stated that the succession plan of the church was contained in the “Red Book” also known as the Mandate which also doubles as the constitution of the church.

Bishop Oyedepo explained how the next leader will emerge based on the constitution of the Church.

In a video clip which has gone viral, the Bishop went further to state “If you read the book ‘The Mandate’ you will see the succession procedure of apostleship in this ministry is open, it’s in the hand of everybody”.


“When you are 70 as leader of this Church, you present three names to the Council of Priests for them to see if any of them is qualified by the Secretariat. If they are not qualified, they throw it back to you, you have one more chance to make another presentation and after that, you are out of it. The Council takes it, the Board goes to rectify. It is a process, not that somebody dies and then we don’t know what to do, you know what to do step by step, and this happens within three weeks. This takes place between 12 weeks,” he stated.


He added that it was dangerous for anyone to convert the Church to their personal and family property, and that the moment the church becomes a family property, it is dead, and because many founders see the church as an enterprise to them, the church never succeeds them.

He also urged men of God to be virtuous and walk in integrity, and also warned them not to call their sons and daughters to ministry if God didn’t call them and that doing so may frustrate their destinies.

The Bishop noted that many charismatic Churches die before their founder dies because they want to leave the Church as inheritance for their family.

The Bishop’s revelation has been received with mixed feelings both from within and outside his Church.

While sol,e people members and non members saw it as a godly and positive development, others did not believe until the time comes.

Somebody prayed that “This kind of man is reproduced in the 26 states in Nigeria” as he thanked the Bishop for showing light for others to see.

Another who commended him said his wisdom is non-conventional and supernatural, and that if every Church founder and General Overseer can do likewise there would not be argument and family interference. Some others are of the opinion that they might not believe until then becaue contrary to his words his children are ministers in the Church and one of them is said to be among the senior members of the Church.

Whatever happens it is believed that stating this openly has removed any plans about the second generation of the Living Faith Church Worlwide, as it was prayed that God gave the grace to do accordingly when the time comes.

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