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Since the renowned Ibadan based warlord and social leader Chief Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho made good his intention to route out bandits from the South Western part of Nigeria, he has been attracting attentions and supports across the length and breadth of the region and across faith and groups.
One of such so attracted is Pastor Tunde Bakare, also a social activist, politician and the Senior Pastor and General Overseer of the Citadel Global Community Church, formerly known as Latter Rain Assembly, Lagos.
Pastor Bakare in one of his recent statements had to state why he was attracted to the recent moves made by Chief Sunday Igboho saying that Nigeria could witness the emergence of wartime leaders like Sunday Igboho if care was not taken.

He said, “Immediately, Sunday Igboho gave that ultimatum, I knew there was trouble if nothing was done immediately, and he carried out what he said he would carry out.
“What did I do? As an individual, I found a way of reaching out to him (Igboho). I have never met him before, never spoken to him before but I reached out to him and after a while, he called me and I said, I appeal to you by the mercies of God, two wrongs cannot make a right, you have proved your point, let us find alternative solution so that there would be no bloodbath.
“He promised to come and see me in Lagos and I had made preparations for him to come but unfortunately, his father took ill and he had to take him to the hospital.
“I followed also to ensure I prayed for the father. I told him, I am not saying you are right or you are wrong, that is not the issue but please, if you carry out this threat, it would lead to something bigger than you and you do not want to go down in history as someone who had good intention of defending the rights of his people but ended up bringing them a bloodbath. He thanked me and then he said he would find time to come to Lagos.”
Pastor Bakare also went ahead to warn governments to take the matter of security very serious if they did not want to see the emergence of more people in the ilk of the warlord, explaining that “If care is not taken, there could be 10,000 Sunday Igbohos in the country,” as he tasked security agencies to bring all perpetrators of killing, kidnapping and rape cases in Ibarapaland to book.
“Let us not throw legal semantics with this issue. When people are being slaughtered and being killed and this man is reeling out the names of those who are killed and nobody has disproved that they were truly killed, whoever killed those people if they are not brought to book, then, you cannot be asking a man who is saying I want justice to say he is wrong.
“Two wrongs don’t make a right, I am not asking him to go kill anybody, I’m not asking him to take laws into his hands but I am saying would you say that those who are killed should just die for nothing?
Where were the police and security agencies when those people were being killed? If their killers were not brought to book, we could have more than 10,000 Sunday Igbohos in one day if care is not taken.”
Meanwhile, the Sunday Igboho Struggle has been gaining global acceptance and most especially from the sons and daughters of the Yorubas across the world and across faith. In fact some notable Pastors have been speaking and throwing their weights tacitly behind the struggle.
The struggle to protect the Yorubas from the Fulani assaults should be taken by all well meaning Nigerians, says the United kingdom based Nigerian Pastor, Rev. Victor Lawal of the Acts of Covenant Transformation Ministry. In one of his remarks on the disturbing event Rev. Lawal said, “the Fulani criminals have no respect for individuals, community and the Nigerian nation,” and prayed that “the grace of Jehovah Lord should speak for the oppressed in Nigeria.
Also the fiery flamboyant Apostle Johnson Sulaiman of Omega Power Ministry has cautioned the government on handling the crisis being caused by the incessant criminal Fulani attacks against their hosts.
Apostle Sulaiman in a twist has said that herdsmen should be told that they don’t own Nigeria.
He said, on the possibility of the government cracking down on Igboho movement that “An intolerant regime makes heroes, as when you detain a man for his opposing views, you are inadvertently starting a movement,” adding that the discrepancies in Oyo and the Southern States can be resolved but the herders must be told that they don’t own Nigeria and flagrant invasion and brutality should be disallowed.

In a similar development Pastor Bakare has expressed his disappointment on the government of president Muhammadu Buhari on the way he has been handling the security situation across Nigeria.
Pastor Bakare stated this while speaking with Dele Momodu, a journalist and publisher of Ovation Magazine, in a virtual interview on Instagram, held recently.
He said, “Nigeria will survive and will become the Nigeria of our dreams, but right now, things are not together, especially with the drum of disintegration which is louder than before.”
He explained, “Nigeria is better together. If we go back together to the basics of how we came together, looking at 1960 and 1963, we can still be together.
“The truth of the matter is that it is still the same Buhari. In the midst of many competing interests, we respond differently. As far as I know, the president is still himself. Some have even asked me if he is not somebody else, and I said, if that were so, the whole world would know.
“Power changes people. Has power changed him or is he making the best of the situation or the circumstances he has found himself in? He will be the one to answer that question. As far as I know, the expectations of Nigerians, including the gentleman interviewing me, and everyone who rose up at that time to say we need a breath of fresh air by bringing in President Buhari, I think whatever it is, the expectations have not been met and, therefore, there is a gut feeling of disappointment everywhere.
“We are the government. The citizens have the right to demand good governance and nothing can stop that.
“People deserve the government they get, and the government deserves the kind of people that support them, or say ‘no, we can’t take this anymore.’”

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