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Pastor Monday Asuquo, is the Presiding Pastor of Blessed Assurance Prayer Ministry. Blessed Assurance Prayer Ministry aka Mount of Truth and Deliverance, recently held its 10th thanksgiving service at its base, 54, Ashimowu Bakare Street, Pako Otun Oba/Ramoni Bus Stops, Itire, Surulere, Lagos. The event was held on Sunday, June 11, 2023.

Pastor Asuquo, the host and presiding pastor spoke with PTL News on how the celebration went. He spoke on the Church and its first ten year records, his lessons and challenges, as well as ministers of God and the state of the nation expressing his anger against men and women who are supposed to be representatives of God to other being.

Pastor Monday Asuquo popularly called Prophet Monday who was a very quiet and easy going minister of God he did not hide his feelings against pastors who have almost abandoned the pulpit to pursue personal ideas, drawing attention for financial and material gains, on what he described as “Why I am angry with Nigerian Pastors.”

According to him, “Ministers of God who are supposed to be in the altar of God have abandoned their calling, and they are like the flies that follow the dead to the grave. What we see is that when they collect money from politicians they will not tell the truth.

“They should learn from the encounter of Prophet Nathan with King David. God revealed King David’s secret to him and he went ahead to tell and challenge the king, his message was direct and it was confirmed by God. His prophecy came to pass. Can any of those pastors or prophets boast of direct relationship with God? Can they confront those in power with the words of prophecies that will come to pass?

“It is unfortunate that those who are supposed to tell those in government the real truth they need to know are right on the dining table with the government, it is either they don’t hear from God or they are not ready to tell the government the truth. Even if they don’t hear from God, they can go ahead to advise the political leaders in their own wisdom on how to make the situation in the country better. 

“Ministers of God should learn from the way the prophets stood between rulers and God in those days. They heard from God and went ahead to tell the rulers, like Prophets Nathan, Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah, they came back to make sure that the purpose of God were released to the kings. Their words were the rule, but as religious as we are the religious leaders are not respected enough.”

He advised the ministers of God “should wait upon the Lord, seek His face, pray from the altar, pray for the government and the people and tell the leaders the truth and ensure that messages of God are followed to the letter.”

Pastor Asuquo also has his words for prophets who hit the waves with different prophecies that were not fulfilled.

“The messages our prophets churned out from their altars also put serious question marks on the integrity of our pastors and prophets in Nigeria. Our prophets should stop fake prophecies saying what God does not say. Many of them do these for personal gains and to attract attention both from the leaders and the general public.

“Our pastors and prophets should stay in their altars and listen to God to tell Nigerians or intercede for the people. Such prophets would always be called fake when their prophecies do not come to pass. Let them remain in the altar and pray. There are lots to pray for concerning Nigeria rather than fuelling religious crises.

“Ministers of God should work towards instilling the fear of God in the leadership and people of Nigeria. They should refrain from pursuing personal gains to the detriment of the altars,” he advised.

Pastor Asuquo concluded with his message to Nigeria and Nigerians, on this he said, “We should all now know that there is no peace any longer in the entire world. These are what we hear all over the place across the world. We pray God gives the leaders the fear and understanding of God. Nigerians should be patient. We pray that God give the people the heart to know and fear God.

“For the government there attention should be shifted to the poor and the less privileged in the society. They should look into the area of security, food, good road, hospital and education. We pray that God would guide and protect our president to rule this country in the fear of God. My appeal to Nigerians is to be patient with the government. By the time they settle down, everybody will know where they going.”   

Blessed Assurance Ministry @ 10

Speaking on the 10th anniversary thanksgiving service of his Church, Blessed Assurance Ministry, Pastor Asuquo said the grand celebration which had Celebration of His Mercy as the theme, was colourful and reflected the will of God.

“The grand finale was preceded with a week-long revival featuring different men and women of God including Rev. Samuel Akpan, Apostle Okwuo, Rev. Emmanuel George and Pastor Emmanuel Akpan.

“Despite the rain, it was a highly successful outing as members all came from the headquarters and the Ikorodu branch,” this, Pastor Asuquo took in good faith, saying, “Because God was behind us everything still went well, we believe the rain fell to favour us,” said the presiding pastor.

“We all sang joyfully, we worshipped our God, we prayed, the message of God was preached by Rev. Samuel Akpan speaking from IISamuel 6.12, and I believe the people went home happier.”

Pastor Monday also thanked God for the testimonies of the first ten years of the ministry.

“It might not have been easy as a ministry but we have good reasons to thank God for the mercy and faithfulness of God. There has been rising and falling though, God has been faithful and merciful to us. God has backed and kept us moving. God has increased us numerically and spiritually with diverse blessings, and that is why we called for celebration.

On the challenges of ten years, the Akwa Ibom born Pastor Asuquo was quick to point out that there could not be a journey of ten years without challenges said, God had always been there to keep them going in the face of daunting challenges.

He said, “Naturally there will be the challenges of growth and stability, there are temptations, accusations and disappointments, but God has been there to fight our battles for us. Sometimes, we see members leave for one reason or the other, and many of them still come back. I thank God for staying with us, and in these ten years we have been able to raise another branch and a house of worship in Ikorodu, it means that the plans of the enemy did not prevail against the Church.”

Blessed Assurance Prayer Ministry is situated in the heart of Itire with outreach to Mushin, Ijesa, Surulere and Okota axis, Pastor Monday saw having his Church in Itire as a blessing, adding, “It is a privilege extended to us by God. It means through us the gentiles have come to see the light of God. It is a very good ground for evangelism and there are no troubles with our people here. They are accommodating and friendly.”

On his aspirations for the next level, the cleric noted, “We are praying for more grace of God to move us to the next level and let the glory of God continue to be seen on our life. We believe God also for expansion of the gospel from here.”

He did not conclude the discussion without showing his appreciation to fellow ministers, Church officers members, family and well-wishers for making the journey a pleasant one for the ten years.

“I thank my wife for her support and all my associate pastors and officers, without them we cannot do much. Others are Pastor Moses who is always by my side, Deaconess Glory Emmanuel Akpan and her husband, Pastor Emmanuel Akpan, Deacon Patrick I.K, Sister Ekaette Samuel and others. God will bless all of them. I will also like to appreciate members of our immediate community here, especially our landlord, and neighbours. They are friendly and wonderful people.

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