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Christians, Ministers of God and missionaries have been told to embrace the Holy Spirit to achieve their goal of winning the world for Christ.

This was the counsel of Dr. Abiodun Ajayi-Majebi, the Mission Director of Apostolic Foundation Endtime Mission, a Ministers’ Network at the two-day missionary conference held in April, 2023 in Lagos.

Dr. Abiodun Ajayi Majebi, a medical doctor cum missionary who is also the medical director of Mediservices Community Hospital played host to another set of missionaries in his bimonthly mission conference held between April 21 and 22, 2023.

Looking into The Spirit of Revival under the auspices of discussing Rekindling The Flames of Revival, the Missionary doctor called on all categories of Christians, including ministers and missionaries to embrace the holy spirit in order to be fulfilled as purposeful Christians.

The two-day conference was the second part of another series of the interdenominational End time conference. The first part of it had been held in February 2023.

According to him, this is a season of the prophetic. The spirit of the prophet is around, and what would be the intention of God would be to deliver the Church into the hands of serious ministers and ministries.

“Will God deliver to the Church in Nigeria, which is running after pecuniary gains? We cannot change this world except we have the fire of the Holy Ghost.”


Dr. Ajayi Majebi, convinced and inspired of the role of the Holy Spirit in bringing revival to a people, brought ministers of God together from different backgrounds and locations to come and discuss Rekindling the Flames of Revival by the spirit of revival.

Among the team of his discussants were Bishop Sam Grace, Rev. Richard Femi-Bolaji, Pastor Thomas Ayorinde and the host himself, Dr. Abiodun Ajayi-Majebi, and all the discussants were all on hand to do justice to the theme of the conference and various topics allotted to them.

Leading the discourse, Dr. Majebi explained that in the programme of God, there is a worldwide impending visitation from heaven to the earth to salvage the situation on earth before the return of the Lord.

“There is therefore a call from the throne room of heaven to the church on earth to arise and connect with the power of the Holy Spirit with faith, zeal, consecration, purpose, commitment, determination, will and strength to confront the assault of the powers of darkness on the end time purpose of God for mankind.”

He continued, “Holiness without love is not holiness. It is sanctimonious and restitution is a part of being born again. Compromise weakens holiness,” quoting Hosea 8.12. and Revelation 21.8.

In his own presentation, Bishop Sam Grace asked, “Where is the Holy Spirit in the church today? stressing that “many of the young pastors seen today have a way of assisting themselves, by using means.”

He explained that “Everybody in the body of Christ is called to do something. Not everybody is called to be a pastor. The Holy Ghost is also in the business of soul winning. If you will succeed as a Christian you need the Holy Spirit. He is our teacher. A sinner cannot receive the Holy Spirit. He needs to receive Christ first.

“Holy Ghost solves all problems be it marital, financial, emotional, infirmities, and it can make life easy not only in the ministry but also in personal life. We use the Holy Spirit to survive as a church. Allow the Holy Spirit in your life. I have preached the gospel now for 49 years the Holy Spirit has never failed for once.

We are like ordinary tissue thrown away if the

Holy Spirit is not there with us.” READ

Dr. Richard Femi Bolaji, another prophet to the nations, speaking on Revival and the Power of the Holy Spirit, pointed out that “Holiness without the anointing brings frustration, and Holy Spirit honours programme themes and objectives,” quoting Habbakuk. 2.1.

He explained, “Hearing what God wants to say about our life is supreme. Always tune in to what God has to say as a Christian. It important to hear what God has to say about our nation and community. Your next level is your next hearing, and you don’t hear God’s voice there will be no revival.”

He also was not oblivious of what revival could do for a nation as he emphasised again that “What does revival bring to a nation affected with strife? The fresh move of God in a nation has great impact on a nation,” regretting that Nigerians  do not know the weight and the impact of revival on the nation.

“What you deposit is what you withdraw in your spiritual bank. God can set anything on fire to get your attention. It’s only when He gets your attention that He can tell you of His intention,” he explained.

According to him, there is a difference between revival and church activities noting that, that there are churches everywhere does not mean that they are results of revival.

“Nigeria is one of the richest nations with revival in the world with more churches, more preachers, more programmes, but what the present move of revival needs is more of progress, it means a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and there is no substitute for that.”

He also took a swipe against the churches and leaders messing up the gift of God in their Church, saying, “Pentecostals are good in making substitutes, just like brass for gold technology, making comedians to entertain in the church,” warning that “The era of substitute is over. They need to go back to the original. There are churches that are dead and look as if they were alive. When revival comes it would bring righteousness to the line.

On Holy Spirit and righteousness, Rev. Femi Bolaji added, “Holy Spirit brings righteousness,” noting that “there are no reflection of righteousness in spite of the avalanche of churches in the land.”

He was quick to conclude that when revival comes, “There is going to be the latter rain of righteousness, the revival will impact on crime, and the people will live in peaceful habitation.

“When revival comes to the land, hospitals, prisons, crimes will be reduced to nothing. Prisons are homes of the apostles. How many of our apostles have been sent to prison? Nigerian pastors, wake up,” he charged.

Also speaking on the state of the Nigerian Church he said, “the Nigerian church is entertaining the devil rather than destroying the works of the devil as entertainment ministers or preachers. Lying spirits have descended into the mouth of Nigerian Pastors and prophets. You can hardly know the difference between soothsayers and New Testament prophets. Fire on your head is money at your feet.

“The present generation of believers have no sense of history. We can’t weep in the church again for our heart and eyes are dry. Preachers that don’t know revival know nothing. We are here to kick start the spiritual battery of churches. Revival comes with joy and returns with the joy of salvation to the church realm, with restoration, victory, holiness and joy of revival. If a church does not bring joy to the city, it has no business staying there. May God give us the spirit that will make our city filled with joy.”

Wrapping up with Sustaining Revival Power Bishop Sam Grace pointed out that “to start a

revival is not as difficult as sustaining it, and to sustain revival is our mandate.”

He also advised revivalists to be wary of those who may like to work to put out the fire of revival.

He said, “Side by side of any revival there are satanic agents willing to quench it. The anointing that attracts lovers will also attract haters. Those who want revival to die are not far away, the larger the crowd the more the agents of hell. We should watch out for those and things which may quench the fire of revival,” and these he mentioned as, “disagreement, individual’s selfish interest, as every individual wants to be a leader because of little gains, and love of money and materialism.” READ ALSO

In his closing remark, Bishop Sam Grace charged, “The proof of your ministry is time. I want to see you doing what you are presently doing in 20 years, 30 years. I am now 69 years and I will be 70 next year, with 49 years in the ministry. Let us plan the fire of revival. Let us work together and make things work. Do everything in your hands to make things succeed, cooperate together, pray and work together.

“It was when we started this culture of titles in the church that separation crept into the church. We used to call ourselves brothers and sisters in the 70s. Cracks, segregation and denominations are dividing the church today. The fire will remain if you take me as your brother, in the spirit of togetherness. Never underestimate what your brother is carrying. Corporate anointing makes the fire burn brighter. At every level of revival there will be challenge as in Acts 6 to 8.”

the church that separation crept into the church. We used to call ourselves brothers and sisters in the 70s. Cracks, segregation and denominations are dividing the church today. The fire will remain if you take me as your brother, in the spirit of togetherness. Never underestimate what your brother is carrying. Corporate anointing makes the fire burn brighter. At every level of revival there will be challenge as in Acts 6 to 8.”

There were participants from Gambia, Bourkina Fasso, Niger State, a man rode in with motorcycle from Modakeke in Osun State, there were others from Ogun Oyo States. They also shared the testimonies of what the Lord did in their life and mission fields.

There were sessions of praise and worship, prayers and counselling, sharing of mission reports, as well as laying of hands on the participants.

The host Dr. Ajayi Majebi was thankful to all that made the conference successful and worth attending, to the mission supporters, resource persons, the medical team, as free medical tests and free drugs were administered to participants, the organisers and the participants.

Meanwhile, the third phase of the conference tagged REKINDLING THE FLAMES OF REVIVAL 3 Conference comes up again on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th June, 2023 from 9am to 6pm.  The theme is ‘THE SPIRIT OF PRAYER’. 

Prayer is the master key that unlocks the heavens. It is the key to revival and it is the key that sustains revival and ministries. Prayer is the primary ministry and master key of the Minister of the gospel. The God of heaven shall deliver this key of prayer into the hands of every sincere participant.  The conference holds at Christ Gospel Mission Campground, Command Road, Ipaja, Lagos. Those who wish to register for accommodation particularly for out of town participants could call 08092220587.

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