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Nigerians have been advised to take serious the concept of mentorship in building the future of the young ones and the larger society.

This advice was part of the message delivered recently in Lagos by Dr. Bola Adewara, a journalist, publisher of E-life Magazine and the Provost of Elife Academy at an unveiling event of the academy.

The Provost of the Academy, who delivered this message during the Mentoring Masterclass Seminar held at Epic International Church in Ketu, Lagos emphasised that Nigerians have long overlooked the importance of mentorship.

In his submission, Adewara said, contrary to what obtains in the advanced nations where younger generations are guided through mentorship, explained that such countries experience growth due to mentorship, which “instils a sense of responsibility to confront challenges within their borders, and until Nigerians positively embrace the concept of mentorship, they risk standing still in a world where others are on the run.”

According to him, the Elife Academy was part of his “renewed endeavour to inspire Nigerians to embrace their potential and rightful positions in society,” adding that “Elife Academy, was a Nigerian motivational organisation known for publishing Elife magazine and presenting Mentoring Masterclass talk-show online, emphasising the critical distinction between mentorship and parenting,” noting that a nation that overlooks mentorship is risking standing still or regressing in a world where others are on the run.

He explained further that “The academy underscores that failing to differentiate between mentorship and parenting will inevitably lead to a future generation lacking in knowledge, wisdom, and insight. Given this confusion, the prevailing perception of Nigeria’s younger generation as lacking in seriousness and depth is unsurprising.”

He also argued that the remedy did not lie in seeking opportunities abroad; as “a lizard in Nigeria cannot become a crocodile in America, and one cannot transform into something entirely different by changing surroundings.”

Dr. Adewara posited that “Although mentorship and parenting might appear similar, they served distinct purposes” as he also explained, “Valuable life skills such as personal growth, professional advancement, effective leadership, job satisfaction, and practical life wisdom are not typically acquired through formal education.”

Adewara, who is also the editor-in-chief of Elife Magazine and author of various books, including “Discover the Secrets of Mentorship,”also highlighted that qualities like patriotism and love for one’s nation, even amid challenges, were not taught in schools or homes.

He had earlier noted that the programme was part of Elife Academy’s response to this dilemma by the creation of the Mentoring Masterclass, “designed to equip participants with tools, strategies, and support to define their purpose, recognise strengths and weaknesses, and formulate plans for personal growth and success across various life domains.

Elife Academy according to the visioner covers an array of topics including personal values, goal setting, time management, decision-making, relationships, parenting, resilience, self-care, career fulfilment, family life, internet evangelism, and mentoring, Mentoring Masterclass, which currently runs on Youtube, with the aims of “facilitating self-reflection and learning from others’ experiences.”

The seminar witnessed three lectures: How to Prepare for a Regret-free old-age, handled by Dr. Bola Adewara, Married and Unhappy: Where has love gone? taken by author and Love Coach Diji Isaac, and Avoiding mistakes most parents make with first-borns, which was handled by Mrs. Veno Marioghae, an inimitable musician of Nigeria go survive fame.

Speaking on the Mentoring experience, one of the organisers, Mr. Isaac Daniel, said the Masterclass served as a platform for men to reflect on past missteps while harnessing the wisdom of mentors to accelerate their learning journey. Attendees received Certificates of Excellence after the event.

Also speaking to journalists after the event, Diji Isaac, the Love Coach, expressed that Mentoring Masterclass sessions will become a recurring initiative by Elife Academy. The organisation intends to extend its outreach across Nigeria, engaging secondary and tertiary institution students, parents, professionals, and leaders, urging them to recognize the importance of mentorship.

“For a nation to realise its future potential and for its youth to compete effectively on the global stage, mentorship must be given its rightful place in our scheme of things,” he emphasised.

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