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Two gospel artistes are taking over the social media obviously for a wrong reason. Stories have it that Tope Alabi was the first to stir the hornest’s nest when she publicly threw the soaring number of Yinka Alaseyori another gospel singer singing like Tope Alabi to the cleaners.

Tope Alabi in her comment had criticised Yinka for her song Oniduro Mi E Seun, saying it was not inspired by the Holy Spirit and God had warned her not to sing that song.

Alaseyori’s song Oniduro Mi  Eseun o was one of the most played songs in its genre in recent times. The title translates to “My guarantor, I’m grateful”. But apparently, Tope Alabi, a more popular and older artiste believed the song was ungodly, meaningless and was not inspired by God.

In a video making the rounds on social media, Tope Alabi said God wasn’t her Guarantor because He was more than a Guarantor.

Sister Tope Alabi, during a song ministration in a Church, had said: “What kind of song is that? God is not my Guarantor, He is more than a guarantor. Although I have tried to correct the singer (who isn’t the original composer) but she did not understand. I loved that song but when I tried to sing it the Holy Spirit told me to shut up”.

According to Alabi, if Alaseyori wrote the song after being led by the Holy Spirit; she would have understood God is more than a guarantor and would not refer to Him as such. “If the Holy Spirit brings it, you are supposed, to digest it, chew it and organise it, before bringing it out,” Tope Alabi stated.

However, many concluded that Alabi’s criticism was coming from a place of envy; saying that she did not want to “share the spotlight”. The song, as well as, Alabi’s criticism of it, trended on social media and elicited reactions from fans and colleagues alike.

Meanwhile, Evangelist Tope Alabi’s critism has elicited mixed reactions from both the general public and the fans of the two artistes.

While it has attracted some negative bashes for Tope Alabi it has grown the fan base of Yinka Alaseyori.

While some criticised Tope Alabi for coming out to the public to chastise her colleague and junior in the music ministry, it has attracted more sympathy and recognitions for Evangelist Adeyinka Alaseyori.

While the artistes have kept mum on the clash, Yinka Alaseyori took to her Social Media handle on Sunday to render to condemned lyrics and others among which were songs composed by Tope Alabi, which in effect has tremendously increased her fan on social media as they also showered praises on her.

Oniduro Mi E Seun was original produced by Evangelist Tolu Adelegan but made popular by Evangelist Adeyinka Alaseyori, and it has been blessing souls across faith and social circles.

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  • Adeniji Ezekiel Seun, June 14, 2021 @ 11:19 am Reply

    The Holy Spirit cannot contradict the scripture. If the Bible affirm and we believe that Christ is our Guarantor in Hebrew 7:22, then how come her own Holy spirit is pointing towards another direction? This should be condemn in highest term by believers and Tope ALABI should apologies for not only discrediting the young artists, but misleading the populance on biblical stance.

    • admin, June 14, 2021 @ 5:00 pm Reply

      May God truly open her eyes.

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