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Continuing with his serial with on From Lockdown to Leaping Forward, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God has proffered the shortest way to reach one’s greatest heights in life.

According to the man of God to be great is to do extraordinary things.

Using King Solomon as his example Pastor Adeboye recommended that the shortest way to be great is to put God first in all that we do.

Putting God first in all that we do is to make heaven one’s limit and not the sky.

Pastor Adeboye also gave his own example leading to the coming of the monthly Holy Ghost Service, recalling that God asked him to ask for something to celebrate his birthday then.

“When my birthday was coming in 1986 God asked me what I wanted to celebrate it with and I answered ‘Miracles!’, that every member of my congregation should get a miracle. That was how the Holy Ghost Service started since 1986, and it still waxes strong till today.

Pastor Adeboye also reminded his listeners how the Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon only to find out how rich he was stressing that Solomon was not only uniquely rich but had dominion and peace.

Quoting different relevant areas of the Bible the cleric asked, “Do you want prosperity so as to be God’s treasurer?, with a quick answer, “Put God first,” adding that what comes out of a man’s mouth is uppermost in his heart according to Law of Priority.

The man of God also illustrated with different examples of those who attracted greatness into their lives by doing the unexpected for the Lord. Among such was a member who came to request to feed participants in one of the annual conventions of the Church, the man did not have the money but went and borrowed from a bank. Pastor Adeboye testified that the man ended up becoming the Chairman of the bank he borrowed from.

The Church’s annual Convention comes up between August 3rd and 9th , 2020 online.

Pastor Adeboye also charged his listeners to desire spiritual gifts if one wants to be lifted up spiritually.

According to him, the purpose of prosperity must be to do the will of God as the Bible urges us to seek the kingdom of God first and other things would be added. “God is ready to lift you up spiritually. God is ready to give you a double portion so as to establish the kingdom of God on earth, and to desire the power of God to cure the incurable.

The shortest way is to seek the kingdom of God on earth.

“When God asked me what I wanted I answered I wanted double portion of the combined anointing of Elisha, Paul, Peter and Jesus multiplied by two again. God said then said son you are looking for trouble. But now if God asked me what I wanted I would say Your grace is sufficient for me.

In conclusion, he told his listeners that the shortest way to spiritual greatness is to desire to get the wealth which would be used to attract people to Christ by winning souls, establishing Churches, and setting the captives free.

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