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The New Seraph Evangelical Ministry of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church was in a wild celebration and jubilation on Saturday 9th September, 2023 in celebration of the 98th Founding anniversary of the Church.

C& S Church, one of the foremost African Instituted Churches was founded by St. Moses Orimolade Tunolase in the year 1925 by divine revelation.

Members were gathered from Lagos and some parts of Nigeria to take a stock of the legacies of the Church as they march into the centenary celebration of the Church come 2025.

Leading in the discussion, the chief host and the founder of The New Seraph, Iya Aladura General Oluwaseye Yomi-Sholoye, reflecting on the 98 years journey of the Church, called on the members to go all out to defend the legacies of the founding father, St. Moses, Orimolade Tunolase.

The Iya Aladura General reiterated the need to accord due recognition to the name and the family of St. Moses Orimolade, saying, “God has used the Church founder to bring a good legacy to the world, which was still subject of celebration in its almost 100 years of existence.

She also called on members of Cherubim and Seraphim in general to appreciate what the Lord has delivered to their hands, and join hands to defend the legacies of the founders.

“If you love the C&S Church you must do everything to protect the image of the church. You should know how to keep and defend your heritage. C&S is our heritage, and we must join hands where C&S, and Orimolade are celebrated.

She also acknowledged the importance of the day to all members of C&S Worldwide.

“Today is a remarkable day in the history of our Church. That mandate and legacy delivered to us for these 98 years must be celebrated and protected. It is a celebration of the first indigenous church founded under a divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit. With this celebration, it means we are preparing for the centenary celebration of the Church come 2025.

“With this in mind, let me just ask you of what have you built on the foundation of C&S with your membership and existence? Are you a good example as an ambassador of Jesus Christ in C&S Church? What have you added, what are you adding, and what are your plans going forward with the Church? Can your character and behavior bring others to the church or send them away? What will you contribute in the future?

“C&S Church fold is a bible believing church based on evangelism and efficacy of prayer and undiluted word of God with charity and nothing more,” she explained further.

She was also quick to warn those that are bent on soiling the image of the church to turn over a new leaf.

“We have to change our behaviour first, and do the things laid down by the founder of this church. Let us adopt all sense of discipline as a people and church, ponder over C&S Church and look at the state of the church and where you want the church to be in two years’ time.

“Our presentation is very important, our services and messages should be made important. Why are we the ones fighting one another in the public space? If you love the Church you must do everything to protect the image of the church. Know how to keep and defend your heritage. Join hands where C&S, Orimolade are celebrated.”

There were other ministers at the event to look into the legacies of the Church in the 98 years, to show the way to go in the coming years especially in commemorating its centenary celebration.

Lady Prophet Funmi Owolabi Arojah in her presentation on the Dos and Don’ts in C&S Church called on the members to go and correct all the wrongs they do to bring shame to the name of the church, drawing attention to their manners of dressing, characters, and the way they misrepresent the Church on Social Media.

Acknowledging that where there is the original, there are bound to be fake and substandard products, the Lady Prophet said there were many fake prophets as it is claimed in the C&S Church because of the growing relevance and importance of the church in the world.

Said she, “For every original there is fake or the inferior. Everything that is good or original is bound to be unskillfully manipulated. So, as C&S Church was becoming stronger, better and of greater influence, in the society, we should expect more fakes. Our responsibility is to use our goodness to displace the bad ones. When people see original, they will do away with the substandard. What we need is moral revival to correct any wrong in the church.

“So what is left to be done is to correct the ills of the members not of the church because it is the behavior of some people that cast aspersions on C&S Church. All the mistakes of the past should be corrected by those within, and not by outsiders.”

In the presentation made by Rev. Dr. Ola Joseph Okikimole on The Need For Revival, members were told to brace up and prepare themselves for the coming revival not only in the Church but in the larger society.

“Everlasting revival is coming, but the question to ask ourselves is if we are ready for the revival. If our service is not right before God, there will be no revival.”

The renowned bible teacher said it was the revival of the hearts of the founding fathers that gave birth to all the spirit filled songs that we sing in C&S Church and that’s part of the legacies bestowed on us by the founding fathers.

He called on church leaders to place more emphasis on revival of souls rather than on fund raising.

The preacher of the day, Supt. Apostle (Engr) Adeniyi Afolabi in his sermon on Power As Of Old called on C&S members to guard jealously the legacies of the founding fathers.

In his words, “The legacy of the C&S Church is spiritual. The spirit of C&S is to manage people and resources. It is the spirit that led our fathers without any fear. It is God that sent us and we should have no fear in defending what is left for us by our fathers,” as he called on the participants to imbibe the spirit of the Church and live their lives without sin, to be good examples to those who watch the members of the Church from outside.

Other activities of the day included the thanksgiving for the successful completion of the 5th edition the Night of Divine Experience (NODE 5.0), and presentation of awards to those that were yet to collect their awards at earlier events like the last Christmas Carol.

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