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For sometime now, most especially under the present democratic dispensation, Nigerians have been pitched into two major camps. On the one side are stories of herdsmen, some call them Fulani herdsmen, some see them as immigrants and graduates of late Ghadaffi military training while others see them as the remnants of the rampaging Boko Haram fighters from the North-Eastern part of Nigeria.

On the other are the hapless, armless and defenceless group of the Nigerian people. The latter are victims of the former. The victims have been men and women, young and old, and most especially Christians in the middle belt region of Nigeria.

In the last three years we have heard of the death of the men and women of Benue, Taraba, Nasarawa and Adamawa and recently Niger States, that are hacked down by sophisticated weapon of the so called herdsmen.

Many times under successive regimes Nigerians have suffered several untold stories of insecurity with killing, kidnapping and robberies as its effects. Under former President Olusegun Obasanjo one cannot forget in a hurry the sad tales of plane crashes, Niger Delta unrests, and the rise of Boko Harams which came to its head under the regime of former President Goodluck Jonathan with bomb scares and Boko Haram insurgence in the northern part of the country.

The situation was so bad under Jonathan that Nigerians were desperately looking for a deliverer. The option easily looked into the direction of Mohammed Buhari, a former military ruler who they willingly and cheerfully transferred their leadership to.

However, three years down the lane nothing shows that the expectations of Nigerians in the area of security have been met. Killings are still on the rise, most especially in Benue, Taraba and Nasarawa states. In one day about 70 innocent Nigerians were hacked to death and up till now nobody has been apprehended.

The situation is so bad that Nigerian Christians are having a feeling that the attack are meant against them. In effect those who are known not to be talking about politics and national affairs are now talking, speaking about their disappointment about the inaction of the federal government about the situation.

Those in government must realize that the present political leadership was elected by both Christians and muslims, and they must be the government for all. They should also know that security is much expected of the government. A government that cannot protect its people cannot be trusted. That is an area why many people are having problems with the control of Mr. President at the federal level. Reacting to the rampaging Fulani herdsmen Christian leaders under the auspices of Christian Association of Nigeria have called and come out with open protest to show that they are not happy about the current state of insecurity in some parts of Nigeria.

It is time the federal government did something. The president and his defence team must take a decisive action and stop forthwith whatever may rear its ugly head as herdsmen attacks. The government must show that it is really on top of the situation as they always say. In the past Nigerians have lived harmoniously and peacefully with herdsmen who usually carried sticks, without any weapons to harass their hosts as we have it now.

Nigerians deserve a peaceful coexistence. The politicians should stop feeding on dividing the people into religious and political lines. The president must shake up himself and convince Nigerians that he is a father for all. He should take care of all Nigerians as his own people without any expectations for political gains.

As we ponder over this may we continue to pray for Nigeria and for God to bring the real change Nigeria and its people deserve.

May God be with us all, thanks for your supports and prayers. God bless you, Praise The Lord. To God alone be the glory.

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Julius Adegunna, a writer, and publisher of good news and reports. He is also a trainer in Writing and Publishing, a Media Consultant and an Entrepreneur. A 1987 Graduate of International Relations of the University of Ife, (Now Obafemi Awolowo University) with Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations, and Master in Communication Studies of Lagos State University. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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