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Pastor Stephen Adeyinka Adesoji is the District Superintendent, and Minister in Charge of Christ Apostolic Church Prayer Embassy in Oshogbo the capital of Osun state. He is a district Superintendent of the Church with many assemblies within and outside the state under him. Speaking recently in a message to members of his online congregation, the man of God shared a testimony of the encounter that changed his personal and ministerial life.

Speaking on the necessity of the Holy Spirit in the life of Christian believers in a message titled Needful Thing. The Holy Spirit, Pastor Adesoji said the Holy Spirit is an encounter a good Christian could not do without.

“A Christian that has no Holy Spirit is dead and the witches and wizard would do what they like with such a person. Those who live without the Holy Spirit are like dead lion.The Bible says a living dog is better than a dead lion”

Admonishing his listeners, Pastor Adesoji told them that they should consider that they had lived enough in the flesh, and now to dwell in the spirit.

He said, “It is time for you to leave the flesh. Leave the flesh now and move into the spirit. The time you have spent in the flesh as ordinary Christian is enough. It is time you began to leave as true children of God, and that you can achieve by moving to the spirit realm.”

Pastor Adesoji in his message said that the Spirit of God cannot be acquired or learned blaming those who believed they could impart the spirit of God by learning or teaching it.

He said, “You cannot borrow it. That you are in a spirit-filled Church does not make you a spirit-filled Christian, that you are under a spirit filled Pastor does not make you spirit filled. You cannot please God with the act of your flesh.

Likening the people to the Laodecian Church of the book of Revelation, Pastor Adesoji said, it was possible to be rich but remain poor.

“Thank God you have good and beautiful children, congratulations for having a successful husband, and beautiful and obedient wife, yes, you have cars, you have built house, you have good job, with good salary, yet you are poor.

“No matter what you have in life the only thing you cannot without is the Holy Spirit, even if you had everything in Nigeria without the Holy Spirit you are a dead man. It is the experience of the Pentecost, it was the day Jesus fulfilled the promise of sending the Comforter, the teacher to the apostles and when I had the encounter it changed my life.

“It was the experience that gave me a new story in my journey, it was the story of how I was snatched from the power of darkness and it changed my story.

Stressing the way that the spirit descended on the apostles in Acts chapter 2 Pastor Adesoji said the power of the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles and suddenly they were filled with Holy Ghost, and they began to speak with other tongues as the spirit gave them utterance.

The cleric therefore blamed all those who speak in tongue without any meaning emphasizing that those who spoke in tongue did so according to how the spirit gave to them and other people were able to hear their local languages.

“But these days things have been mixed up. It is now common to hear people saying they are teaching and learning how to speak in tongues. Speaking in tongues is not what you learn but the Holy Spirit gives the utterance.”

He therefore cited the example of leaders that received the power of the Holy Spirit and the spirit gave them utterances that they were speaking in other languages unknown to them as ordinary persons.

He said of a couple who used to speak in flawless English when they were caught up by the spirit and another one each time he prayed he would be praying in English but after, as an ordinary person he would not understand what he had said.

Speaking on his own encounter, he disclosed, “In my own case there was a day one of our ushers came to me to ask me if I understood Arabic, and I asked her why, she told me that I was speaking in Arabic when the spirit fell upon me, but ordinarily I could not understand what I said but it would be understood by others.

“I can recall in 2006 when I was in Ife I was in a long white fasting, when it was a month, while in the altar two angels came to me and said they had come to anoint me and they had come to give me the gift of my father’s house and that they had come to give me a new tongue.

That is the way the Holy Spirit works, when you are filled with the Holy Spirit it will come and distribute itself among the people. The Holy Spirit gives utterance, those who speak the language will know and understand that God is speaking to them.

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