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Pastor Emmanuel Babalola Olusanya is a minister of God and a business man. He is the director of DBES Communications, a Company with diverse interests in Information Communication Technology (ICT), Radio Communication, Alternative Power, Events Media Services and Logistics.

Apart from his business interest the young entrepreneur has a passion for the youth and he is sparing nothing in seeing that the youths are developed. This according to him should be the responsibility of the Church and the larger society.

“In my church, I have been involved in youth activities for over 20 years. I grew from the Church and I have participated in youth activities.

For years I can talk about the youths and their passions because that was where I started from, I am an advocate of the youth.

“It is very unfortunate that many of our old fashioned Churches do not lay emphasis on youth development. They hardly realize that the Church that succeeds more are the ones that have development agenda for the youths.

A Church that has development programmes for the youths are the ones we see leading now or later but any church which lay emphasis on the adults, give them 20 years by then it is either the adults are tired or retired, or they don’t make as much money as they used to make, while the church still has more expectations for them.

“But focusing on the youths, using them from primary to tertiary institutions they go out to get jobs, in 20 years they become CEOs, they become company managers and directors, in politics they are the ones that become governors, commissioners, special advisers and parliamentarians, you can imagine a church that have all these classes of people would not suffer any lack.

“By the time those ones are grown up, they continue to train other sets of people and the expansion continues. I think the Church should believe in their youths and support them to be better persons in life.

“Rather than allowing them to waste away, well to do individuals in the church can help them, groom and counsel them and empower them, that is the way to go. Those that are rich enough should help the youth. The church should give the youth the opportunity so that they can succeed.”

Even in his business, he has set up a good part of it for youth and personal development. Under the DBES Conglomerate is DBES Hub. DBES according to Pastor Olusanya is a musical audio studio for the purpose of artiste and talent management, musical production, jingle or voice over media strategy and event planning.”

He stated his reason behind this, he said, “We don’t go to anything except we are led to do it, and that is by the spirit of God. We see most of our young stars going to the secular world because they don’t find assistance from the right Christian quarters. They go and seek for it in the open society.

“Our main objective would be to search for talents, record one or two singles to push them out for public acceptance and to stardom, as God gives us the enablement.”

For this, the ultra modern musical studio is being opened for talented artistes to produce their works and a day December 14, 2019 has been set aside to do a musical auditioning and registration has started online.

“Successful artistes would not only be produced and promoted but the artistes would leverage on our internet connection and services, as we have our websites and social media networks to work with.

In doing all these, asked if he has been confronted for seeing any challenge, the young pastor cum business magnate did not see challenges and barriers.

“I don’t want to look at challenges but possibilities. Challenge would make one run away for fear of losing but possibilities will always brighten one’s visions.

“If God has given us the idea He will give us the wherewithal. We are not bringing anyone down but to push talented ones to the market and leave the rest for God. The studio is under construction and hopefully we plan to take off by the end of this November. As we are having a music audition on December 14 we are calling on talented artistes to register. We‘ll choose two or three of our talented ones to go to the studio that day.”

To Pastor Olusanya this is one of the ways the youth in the society could be groomed and developed in the way of the Lord.

He believed that the church has very vital roles to play in the development of the society and this could be done through the training and presentation of useful youths that fear the Lord to run the affairs of the country.

“There are lots of the things the church and the government can do to help the society, and this can come through the development of their youths. The church is a government on its own and it contains the families that make the government, therefore if the church can help to build its youths we can have better people to run the affairs of the nation in the government. The church can draw up programmes, events and activities that would build the youth and prepare them for the government. The Church is an ideal centre to activate their programmes. If the politicians could come to the church for votes, the church should be able to fashion out programmes for the politicians when they get to the government.

“The Church must be able to keep the hope of the young ones alive that they can succeed in Nigeria without engaging in infamous activities. They should be encouraged to believe in themselves.

“The government needs to create the enabling environment for small scale industries to thrive in Nigeria. Government should look into the area of taxation and deductions in the financial sector, and they should remove the bottle necks for the youth, there should be strong determination on the part of the government to empower the Nigeria youth. Inside the Church, those that are rich enough should help the youth to grow and develop. The Church should give the youth the opportunity to succeed in life. The Church should also encourage the youth in whatever choices they make to better their lots.

“Sometimes, when a young person develops an idea, the Church should encourage that idea to grow and succeed. Like this your PTL News if all Churches in Lagos support it, put in their adverts and buy it you will be able to satisfy their needs enough, but the irony is that many Christians, and even churches would be patronizing secular ones over and above Christian ideas. I think the church should believe in our home grown God inspired ideas. The Church should help the youth to break the barriers in encouraging youths, if the Church support their own it would be able to accept them in the larger society.

“We discover that many of our youths don’t produce Gospel, or Christian songs because they are not encouraged to do so. That is the barrier we want to break at DBES.”

Pastor Emmanuel Babalola Olusanya, before rising to his present status has been a drama minister and youth leader at CAC Agbala Itura, a product of Abadina Primary and Secondary Schools of the University of Ibadan and Wesley College, Elekuro in Ibadan. He is also a graduate of Computer Science of Olabisi Onabanjo University before he got employed in the ICT sector of the Nigerian Market. He has had a wide experience in training and practice in Nigeria abroad. He has acquired several leadership training and project management in his career. He is doing well in his business.

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