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Examine Your Secret Life- Pastor Adeyinka Adesoji

The attention of children of God has been drawn to how they live their secret life. Making this revelation is the Senior Pastor and District


How to Keep the Flow of the Holy Spirit in Life & Ministry – Pastor Adesoji

Christians have been told of how to keep the power of the Holy Spirit to flow in their life and in all that they do.

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The Experience That Gave Me A New Story- Pastor Adeyinka Adesoji

Pastor Stephen Adeyinka Adesoji is the District Superintendent, and Minister in Charge of Christ Apostolic Church Prayer Embassy in Oshogbo the capital of Osun state.

Church News

Jesus Is Coming Back, Repent- Rev. Mike Oluwatuyi.

Christians have been told to remain focused and not to distract themselves with the issues of life but to be expecting the second coming of


BEAR YE ONE ANOTHER’S BURDENS -Rev. Father. Kuti Immanuel

I sincerely greet all Ministers of God,  workers of different offices, and departments, Church members especially during this COVID 19 pandemic for your love for



Text: Numbers 27:18, 22 We have heard so much about Effective leadership, but it also takes Productive Followers who follow effectively and productively for leadership


The Life That Wins- Dr. Abiodun Ajayi-Majebi

A winner is declared at the end of a competition, Until the event is over, a winner or loser cannot be declared. A winner in