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It was a tale of shocks, surprises and mixed feelings within the family of Pastor Adegeebo and members of Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Iyanu Olorunsogo, in Aboru area of Iyana Ipaja in Lagos when Pastor Daniel Atilade Adegeebo and his wife of over 40 years Evangelist (Mrs) Elizabeth Titilayo Adegeebo aka Baba and Mama Turaka respectively answered the supreme call in close succession with no premonition of death, or anything suggestive of such.

While Mama died on Wednesday 31st August, 2022 her beloved husband Pastor Daniel Adegeebo followed closely on Tuesday, 20th September, 2022, less than a month interval, with none of them having any signs of sickness that could easily gave them up for death.

To many people that heard about their death, it brought surprises, many were shocked while some wondered how and why it happened, others took solace in the strong belief that both had had their good times serving the Lord and it was their time to go and meet their creator, and that no one could question God.

Pastor and Evang. Mrs Adegeebo at a Function

Stories had it that Mama Adegeebo died peacefully that Wednesday, with no sickness, or any premonition. She had just led a prayer meeting at the church which was almost opposite the church building, crossed to her house to take her breakfast leaving the husband at the church, and what the husband came to see was the body of his beloved wife resting on the breakfast table. Dead. What a shock!

To Pastor Adegeebo (Baba Turaka), and any other person that was a witness to such a disturbing experience, it was a very rude shock, which perhaps was very hard for him to bear.

As no man could do nothing to bring back the death what was paramount was how to keep the surviving husband, happy and cheerful and this continued for days until Baba started behaving strangely.

In an emotion ladden tribute shared on his social media handle, Pastor Dare Adegeebo, the eldest child of the deceased who has his own church in Owode, Ogun State wrote, “My Father Why!!!! You started acting strange with us exactly 11 days after our mother’s demise. You told us to be prayerful. You told us that you were seeking for the kind of grace our mother received.

“You affirmed that she did not disturb her children before her demise, and that it was a peaceful death, the death after the service before God. You prayed for your family, the church, and even your friends and enemies, (if any). You prayed for your forgiveness, and their own forgiveness.

“Later, you told us, that you saw my mother wearing a special gold crown and a white garment that you had never seen before, you told us and your ministers to be asking for forgiveness of sin for you. You later told us to be asking for mercy.

“You said we should be praying for open heaven of mercy for you. You always cried like a baby in the midnight praying till Friday/Saturday 16/17th of September, when you woke us up in the midnight…, and you started singing praises and several songs.”

Giving the graphic details of how it happened, Pastor Adegeebo Junior added, “You were singing praises after you told us, you saw the nail of Jesus and the angels of God. You said this in Yoruba that “Orun aanu ti si fun mi meaning “the heaven of mercy has been opened unto me.” We taught you were joking. Anytime we prayed for you, that God should strengthen and renew your power, and that God should increase your years, you would just end the prayers and go back to your sleep.

“Surprisingly, you called your family, your immediate brother and sister on Sunday 18th September, 2022.

“You cried while praying for all of us and the church of God like never before. On Monday 19th, you begged me to carry you along to our Home Town…(Ejigbo in Osun State where arrangements were being made for the burial of the wife). I replied by asking you who was going to take care of you over there, and that you might be alone, not knowing that you were preparing to meet with the Lord.

“Before I came back on Tuesday, your family and brothers told me on phone that you ate four meals before 5.00pm, and that you were asking for more food. I was very happy to hear that. I came back around 7:15pm. I told my brothers that I didn’t want to disturb you.

“I and Pastor Fowobaje, the Associate Pastor quietly went out of the house, hoping not to disturb your sleep. Just about 20minutes later, my brother called me on phone about your demise.

We met you kneeling down as your usual way of praying. We didn’t believe you were gone. Your brother and sister were surprised, that this was the reason you called them. Still we can’t believe that you are gone, everything seems like a nightmare. Oh I wish I can wake up from this illusion.”

In a glowing tribute, the young pastor concluded, “My Father….I am already missing your word of advice, courage, teaching, love, boldness to the work of God. You taught us not to fear, in as much we have Christ. Good bye, Great Evangelist, My Great Teacher, Great Icon, Giver, Loving Father, BABA TURAKA……As people call you.

Pastor Adegeebo served under the ministry of the renowned retired General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, Prophet S. K. Abiara. He was last seen by PTL News at the 80th birthday celebration of the spiritual icon at CAC Agbala Itura, Agege, Oke Odo when he joined other ministers of the church in the celebration.

The Couple on Baba’s Birthday

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