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All is set for the next in the series of the bimonthly Missions’ Conference hosted by Dr. Abiodun Sunday Ajayi-Majebi and his Apostolic Foundation End-Time Mission team.

To lead in discussing Vessels Of Revival as the 5th in the series of the conference titled “Rekindling the Flames of Revival 5 are eminent and highly anointed men of God with strong passion for mission works.

These are Bishop Professor Dapo Asaaju, of Ilesa Anglican Diocese, Bishop Samson Grace of Lifegate International Church, Apostle D. Lawon of Full Stature Missions International, Pastor Thomas Ayorinde, who will be joining the host Dr. Ajayi-Majebi, the Mission Director and the Medical Director of Mediservices Community Hospital Ipaja, Lagos, and his wife to look into the Vessels Of Revival.

The Mission Conference holds for two days from Friday 27th to Saturday 28th October 2023 at Christ Gospel Mission Campground, Command Road, Ipaja, Lagos State between 9.00am and 6.00pm each day.

Extending his invitation to the all-important conference, Dr. Ajayi-Majebi noted that “The spiritual quality of available vessels determines the quality, scope and impact of revival and restoration of God’s ways and will on the earth,” and asked all concerned Christians “to join us as we pursue the will of God at this October Conference, with the assurance that “No participant will leave the conference the same!”

He also promised that accommodation would be made available for out-of-Lagos participants.
The conference has been preceded by earlier ones in the year. It began with Ancient Paths, God’s Ways, in February, The Secrets of Revival, in April, and in June was The Spirit of Revival, and the last one held in August had The Flames of Revival, as its theme.

The conference has also attracted other eminent teachers and missionaries like Bishop Abraham Olaleye, Rev. Dr. Richard Femi-Bolaji, Apostle James Ebotha, from Abuja, as well as the current facilitators.
The conference as usual will feature powerful teachings, prayers, counseling and admonitions of missionaries both in the field and in the church.
Speaking on the mission of the organizers, the Mission Director, Dr. Ajayi-Majebi stated that the conference was to bring into focus the times and seasons the church is in today and to challenge the church to align with the demands of the end times.

“It is to pursue the revival and restoration of authentic Christian life and lifestyle for God’s people and the revival and restoration of authentic Christian ministry for Christian leaders and ministers.”
The purpose of the conference is also to “rekindle the flames of Holy Spirit revival by redirecting the church’s attention to the need of the church in Nigeria and worldwide to return to the Lord and to the faith once and for all time given to the saints.

“To call out the Church, the body of Christ, that there is an urgent need to prepare for a fresh and mighty visitation of God’s grace and power in words, signs and wonders that is soon coming upon the church which will usher in a great and undeniable manifestation of God’s presence and power resulting in a great harvest of souls.”

In his presentation at the last August Conference titled The Word and the Spirit of Revival Bishop Dapo Asaaju of Ilesa Anglican Diocese lamented the state of the church and the world today.

According to him, the Church worldwide is weak at the moment. He noted, “In the West, the church is declining and sliding into error and death, in the communist world, the church is endangered, in the Arab Islamic World, the church is threatened, in the African, Indian and Asian worlds of paganism, the Church is confronted.

“The rise of modern Pentecostalism, while it awakened the church for a while to the consciousness of the move of the Holy Spirit, it seems that the objective of revival and the saving essence of the gospel of the cross is being lost to most churches and their leaders.”

He summarily recommended that the world needed to acknowledge that they had sinned with evidence of the need for message of salvation, to bring about confession of sins, the word of prayer, the word of miracles, the word of judgement, the words of prophecy are needed these days to bring about the word of revival to the world in a time like this.

Setting the tone for the October Conference, Dr. Majebi reiterated the need to prepare human vessels for the expected revival.

He said, “Human vessels must be available if revival of God’s way and godliness is to prevail and reign upon the earth.”

It will be expected that the various speakers will look into the roles the human elements are expected to play in igniting the flames of revival.

The conference, added the host Mission Director, Dr. Ajayi-Majebi, is “to find out how we can receive grace and impartations to become choice vessels in the hands of God for end time revival.”

Accommodation would be available for out-of-Lagos participants. Call 08092220587.

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