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Christ Apostolic Church, Land of Divine Success aka Olorun Apedahun, holds its annual Success Crusade between Monday 15th to Sunday 21st May 2023.

The annual event is expected to attract leading and highly anointed ministers of God like Prophet Akin Fasawe, and the General Evangelist of CAC, Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji, and other ministers of God.

The Crusade has The Fourth in the Furnace as its theme, featuring Revival Hour at 5.00pm from Monday to Thursday, and Vigil on Friday from 10.00pm to 5.00am on Saturday.

The programmes hold at the Church premises, Taiwo Corner, Beside Life Baker College, Car Wash Bus Stop, Along Ijoko Agbado Road, Ogun State

It will be rounded off with the Thanksgiving Service on Sunday in the Church Auditorium at 10am prompt. Expected Guest Artistes are Evangelist Aduke Gold, Adewale Oyewole Peculiar, Evang. Titi Aremu, and Oludare.

Hosting is Prophetess C.O. Olufayo.

Speaking in a chat with PTL News, days before the commencement of celebration, the Minister in Charge and the host, Prophetess Funmi Olufayo was grateful to God that everything was taking its normal shape.

One of the things visible to all was the well displaced billboards in all the ways leading to the Ijoko venue of the event. From Sango, and Agbado end of Lagos, as there were massive mobilisation by the evangelism team of the Church and members of the Media team of Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji, the CAC General Evangelist.

In her response, “By the grace of God we can say, all is set, and that is why we are backing up everything with prayers as you can see us. We do that day and night, and we believe God will take a perfect control. We are expecting God to do what He does and more than ever before. We also expect the people of God to celebrate with us. We can assure them that God is here to meet everyone in the areas of our needs.

“Our guest ministers are ready. We are having Pastor Akinola Fasawe, we are also expecting our father in the Lord, the General Evangelist of CAC Nigeria and Overseas, Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji. He has always been with us. We started it all together. Despite his very busy schedule, he will be here. We expect him to be here from Wednesday, and we want people to come here and receive the message of the gospel. Prophet Fasawe will start on Monday.

“The theme of the celebration as you might have known is The Fourth Man in The Furnace, and what it means and our expectation is that whatever the battle anybody comes with, they should have the faith and confidence in the Lord that there will be solution.

“It is a time to confront the giant of our life. It is time to build our faith and confidence in the Lord. God will never disappoint us. We will listen to the word of God, we will pray and God will intervene in our situations positively. It is our enemies that will end up in shame.

“At this crucial moment, everyone needs the presence of the Fourth Man in the Furnace, that is God the Almighty, that is Jesus Christ, the son of God. Individuals need God, Nigeria needs God. Everybody knows the various challenges confronting Nigeria as a country and Nigerians as a people, the anniversary provides the opportunity to face our challengers with prayer and the word of God, definitely the enemies will bow and be put to shame.

“We will not leave Nigeria out of our prayers. In a time we don’t know where to go, when the people are confused, we need the Fourth Man in the Furnace. He will surely appear to us. We will pray for Nigeria, most especially at this crucial moment of transition in leadership. We say of Nigeria and we declare that there will be peace, and after the inauguration progress will follow.”

The celebration which is the 11th in the series will be concluded with a grand thanksgiving service on Monday where Prophet Hezekiah will feature prominently as the Special guest of the day.

Prophetess Olufayo took the advantage to call on the Governor of Ogun State to complete the road project which has been started from Sango end and help fix the almost abandoned Ijoko Agbado Road which help grant more access to the community.

To Prophetess Olufayo and the entire members of CAC Land of Divine Success, the annual Success Crusade is not just a festival of wining and dining but a harvest of souls, and there is why so much emphasis is placed on crusades, prayers and sharing of the word of God.

“It is a total package of sharing of the word of God, of prayers, of service to God with melodious songs and godly music, and acceptable thanksgiving, that is why we are expecting people to come in large number to come and receive from God that grants good success,” expressed Prophetess Funmi Olufayo, the host minister. 

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