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Happy New Year sir. Kindly tell us about the 100 days spiritual journey.The present journey of 100 days fasting and prayer started on October 28, to end on February, 5, 2020. It is a covenant spiritual journey for prayers to set the captives free. It is a moment of prayers day and night,  with vigils and fasting everyday. Since we started people have known it and it ends on my birthday which is February 5. With the programme our members bring their friends for solution to their problems, and it attracts requests from home and abroad.

This is the seventh in the series, and it brings revelations and visions, with prophecies for persons and nations.

What message do you have for Nigeria and its people?

God said we should lift up prayers for the children and we should ask for divine protection this year. We should pray for Nigeria so that the economy would not fail this year.

We should help to pray for our prominent politicians so that they will not be lost to death. We should pray against what can lead to wars with Nigeria by another nation. God ask us to plead for mercy over the sin of shedding of innocent blood.
God said He would reveal the secret of some fake men of God and He will expose them if they do not desist. God asked the men of God to pray well so that the government  in this nation will not proclaim the law that will hinder the work of God.
God wants His servants to proclaim His kingdom and the second coming of Jesus Christ. We shoulkd pray against national disasters so that the innocent will not be part of it.

How do you plan to round it off? Any special celebration?

It will end on February 5 with an all night service. It is a night to praise God, we will bring in choristers, and men and women of God about 40 to come and rejoice with us. The theme will be The Kingdom of God. There will be dining and wining for all participants.

Who and Who are you expecting to grace the occasion?

We invite as the spirit of God leads. Last year we had the likes of Sir Shina Peters, but this year it would be limited to those that are very deep in the spirit.

We are just to seek from the spirit of God. But there are some regular guests who join us every year, they are also set to come from far and wide, from London, America and other parts of Africa and the world. It is an international gathering, and all interested members of the public are invited to join us.



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