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For the family of Prophet Moses Muhideen and his amiable wife Olubunmi Kasali, the running feud of about three years has been put to rest. This was evident and sealed at the special birthday celebration and outing ceremony after a full February annual seclusion held in the night of 27th February, 2021 at the Ojedeji 2, Moniya in Akinyele Local Government of Oyo State.

Prophet Kasali, dressed in heavy priestly cassock amidst white garment priests and Church leaders began his outing with several songs of praise in his characteristic style before going into his story of reconciliation with his hearthrob, Evangelist Bunmi Kasali, Nee Olasehinde.

Earlier, Prophetess Kasali has been sighted among the procession team with other C&S leaders bringing the blind prophet to the altar on the rocky mountain. Prophet Kasali has also told the world he had formally fraternised with white garment church eloquently singing the praises of the founding fathers of the Church.

He later took his listeners to the journey of the reconciliation.

“When the power as of old comes, it does the miraculous. It can bring those behind to the front,” he said before relating all efforts made by some of his respected spiritual fathers and associates.

“There is no one that goes into where I went and come back unscathed,” he confessed going philosophical, he continued, “When you fall down you stand up, if you don’t stand up the enemies would trample upon you. Some people fall for life because there is nobody to tell them the truth, they have nobody to chastise them. Many people lose permanently because they lack forgiving spirit.

“From 2019 all my fathers in the Lord called to ask for one thing from me and I told them to forget it”, and there were various fatherly interventions, as many women in the ministry were wailing and crying.

“The reason was that I wanted to do what pleased me” but I heard a voice asking, “Will you take what I want to give you?” It was God that spoke, and when God wants to return your loss, you need to make sacrifice. If you are not ready to satisfy God, He would be giving you what will not satisfy you. Then I told God that I have heard and I have accepted.

According to Prophet Kasali, it came with its confirmation and testimony. He revealed. “Of all my 10 years of this fasting all have been ending in great demands from me, but for this 2021 did not take me anything, all my needs were supplied. I was showered with gifts.”

He explained further, “It is not easy to forgive. No two eyed man would enter where I went back without disappearing along the way.”

The man of God then called the wife out to prove his forgiving and acceptance spirit. Prophetess Kasali therefore moved forward unto the platform with the couple standing by each other, later embraced and went on a brief but emotional kiss, and a mutual promise that such would not happen between them again.

Prophet Kasali later counselled feuding couples to end their misunderstandings and forgive each other.

“When couples fight dirty, it is the children that suffer. There is no perfection in marriage, we all need to manage each other. If you don’t reconcile you would lose many things. Many often say that their fight would not end until they get to heaven without knowing if they would get to heaven or not. Let us put our hope and confidence in the Lord, so as not to lose our salvation.”

The cleric later expressed his appreciation to all that intervened to allow peace to reign in his family and ministry. He later invited Evangelist Bunmi Kasali to minister to the gathering in music, and that she did without disappointing her fans.

There were evidences of satisfaction and appreciation on the part of their followers live and online with clappings, laughter and comments online.

Prophet Kasali was billed to return a visit and preaching in the Lagos Church which has been held together by Prophetess Bunmi Kasali. The Church in Lagos even in the course of the fighting has also grown in leaps and bounds with a two acre property as a prayer mountain situated in Ifo Area of Ogun State. Prophet Kasali promised to visit them all.

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