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Apostle David Aderemi Babalola is the National Coordinator of His Presence Redemption Ministries International, with headquarters in Ogba Ikeja. The ministry was 20 years recently and a special thanksgiving service was held to commemorate the day. PTL News was there where we took the advantage to have a chat with the National Coordinator. He spoke about the early days of his ministry, his experiences and lessons as well as his message and counsel to fellow men and women of God we call prophets, and his message to Nigerians and President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Early days of the Ministry

The journey of the ministry started on June 6, 2003 when God commanded us to gather men and women, young and old and be a blessing to them. We started then at Adeniyi Jones, in Ikeja. Later we moved round to Aromire area, and Agege. It wasn’t easy but God has always been faithful and He has been with us all the while.

20 Years later

Today, 20 years later we can say we have been stabilised, we have the headquarters church here and Abuja, we have branches in Abuja, Lagos, and Edo States.  We are preparing for others within Lagos, as well as OPIC in Ogun State. By the grace of God we can say we are doing well as a Church.

Thanksgiving Service

We can say today’s service is a reflection of when God called me way back in 2003, it was in the 6th month that God called me, and we can say that today’s thanksgiving is about that. It wasn’t easy then but God has brought a turnaround today, and that is why we initiate and hold our Tuesday programme, I Must Testify, every Tuesday at 9.00am.

Our Vision and Mission

Our message is very simple and it is about testimonies of what God does around us and in our life and ministry.


Apostle Babalola who is well gifted in the area of prophecy recalled a number of his prophecies that have come to reality, among which was his prophecy on the death of late Princess of Whales then, Lady Diana, the Queen Elizabeth II, of the United Kingdom, and the throne of the British dynasty.

I can remember I mentioned it here and it was documented long before the death of the late Queen of England. I also predicted the emergence of the former President Muhammadu Buhari, who was there for his two full terms. Apostle Babalola had also favoured the current Nigeria’s president Bola Ahmed Tinubu to emerge at the end of the February election, and he mentioned it that he could spend his two terms. The current problem being faced by the immediate past Governor of Central Bank did not escape his radar. I saw what Emefiele is currently facing, I predicted it and it is coming to pass.

Lessons and Challenges in Ministry

On his 20 years lessons in Church and ministry, the man of God said one strong point to propel a minister of God is to be sure of his calling saying, “If you are sure that you are called by God, you have no reason to look back, yours is to believe, though it may be rough and tough, God will remain faithful.

The Future of His Presence Redemption Ministries

Apostle Babalola who was a business man before answering God’s call did not mince words in what he could project as the future of the church.

By the grace of God we are looking towards a very bright future for the church. We are believing God for a mega church. In future we want to have our own schools from primary to the university, we have already had primary school, the secondary and university will follow as well. We want to run a charity organisation where we will be taking care of the widows, orphans and the less privileged. We want to have our own estate, have micro finance bank, and of course airline services, and groom people in their businesses. Our mission is to take the mission to all nations of the world.

Another striking feature of His Presence Redemption Ministries is Compassion which was noticed in the course of the Church service. There was no hard line request for offering from members, it was also announced at the end of the service that widows and the less privileged should come around to take some palliatives.

When asked, the Iwo born Apostle Babalola said, the ministry of Jesus is about compassion. After drawing you to Himself, Jesus is full of compassion and he takes care of all that came to him.

Building men and women

We believe if you want to build a mega church, you need not to over task the members. What you need to do is to build men. Here, we don’t raise money but we raise men in the order of Genesis 14 when Abraham preferred the exchange of men rather than taking goods and property from the King of Salem. That emphasised the importance of human resources.

Nigerian Prophets and Prophecies

Before and during the last general election in Nigeria, there were several prophecies flying around of which many did were not fulfilled. On this, Prophet Babalola tendered his unreserved apology on behalf on the misguided prophets and their failed prophecies.

My reaction is to openly apologise on behalf of pastors and prophets that Nigerians should overlook it, forget and forgive. We have realised that many of the prophecies were rolled out of selfishness and personal sentiments of those (self-acclaimed) prophets. It is better to hear from God than saying our own opinion ascribing it to God. The bible says woes unto who says when God has not said.

It is true that almost everybody was tired of the APC led government, but whatever our feelings are, it is the plan and purpose of God that will come to pass. Nigerians should know that whether they rigged the election or not, God has assigned somebody to occupy the office of the president. So when God has appointed, we have no choice but to accept who is provided by God. Some people may disagree with this. It does not bother God. So the prophecies were made out of error.

As for me I heard from God and not from man and I said it out. It’s on the Social Media, on YouTube. I have no allegiance to any political party. I am neither a member, nor did I take any money from any of the aspirants, and I don’t go to any of them. All I can say is that the will of God be done, and we have no choice but to accept that.

Advice for Nigerians and President Tinubu

Now that President Tinubu has been declared elected, what is the advice of Apostle Babalola on how Nigerians should handle Tinubu’s presidency.

I believe President Tinubu is there on purpose. He is there for a purpose. Our prayers as Nigerians is that he should fulfil the purpose. We should pray for him, we should encourage him, we should also show some understanding. I believe he will do well. Our responsibility is to support him. We can also say that President Tinubu may not be controlled by any cabal. He has no special interest or cabal to report to, and I believe he will like to make his mark as Nigeria’s best president. He will try even though nobody can satisfy all human beings at the same time.  

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