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Every November 19 is Pastor Johnson Idowu’s birthday. By the last count he was 60 years. Pastor Idowu, an alumnus of the University of Ife (Now Obafemi Awolowo University) is a trained Chemist, business man, and a Zonal Pastor in The Redeemed Christian Church of God. His life is full of testimonies and commitment to God’s service. All these he shares with PTL News even after the celebration.

On why he made it a low keyed one.
We made it low key because of the state of the global economy. We looked into how far we have gone in secular and ministerial circles, we realised that by the time we start it would go here and there, and if it was restricted to a few people many others would feel offended. We don’t want to make enemies from anyone. We had to go low.
We are still believing God for better years ahead when one is more comfortable and other landmarks would be celebrated. It is not yet easy to accommodate everybody.

Celebrating the day
It was more of a spiritual than physical exercise. As early as 6.30 am that day I saw my ministers and workers come to my house with cake, saxophone and talking drums, in the modern way of celebrating birthday. My immediate family wanted to do that but I stopped them. But when my ministers came we joined them, we danced together for about 45 minutes, we later cut the cake and they left.

But for my immediate family, my wife, Mummy had prepared food and made arrangements, and for the assignments on my hand, I stayed off food, so as to put myself in a better position for their prayers to reach me. I was on the mountain till 9.00pm.

The Social Media also made part of the celebration with so much noise, as my wife and children put my picture on their status, it went far and wide, and there were messages and calls from friends, neighbours, and well wishers. We also need to be conscious of those who might like to shoot arrow.

Seeing 60 years on earth
I am full of appreciation to God because growing up was very difficult. I was always falling sick as a young boy. Sickness made me spend nine years in primary school. My education was disjointed, but when I met Christ at the end of my secondary school, God put an end to sickness until when I was 48 years. That was when I was diagnosed of the disease of the lungs and heart. They said I had exposed myself to chemicals, that I had inhaled too much of chemicals.

Ordination and Turning Point
Something drastic came in 2009 when I was to go for my ordination as a Pastor in The Redeemed Christian Church of God. I told my doctor that I would have to fast. He said no. I packed all the drugs and went for the convention and ordination.

There was a drug the doctor said if I did not use it before I slept I might not come back to life the following morning. At the camp we were placed on marathon fasting and prayer for about six days ahead of the ordination.
True to what the doctor said, I passed out. I had to pray for mercy. I called on God that my wife was still very young and the children, and that the church of God still needed me.

I then had a commitment to God that if my heart had ended that Jesus should give me His heart to continue the assignments and the heart beat came back. Fasting still continued except water, there was nothing to give energy.
Saturday we went for the ordination. I came back two weeks later I went to the hospital but the doctor said young man you have been healed but I still told him I was feeling the palpitation, but he said he could not hear it. He told me that he heard nothing. He opened my file and put away the papers and I went back and the heart and the lung gradually healed up.

For me that I had the fear of not living up to 50 years, now celebrating 60 years and still counting, I have a special gratitude and I cannot feel any weariness or difference from when I was 30 or 40. In terms of health, there is no difference from when I was younger. I am full of appreciation to God, with the hope that God will perfect all that concern the future.

I was born in a small village called Owode Ketu, very close to Nigerian-Benin border. Growing there was challenging because of the level of idolatory and cultism there despite the presence of churches there. We saw nothing bad in celebrating with the idol worshippers. In terms of the gospel there was nothing. The only primary school had only three classrooms. Basically, one teacher was in charge of two classes. There was no supervision from the school’s authority. Somehow, because of the interest, I had to go to school. I had an elder brother then, who went to school.

Towards the end of my secondary school he gained admission to the University of Ibadan. He was really an inspiration.
Year after year I could not gain admission but had to go to Modern School. I continue to do entrance examinations. From there I got admission to Egbado College, (Now Yewa) College, Ilaro, and later UNA Secondary School, Igbogila but I did not complete it.

In 1978, I was in form three, and on December 3, my father passed on. From there I changed from Egbado College to African Church Grammar School, Abeokuta in 1979. That my brother was a born again Christian and we began to learn and preach the gospel. I sat for School Certificate in 1981 and I passed. From there I went for HSC from 1981/83 at Ogun State Polytechnic. In 1983 I got admitted to study Chemistry at the old University of Ife, and graduated in 1987 with Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

I got teaching job with Ogun State Teaching Service Commission and NYSC in 1988. I was posted to Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro where I saw my colleagues with a year ahead of me and that was when I began to look for jobs and later in 1989 I was employed as a Paint Technologist and later I was promoted a Paint Chemist. In 1993, I left to work for myself.

Crossing to the Church
My ministerial assignment started from when I was in school. I had been in the midst of children of God. I was used to identifying with Christians – the Students Christian Movement at the University of Ife where I became a leader as far back as 1985 for two consecutive years. I was the Transport Secretary and we had a bus which was in my custody. We drove the brethren around in the company of other drivers. I was in charge of films and we used to show films all around villages in Oyo State, I was also part of the Prison Fellowship. Therefore, it was not a surprise that I found myself in fellowship matters. So that commitment had been there since ’84 and ’85.

When I came to Lagos in 1989, I joined RCCG, Ladipo Oluwole, then under Pastor Tunde Bakare. When he left I followed him to Latter Rain for seven years and later came back to join The Redeemed at Dominion Sanctuary of ACME Road, I was living very close to that place at Akilo Road. That was where we had all our training. From there God blessed us with this property and we moved here to Aboru in 1999.

Coming here we met some friends like Pastor Anifowose and he had to bring me to their Church. Aboru was like a village then and that brought us to Oke Odo Parish of The RCCG in January 1999. That assembly later became Canaanland Zone. From there ministerial assignment continued to the level we are today.
I am presently at RCCG Miracle of God Zone, Ayobo under Lagos Province 68 since 2018.

Marriage, Family in Life & Ministry
It is a long story. My prayer ever since I got born again was to settle down in time. When I got employed the next thing was to get married. I met her at Berger Paints. She was already born again in Foursqure and in 1991 we got married. She had a humble background like myself and I love that.

She is from Ondo but she is not a typical Ondo woman. Since the first day I never saw a different Ondo woman. When I indicated interest she said she would pray about it. She was a girl that lost her mother very early in life. After much persuasion her father agreed and up till this moment I can call her my Personal Assisstant. If not for her I would not have succeeded in life and ministry. She prays more and works harder. She is ready to go with me anywhere. She is very very supportive in my business and ministry.

Life Lessons
I think I have learnt a lot of things from this life, and I am still learning. Life is a teacher and experience is what you cannot buy with money. The grace of God has been my sufficiency. Human beings are very dangerous even in the church. The bible even says God was grieved that He made man. I have met with very wonderful people. You see yourself as a permanent friend, do not naked yourself before any man because they would be the one to expose you when you need them for coverage. I have seen that as a lesson. Do not naked yourself before any man, rather naked yourself only before God.
Another lesson one can learn about this life is, when talking will give you trouble keep your mouth shut, in stead of you to support evil.

Looking into the Future
Ministerially, I am not going to compromise my divine assignment for anything. I cannot forget the decision I made when I passed on for about 10 minutes and Jesus gave me His life, that I later came back to life. It is a covenant. Nobody can change my position and focus in Christ. Where I am serving now, I usually arrive as early as 6.30 am to the church on Sunday and ahead of our programmes. It takes a man under a covenant like myself to do that. Until I see myself before my maker I am not going to compromise that.

Because I am not a full timer, it is voluntary with stipends. It is our choice and I am not complaining. I will not complain.
It is the attack on my health that made me leave chemical business to pure Water and Soft drinks Business which I hope to do for the next five years when I hope to retire actively.

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Julius Adegunna, a writer, and publisher of good news and reports. He is also a trainer in Writing and Publishing, a Media Consultant and an Entrepreneur. A 1987 Graduate of International Relations of the University of Ife, (Now Obafemi Awolowo University) with Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations, and Master in Communication Studies of Lagos State University. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.


  • Pastor Johnson Idowu, February 7, 2022 @ 6:29 pm Reply

    Thanks a million times PTL News.
    May God bless you more in Jesus name, amen.

    • admin, March 4, 2022 @ 8:03 am Reply

      Many more celebrations in good and sound health sir.

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