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Once again, the Nigerian international Canada based Pastor Amos Dele Dada will be taking some African countries by the storm as he moves around the world in celebrating the 20th year of his ministry and pet project called International Gathering of Eagles Conference.

Pastor Dada who had earlier celebrated the conference  with pomp and pageantry In Canada has also taken a tour of Australia and some Asian countries.

His next port of call will be his home Africa, and he would be setting his feet on Nigeria and some African countries.

According to an information made available to PTL News, Prophet Dada would be expected to touch down in Ghana between November 20th and 22nd when he would be ministering the message of the gospel to the people of Ghana through Christ Apostolic Church, Teshie from 6.30 each night.

He will be hosted by Prophet Elijah Adinkra, and joined by other ministers of God like Apostle Samuel Sowah and Bishop Walter Otieno Andogha. The revival which has Iron Sharpeneth Iron as the theme holds at Teshie Balloon Bay.

The energetic global minister will be in Togo for the country’s International Gathering of Eagles Conference on the 24th and 25th November, 2023, worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth which is the theme f the conference.

The conference will be featuring Bishop Vincent Metogbe Agbeanenyo Kabine, Bishop Walter Andhoga and Pastor Amos Dele Dada.

Pastor Dada moves to the Republic of Benin on another two-day missionary visit between Monday 27 and Tuesday 28th November, 2023. The conference holds at Ganhi Crown of Glory Cathedral, Cotonou. Joining Pastor Dada to minister are Bishop Lucile Sossou, Rev. Dr. Laleye, Bishop Walter Andhoga and Rev.Clement Ahoga.

The Eagle finally lands in Nigeria on Thursday 30th and Friday December 1, 2023 in a special power packed Pastors, Ministers Leadership Conference.

The conference holds inside the sprawling and spacious Go Ye Pentecostal Mission International, 55, Alimoso Road, Alaguntan, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos State.

Expected for the special sessions are Pastor Dada and his amiable lawyer wife  who is also a marriage counsellor and champion of happy home crusade, Lady Evang. Eyitayo Dada.

They will be joined by the resident Pastor and leader of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria in Alimoso, in person of Apostle James Iyanda, Dr. Mrs. Blessing Pastor Isaiah Dada, and Pastor Olatunji. The Lagos Conference will also feature gospel singers like Evangelists Temi Iyanda and Temitayo Irawo.

Pastor Dada in a message said, ministers of God are expected across different Church denominations to look into the subject matter of the theme, Worship God in the Spirit, and ministers of God, young and old, male and female are expected to enjoy God in the message that would bring salvation, restoration, healing, miracles and deliverance.

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