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For two consecutive years, Mr. Bayo Akinbinu, an Idanre, Ondo State born enterpreneur and his wife, have been hosts to teeming worshippers in their number in what they call Interdenominational Thanksgiving Service, where they have ministers of God, music ministers, neighbours and worshippers across different Church denominations and faith to join voices to appreciate God for the year ending.

The second edition was held on Thursday 28th December, 2023 at their sprawling house, called Jesus Home, in Iyesi area of Ogun State. They did not host participants with dancing and praises alone, they equally appreciated the neighbours and the participants with food and essential commodities needed to keep body and soul for the year for the season.

The programme which commenced about 9.00pm on Thursday featured notable singers and gospel musicians like Eru Abraham and his Group, Olisa Olubunmi and Her Band, and a host of other budding singers and artistes. It lasted till the following morning.

The night of praise and thanksgiving also had Rev. Abass, Evangelist Fajobi and Pastor Olu Ogunleye as word ministers.

According to the host, “Jesus Home is not a Church but a ministry to take care of the people. Caring Ministry has become a very important aspect of the ministry. Jesus Christ did it, and what we are doing was also done by Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ fed 5,000 excluding women and children.

“Jesus Home is to provide relief for people. Presently we know how hard the time is. In Nigeria, prices of essential things are now high, and only a few people can afford essential things, and we believe God has provided for some people to help others.”

Also speaking about the annual programme, Akinbinu said, “In this year’s programme, we divided the sessions into two, morning and the night. There is a session for welfare in the morning, and the other is to praise and worship God in the night. We gave out food and relief packages in the morning and afternoon, and the service follows in the night. The beneficiaries arrived here very early in the morning, and the first batch was finished in a jiffy, we took the second order, but we thank God we were able to meet the needs of those who came.

We gave out rice and garri. At the end of the day we gave out 11 bags of rice and two bags of garri. We see that the beneficiaries were happy and next time we plan to do more than this by the grace of God. Those who collected food cannot be less than 150 beneficiaries.

Inside the Jesus Home are many mansions, like the Garden of Eden. “We want to use it to serve as a model home. We can say Jesus is the builder. It has the office, the rooms and the farm. It is less than a plot, but Jesus made the best use of it. He is the owner of wisdom.

The structure

“Inside the structure, we have laundry at the back, office at the front, up there is what we call Jesus Chamber. When we have Jesus Home, we expect to keep a room for Him. Instead of calling it room, we call it a chamber. The upper part is going to be called Jesus Chamber.

Physically speaking it’s like we can say Jesus can sleep there, and if we have any minister of God around, he can sleep there. That will be his room.

Then there is also the multi-purpose structure which can be used as a hall or event centre of a modest number of people. New products can be launched there. Fellowships can be held there, books can be presented there. It is simply commercial.

Thanksgiving Service.

It’s a proof of God’s faithfulness. The participation was massive. People came from far and near just to be part of the thanksgiving service. We are not taking it for granted and we return the glory to God. It can only be God.


We want to see more of Jesus in this place. If we have more of Him in our life, our life will be better. We want Jesus Christ to take a full control of this place, and not about ourselves, my wife or family, but Jesus. That’s why we did not put my picture or that of my wife on the banner or the flyer, because we hold it for Jesus. That is why we call it Jesus Home.          

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