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In the midst of the trending controversy surrounding the lyrics, Oniduro Mi E seun o, which was made popular few days ago by a crique of the work by Evangelist Tope Alabi, against another gospel singer, Evangelist Yinka Alaseyori, the original composer, and the owner of the copyright, Evang. Toluwalase Adelegan, a Gospel Act has reacted to the trending controversy surrounding the popular Christian song.

Mrs. Tolu Adelegan, in a video by BBC News has held claim to the ownership of the work, saying she was the original composer of the song, a track of an album she released about seven years ago.

In a critique of the song via a video making the rounds on social media, Tope Alabi has condemned the work saying did not approve of the song, that God wasn’t her Guarantor because He was more than a Guarantor.

Sister Tope Alabi, during a song ministration in a Church, had said: “What kind of song is that? God is not my Guarantor, He is more than a guarantor. Although I have tried to correct the singer (who isn’t the original composer) but she did not understand. I loved that song but when I tried to sing it the Holy Spirit told me to shut up”.

According to Sister Tope Alabi, if Alaseyori wrote the song after being led by the Holy Spirit; she would have understood God is more than a guarantor and would not refer to Him as such. “If the Holy Spirit brings it, you are supposed, to digest it, chew it and organise it, before bringing it out,” Tope Alabi stated.

However, many concluded that Alabi’s criticism was coming from a place of envy; saying that she did not want to “share the spotlight”. The song, as well as, Tope Alabi’s criticism of it, trended on social media and elicited reactions from fans and colleagues alike.

The original composer, Mrs Tolu Adelegan in the song explained how God stood for her as a guarantor during tribulations and trials.

She said: “I am surprised. We did not expect Sister Tope Alabi to condemn another person’s music like that. But I want to appreciate God for all that happened and for now that it is still trending. It was God Who gave me that song. When I released it seven years ago, God told me it was not yet time that it would gain prominence.

“Despite the criticism, I want to say again that God is my Guarantor. As for me Jesus is my pillar, my Alpha and Omega.

“As for Yinka Alaseyori, she is not the owner of the work. Some people asked why I did not challenge her for copyright. I did not challenge her because she is a very young sister. I did not want to offend any younger person.

“Yesterday when the controversy broke out people began to call me from all parts of the world. When I began to pray about it God told me it was time to take step, and very soon, the video will be out. The video of that Oniduro mi will be out soonest. I thought before that I wanted to remix it but now I won’t remix it. I will do it the way I have done it before,”she explained.

“I have sold over 25,000 copies on that Album within that seven years to the glory of God but I want to do the video and I assure that on or before July ending, the video will be out. I promise you all that the video will be out, don’t let us rush it.” She added

The Akure, Ondo State based Mrs Adelegan advised her fellow gospel singers to wait on God for inspiration. “Let us read our Bible and pray before releasing albums. We should allow Jesus to be our Guarantor and not seek powers of the world. I thank God for starting the work, from the publicity. I have received a lot of encouragements from people from all parts of the world.”

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  • ADENIKE ORIMOLADE, June 14, 2021 @ 6:31 pm Reply

    My Opinion: I don’t thinkYinka Alaseyori claimed the ownership of the song. And I believed Tope Alabi didn’t reach Mrs Adelegan for correction.
    Tope Alabi spoke from jealousy side which is wrong. When she sang about Yahoo, nobody condemn her. When she said , Oti Jesu Intoxicated her ,nobody make any move. Why doing a chief judge concerning someone else song.
    She goofed big time.
    My ONIDURO remain Daddy JESUS and HE will forever be.
    She better apologized!!

    • admin, July 4, 2021 @ 4:18 pm Reply

      Beeni ma. She must have learnt more than her needed lessons.

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