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For an umpteenth time, Bishop Felix Alawode, the founder of Altar Against Altars Mountain Aromokala in Owode area of Ogun State has called on Nigerians never to relent in their prayers for the country.

He called on all Nigerians to present themselves as faithful and hopeful citizens noting that it was in these that Nigeria could find solution to its lingering problems.

Against the background of continued frustrations experienced with successive governments in Nigeria,  the senior cleric urged Nigerians not to put their hope in human leaders but in God, and this can only be achieved in communication with God.

He said, “We must be prayerful for the nation. We survived the last administration because God has put in our DNA as a people that no government can destroy Nigeria. Evil will not overcome us,” quoting Exodus 3. 2-3, he affirmed, “We remain unconquerable. We are children of the Most High God,” he said with reference to Malachi 2.16.

He explained further, “Despite electing a president now, Nigeria is not yet at the end of its challenges, we still need to pray more so that all the vices we are known for as a people will not continue with this present structure.”

The Cleric also insisted on his earlier call for rearrangement of the Nigerian political structure saying, “Except we go and restructure, all the vices will continue,” quoting Psalm 81.13, he added, “God wants us to walk in His ways.”

Bishop Alawode, also noted that “Though the constitution has given the politicians too much power, yet we will play our role and God will play His own part. That is only if we can pray as a people of God. We will pray and God will bless and prosper the government He orders. We must hope that one day Nigeria will be delivered from bondage of corruption, kidnapping and banditry.

“We will continue to pray for the restructuring of Nigeria. Nigeria still needs rearrangement. The past leaders tried their best but the present leaders are working on faulty foundation which has been affecting the people because the system permits wickedness and corruption.”

Bishop Alawode, who is also the President of the Institute of African Counsellors concluded that “When God finds a man after His own heart in the affairs of the country, He will honour and glorify him.”

He also commended those who have been standing in the gap for Nigeria saying, “To all men and women of God, I salute them let us continue to pray for those in government,” noting that “Everyone has a role to play in Nigeria and God is the head of all government,” quoting Ephesians 3.20.

Bishop Alawode hosts Altar Above Altars Prayer programme from Sunset of the first day of the month till the second day on the mountain for deliverance, healing and salvation, Aromokala Mountain, Owode Yewa, Ogun State.

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