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Since the year 1999, every May 29 has become a date with history for Nigeria as a country. It was the day Nigeria began its latest democratic journey when political power was transferred from the military through the then General Abdulsalaam Abubakar to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, another General in civilian garb.

Nigeria has been going on this smooth ride for solid 22 years now, and to us as children of God we return the glory to Him, at least for keeping us alive and for making us to survive all the troubles and challenges that have characterised the country for these 22 years.

As expected the 22 years have been of mixed fortunes of the good, the bad and the ugly. It has been of relative peace, some modest progress and of course with its measure of turbulence.

But if we must seriously tell the truth, the experiences of the last two years leave much bitter taste in the mouth.

Earlier, we can give credits to the administrations of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who was able to keep the nation together as one for his two terms of eight years, the short lived administration of Alhaji Umoru Yar’Ardua continued in that stride until he fell to the cold hand of death in May 5, 2010 when power shifted to his Vice Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

One ugly feature of Jonathan’s administration that made Nigerians reject him was the uncontrollable spate of corruption and a measure of insecurity in the North Eastern part of Nigeria, under him, but he was able to sustain the unity of Nigeria, despite threats from some parts of the country.

It came to the turn of Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari in 2015, a retired General and former head of State, and it was like Nigerians were able to follow him in his first term under his three fold agenda for the nation. He promised Nigerian to stamp out or reduce corruption, he assured a stable economy and pleaded to secure the land.

However, feelings from all parts of Nigeria have not shown if the president has been able to achieve any of this in convincingly. In the area of economy, never have Nigerians been so frustrated with uncontrollable debt profile, inflation, poverty and shortage of basic needs beyond the reach of the people.

In terms of fight against corruption, nothing has convinced Nigerians of the genuine seriousness of those handling government affairs in this regard. Every day Nigerians hear stories of discovered and recovered funds, yet there have been no serious persecution of the culprits to prove that Buhari genuinely means the business of fighting corruption.

Under him there have been rumours of top Nigerians stealing the commonwealth, they go and buy property outside the shores of the land, there have been mysterious stories of money consumed by snakes as some others were also eaten up by monkeys, stories of those who keep raw cash inside tanks and some uncommon vaults. There have been cases of state officials who cannot account for how they spend public funds, and so many like that.

At present, six years into the expected eight years of this Buhari-Osinbajo administration, the most feared and the unexpected have befallen the most populous black nation. After living together for 60 years, the present leadership has shown Nigerians the need to keep their individual tent, and go their separate ways without damning the consequence.

Nigerians, especially the concerned are so surprised that the Buhari government has not said anything against most of these ugly incidences, but where they seemingly spoke against it, it would look as if they are just playing a lip service to his commitment to a united Nigeria.

From his style of leadership, despite consistent warnings he has shown Nigerians that he did not come to put Nigerians together under the same roof. He has been alleged of partiality, favouritism, nepotism or whatever colour they give putting one ethnic group of Nigeria over the other.

While one group believed that Buhari has come to feather their nests, they do it with the most wicked display of brute mindlessness, showing unmerited, arrogant and unguarded claim to superiority in the face of glaring failures and incompetence, while others wallow and groan with frustrations and fears, and these have obviously ground Nigeria to an avoidable halt. As things are, it is seemingly clear how it is very difficult for Nigeria to move forward.

Today, the level of untold insecurity has so much enveloped Nigeria that virtually everybody, all the ethnic groups, and even states are living with fear of insecurity. It is so terrible that Nigerians find it difficult to travel from one part of the country to the other. Nigerians in urban areas are living under the fear of robbers and thugs, while travellers are daily intimidated with cases of kidnapping, rapping and subjection to paying ransoms in millions of Naira.

The farmers cannot farm again, herders are now a very terrible menace they have to contend with. Beyond this, the herders do not overrun farms with their cattle but also ensure that the subject their hosts to submission, and banditry, kidnapping, killings have become the latest Nigeria’s trademark.

Even under this atmosphere, it appears the government is helpless about the situation. Worse still, those who are close to the government who are supposed to see and understand the situation are not telling the government of President Muhammadu Buhari the truth he is supposed to know.

The sentiments have been so bottled up that Nigerians without fear are coming out to react in physical terms, by taking laws into their hands in some cases when their voice and complaints meant nothing to the government again. That is why the young people of the Igbo origin are clamouring for a nation of their own. Same goes for the Yorubas and even Middle Beltans. It has been the story of one part of the country against the others. These are part of the evils unleached on us by our so called political leaders which they do for their selfish reasons. God is wiser than them.

In all these, one beautiful aspect of the whole story is what the bible admonishes us to understand that Weeping may endure for a night, but joy commeth in the morning, Psalm 30 verse 5. The same verse tells us that “For God’s anger endureth but for a moment, but in His favour is life.”

While we may admit that Nigerians are suffering from their wicked ways, sins of bloodshed and wickedness in the high and low places, we have the confidence that no man can be in power forever. For those presently in government, they have a terminal date, and in the next two years they will join the league of our ‘ex-es’, but only if the present leadership can sustain the unity till 2023.

Well on this side, all we can continue to ask for is prayers and more prayers. We should continue to pray that God keeps us strong, heathy and  wealthy till His kingdom comes. We can be praying that only the plans and purpose of God should be fulfilled concerning Nigeria. It is not our will but should be the will of our God in heaven. We should not also fail in keeping our leaders in prayers, as well as the people that God should have a dwelling place in the hearts of all Nigerians, that they should act in the way the name of God would be glorified.

Fellow Nigerians, let us continue to pray without ceasing. When we have the time to pray, God will have the time to answer us. Our prayers will be swiftly answered in Jesus name. Soon, and very shortly all the enemies of Nigerians within and outside shall be put into shame and the name of God shall be glorified in Jesus name.

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Julius Adegunna, a writer, and publisher of good news and reports. He is also a trainer in Writing and Publishing, a Media Consultant and an Entrepreneur. A 1987 Graduate of International Relations of the University of Ife, (Now Obafemi Awolowo University) with Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations, and Master in Communication Studies of Lagos State University. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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