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Fellow Nigerians, it is good to be here again. Quite unfortunately, the situation across Nigeria is not a laughing matter. Without any fear of contradiction, never has Nigerians been made to suffer as such in recent times.
Since the second term of President Muhammadu Buhari, it has been one tale of woes to another. From Boko Haram, to kidnappers and killers, and the insurgency that then started in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria has now enveloped the whole country.
From Sokoto, Katsina, the home state of the president, to Maiduguri through the Middle belt states of Niger, Nasarawa, Benue and even Kogi, nowhere is safe. The ugly trend is even worse now in the South West, so also in the South East and the South-South, with the common denominator being killings, kidnappings, rappings, stealing, armed robbery and all manners of vices.
The challenge which started with Boko Haram has also enlisted unidentified bandits in Kaduna and environs killing fellow Nigerians in hundreds and thousands. The southern states have also been infiltrated by bandits popularly now tagged as Fulani herdsmen. The situation is so hyped now that any insecurity, kidnapping or killing in the South West is now attributed to Fulani herdsmen.
In effect, they have been denying the farmers from doing what they know what to do as cattle, cows and sheep ravage their green farms as feeds for their animals. Many have been killed in the process. Apart from this, the bandits kidnap and extort millions of cash from their victims.
Among notable victims are traditional rulers, business men and women, rural farmers and even peasants, Nigerians in diaspora who come home for one thing or the other, students, children, people, young and old. The list is endless.
To make the matter worse, it is like the governments at both federal and state levels are not too keen in nipping the menace the bud. The governments have been seen to be very partial in that when the bandits or the so called Fulani herdsmen kill, maim, steal or decimate their hosts, nothing is heard from the government but when the victims turn back to challenge their oppressors is when we hear the federal government roaring from Aso Rock to question the rationale for daring the excesses of the ravaging bandits.
The situation is so worse now that Nigerians are taking laws to their hands. Now we hear of Nnamdi Kanu and the Eastern Security Networks, we hear and see Chief Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho, and one Wakil Iskil of the Fulani stock. Yet there is no solution in sight.
As the situation is now, there is no more trust in the air. Nigerians don’t trust the government again, the people don’t trust the government in return, and worse still the people have no trust for one another.
In all these, it is very clear that this is a symptom of what the politicians have unleashed on us as a people. Nigerians have always been known to be very kind, caring and loving to one another. But with the coming of our self serving politicians and their divide and rule policies, Nigerians have been divided and oppressed by the antics of the politicians.
Our simple expectation and one of the basic duties of the government is to provide security of life and property to its citizens. But this is a luxury Nigerians cannot boast of.
We therefore wish to draw the attention of the government to the state of the people it governs. The level of insecurity in Nigeria is most disturbing and worrisome, and the government must do something about it before the entire country is thrown into total anarchy where life is brutish and short in the words of Thomas Hobbes, the English philosopher in his Social Contract theory.
The situation seems heightened by the president’s silence on this growing criminal tendency in the land. That is why those that are close to the president should allow him to know how the situation has been biting on hapless Nigerians in fairness to all and sundry.
It behoves the government to ascertain the level of insecurity in the country, determine the root cause and proffer what can be done to put a stop to the dangerous dimension of the insecurity challenge.
Looking across Nigeria and the faces of Nigerians, there is so much frustration and hopelessness in the land. In Nigeria, nothing good comes very easy. To obtain anything from the government, you will need to fight your way out. Admission is not easy to come by for the students, going to school is most frustrating too that when you know when to get admitted you do not know when you will leave the institution. They come out of school, there is no employment in sight, and they end up doing nefarious things to survive and the ugly vicious cycle continues again. Life is so unpredictable in Nigeria.
It is time the government worked on the disturbing situation and did something about it. The government should be able to get a working statistics to know how many people live in the country, how many are employed and those unemployed, what can be done to give good rewarding jobs to those that need it. The government should be able to provide workable direction to its teeming citizens, as the state of confusion in government is presently well known to all Nigerians. This is because of recent, none of the new policies being churned out by the government to Nigerians are all that impressive.
Our spiritual community also has a lot of role to do on the state of the nation. Our prayers are still very valid. They should never relent in praying for peace in Nigeria. It is when there is peace that we can think of progress. But they should also back it with strong words from the throne of Grace. We cannot limit the good that hearing the word of God can do in controlling the situation.
We believe they also need stong prayers and intercession for God to take full and total control of the hearts of the rulers of Nigeria. I believe if God takes control of their hearts good decisions would be able to come out of their hearts, and they will also be able to do good for the people and the land.
So far so good, I pray that God keeps us all under his safe haven. Thank you for your continued supports. Thanks for your prayers and encouragements. It shall be well with you. Remain blessed. Happy 2021. Praise The Lord. To God alone be the glory.

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Julius Adegunna, a writer, and publisher of good news and reports. He is also a trainer in Writing and Publishing, a Media Consultant and an Entrepreneur. A 1987 Graduate of International Relations of the University of Ife, (Now Obafemi Awolowo University) with Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations, and Master in Communication Studies of Lagos State University. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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