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The President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, Bishop Wale Oke has also made his remarks concerning the state of the Nation of Nigeria at 62.

Bishop Wale Oke, speaking in a broadcast, condemned the state of division and insecurity in the land, saying insecurity is pervasive in the country like at no other time in its history.

He noted, “It used to be my pleasure to travel from Maiduguri to Ibadan, from Sokoto down to Calabar in the pursuit of my God-given agenda. I could travel round the clock without any harassment, without any guards and no police but you cannot try it now because insecurity is all over the place.”

He called on Nigerians to deliver themselves from insecurity.

The PFN president said Nigerians should use their Permanent Voters’ Cards, PVCs, to deliver themselves from insecurity and economic strangulation.

He said: “I am speaking in my personal capacity and as President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, that our nation is at the crossroads.

“Electioneering campaigns have started and politicians will begin to dish out their empty promises that they don’t intend to fulfil.

“They only want our votes, they only want power. They don’t have any clues on how to solve our problems.

“I want to say this: Nigerians, deliver yourself. Your future is not in the hands of politicians; your future is in your hands. Your voters’ card carries your power, don’t sell your votes for any amount.

“If you sell your votes, you have sold your future. If you sell your votes, you have mortgaged your future, the future of your children and children’s children. Vote your conscience. In my capacity as National President of the PFN, I am not telling you to vote for any party, that is not my duty, but please know that your future is in your hands.

“Your destiny is in your hands, represented by your voters’ card; don’t sell it for anything. If they give you N50 billion or $ 50 billion, say no and vote your conscience.

“A few months from now, we will decide and the decision we make now will determine our future. As Nigerians, you must deliver yourself from insecurity. Insecurity is pervasive in this nation like at no other time in the history of this nation.

 “Nigerians must deliver themselves from economic strangulation. Today, N700 cannot buy $1 because we are in a state of economic morass and the people in charge do not have a clue. That is the truth. I am dealing with issues and not sentiments and that is why Nigerians must deliver themselves from economic strangulation.

“With your voters’ card, you can deliver yourselves from economic strangulation.”

Speaking on religious and tribal division, he urged Nigerians to resist from such sentiments, ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Bishop Wale Oke, who is also the President and Founder of The Sword of The Spirit Ministries International, with headquarters in Ibadan said: “Nigerians must deliver themselves from religious division. I am close to 70 years and I have never seen Nigeria as divided as this. There is so much mistrust that there is fear that a particular tribe wants to dominate others.

“Of course, they cannot dominate you without your consent. We are dealing with very serious issues here and so, your power is in your hands. Deliver yourself from the national division.

“I want an indivisible and prosperous Nigeria where I will feel free in the East, in the North and everywhere.

“Deliver yourselves from domination that one tribe wants to dominate others perpetually. You can endorse it with your votes and you can reject it with your votes.

“We are at a time we should not be thinking sentiment, whether tribal or religious sentiments. Say no to religious sentiments, say no to tribal sentiments,” the Christian leader admonished Nigerians.

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