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Claims His Party, APC won without the votes of Christians in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Vows to promote Muslim/Muslim Candidacy at State and Federal Levels

Former Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai has been receiving bashes and condemnations left, right and centre for disparaging Christians in Nigerian politics, particularly over his comments that placed Muslims ahead of the Nigerian politics.

Nasir El-Rufai in a video which has gone viral revealed him saying the Muslim/Muslim governorship ticket in Kaduna state was strategically planned and it would be sustained beyond 20 years.

He added that he has worked to make sure that the trend was replicated at the national level by voting in President Bola Ahmad Tinubu and his vice Shettima Kashim on a Muslim Muslim ticket.

In the viral video, El-Rufai was addressing a group of Islamic scholars and Imams.

He told the Imams why he nominated a fellow Muslim as running mate in 2019 because he knew they would win without the votes of Christians in the state.

El-Rufai went further to tell his audience that the Islamic dominance in Kaduna had been successfully replicated in Nigeria and that it shall continue.

The former governor went on to say that Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s victory in the last presidential election had silenced the Christian Association of Nigeria and that he would maintain an Islamic-dominated government for the next 20 years, not just in Kaduna State, but throughout Nigeria.

El-rufai also added that he deceived the Christians during the electioneering campaigns, saying “when Christians questioned why the Muslim/Muslim Ticket, we deceived them by claiming that it was not for religious dominance when, in fact, the tickets were for Islamic dominance both nationally and at the state level.”

Meanwhile, there have been reactions from different and diverse quarters on this demeaning remark by the former Kaduna State governor against the Christian community in Nigeria.

El-Rufai’s statement, a reflection of his hatred for Christianity

– Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a former presidential aide to President Jonathan Goodluck, has slammed the former governor, for commenting on Muslims’ dominance of power in the state.

Omokri described the video that captured El-Rufai’s statement as “scary,” emphasizing that his hatred for Christianity was on another level.

According to the former presidential aide, if President Bola Tinubu gives the former governor any sensitive position in his cabinet, he could spark a religious crisis.

Ignore El-Rufai, He is seeking relevance

– Reverend Joseph Hayab, CAN Chairman, Kaduna State

The Chairman of Kaduna State Christian Association of Nigeria, Reverend Joseph Hayab, has said the state’s immediate past governor, Nasir El-Rufai, is unfit to hold public office.

Reacting to El-Rufai’s comment while featuring on a popular Morning TV Show on Hayab said the ex-governor’s remarks were a ploy and divisive tendency aimed to further his (El-Rufai’s) alleged presidential ambition.

He implored Nigerians to ignore El-Rufai as he was just seeking relevance and playing to the gallery to rile up unsuspecting Nigerians.

He said, “You know, since he (El-Rufai) is up to something, he is playing a game and what he would do is to confuse people and set up Christians against Muslims; set up Christians against the present government, and then he would stand to benefit from it tomorrow. Unfortunately, I will say to him, he has failed from the onset.

“With this, he has actually proved to Nigerians that he is not in the first place fit to be a leader and I think that is one of the problems in Nigeria. We give people power without testing their emotional stability whether they are mentally alright to lead.”

When asked to give an official response to El-Rufai’s statement, Hayab said, “Our simple response is that ignores the madman. Ignore the man who is calling for attention and ignore the man who is up to a gimmick and ignore the man who is up to an agenda, don’t even take him seriously.

“If his Muslim/Muslim ticket has actually succeeded, we wouldn’t have had the killings, the division, and the problems we have in Kaduna. So, there was not even success to record this in his administration.

“El-Rufai is just trying to play games and we don’t even want to glorify his game, we simply see him as someone whose era, influence, and power are over but he wants to still be relevant and he wants to bring up something that will give him relevance because he knows that there are so many ignorant people around who may think that he is defending faith but I can tell you so many Imams will remind him how he demolished their mosque; how he maltreated them and never respected them as people of faith, so he is just playing politics and trying to take advantage of the situation.

It confirms that El – rufai supported the terrorism and violence in the state

Evangelist Kwamkur Samuel, former CAN official

A former national executive of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Evangelist Kwamkur Samuel, has said that the immediate past Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, confirmed that he supported the terrorism and violence in the state.

Samuel, the former CAN Director for Legal and Public Affairs, said that El-Rufai’s speech in a viral video where he addressed a group of Islamic scholars confirmed that the former governor supported the killings of Christians in Kaduna and Nigeria in general.

Reacting to the former governor’s address, Evangelist Samuel in a press statement described the address as “vituperations against the Christian community and non-Muslims in Nigeria.”

The cleric said that “Ordinarily, I have heard Islamic clerics preach that Tinubu’s Muslim/Muslim ticket is in furtherance of an Islamisation agenda, and despite that I am one of those who contributed in discouraging Christians and Nigerians from accepting such as true because I believed in the antecedents and character of His Excellency, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, but hearing from a political leader like El-Rufai, a close associate of Tinubu and Shettima, an active participant in the campaign who was contemplated as one of the qualified persons to be appointed as the Chief of Staff to Mr. President or Secretary to the Government of the Federation, confirmed that there is a hidden agenda to be mindful of.

“In the said address, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai spoke like one of the religious bigots that have been working underground to set the nation on fire. Amongst his ill-motivated statements which I can only paraphrase for now, El-Rufai confirmed that he is a leader of the Islamic terrorist group operating in Sambisa forest albeit disguising as a governor in a complex nation like Nigeria.

“Firstly, El-Rufai in his speech, wondered why he should give ‘them’ a deputy governor when most of ‘them’ cannot vote for his party.”

Samuel further noted that “That he calculated and discovered ‘we’ can win election without ‘them’, hence why giving ‘them’ a deputy? From El-Rufai’s classification of the citizens of his state as ‘them’ versus ‘us’, one needs no angel to tell you that he cannot be exonerated from the wanton killings, demolition of houses and places of worship of Christians in Kaduna.

“Secondly, Mallam El-Rufai went further to state that Islamic dominance of government in Nigeria will bring peace, Justice and fair play. He assured the gathering that he will sustain an Islamic dominated government for 20 years and unending.

“This outburst reiterates his extreme fanaticism and displays his ignorance of what constitutes justice, equity and fair play.

“Discrimination, ethnic profiling and all genocidal attempts to consume a race or religion constitute injustice and are recipes for anarchy and crisis.

“Thirdly, he told his audience that in the course of the electioneering campaigns, when “they” tried to ask questions on why the Muslim/Muslim ticket, he deceives ‘them’ that it is not for religious dominance but in reality, the tickets both nationally and at state level were for Islamic dominance.

“He boasted that the Islamic dominance in Kaduna has been successfully replicated in Nigeria and it shall continue. He said further that the victory of Asiwaju has silenced the Christian Association of Nigeria.

“The question is, is it only Muslims that voted for Asiwaju? Who voted for Atiku and Peter Obi? I guess it was only Christians! How could a sitting governor, former minister of the Federal Republic and a potential key government appointee be this callous and insensitive?”

According to Evangelist Samuel, “Watching El-Rufai address the Muslim Umma, I have no doubt in my mind that Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is one of those behind the unending religious crisis and insecurity in Nigeria.

“The definition of Justice, equity and fairness is hinged on providing platforms for the involvement of all regardless of their population, religion and tribe.

“One would expect El-Rufai to take advantage of such meetings to discuss the achievements of his government in developing the state and taking his people out of poverty and insecurity but nay. He wants to be celebrated as a religious hero and a Jihadist of high repute. How can our nation grow with this kind of leaders in authority?

“For El-Rufai to think that the Asiwaju vote is a victory for Islam is very unfortunate and speaks volumes of his kind of bigotry. His outburst has destroyed the remaining respect he enjoyed from patriotic Nigerians.

In a similar development, the Vice President Kashim Shettima has assured Nigerians not to fret over the notion that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu led government will not Islamize the country.

The vice president made this known on Saturday, May 27, in Abuja at the inaugural lecture of President Bola Tinubu. He revealed that his principal has longed displayed inclusivity in his home by marrying a pastor.

Pastor Olayinka Abdulrasheed Yusuf, a Lagos based Christian cleric, and the president of Household of Love Churches worldwide described El-rufai as the greatest fool Nigeria has ever produced, saying, “If he thinks he can set Nigeria ablaze, he will be the first to burn.”

In another comment, El RUFAI’s recent public address on Muslim Muslim ticket and Muslim dominance in Nigeria was said to have shown that “he is a religious bigot, an Islamic fanatic, a Jihadist and terrorist, and all his education did not help improve his person. He is a primitive man and an hypocrite not to be trusted.”

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