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The annual Convocation Ceremony of Alive Christian Theological Seminary and Post Graduate School, has been held in Lagos.

The event saw the graduation of successful students in Doctorate, Masters, Bachelors, as well as Diploma and Certificate classes.

In his Convocation address, the Rector of the Seminary, Rev. Dr. Peter Olayinka Olawale was grateful to God who granted the students the honour of finishing their training in record time.

He charged the graduands to go and live with the theme of the Convocation which had Revive Your Work Oh Lord as the theme and he charged the graduands to leave the seminary to continue to be agents of revival wherever they go.

He admonished the students, “As the Rector of this great seminary, my counsel for you is to always endeavour to do your best at all times. We expect you to live up to the words of this seminary that you have held in high esteem, to study yourself approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth,” quoting @ 2Timothy 2.15.

He explained further, “The world needs you and there is much you can accomplish in your own little way,” as he further advised them to “always endeavour to be people of high integrity, God-fearing, peace loving, patriotic and innovative.

“Let me remind you that the society looks up to you to lead, to reshape the future of the country and always ensure that reasons, people, human development and justice should drive all your conduct and actions.

Also in his convocation address, Dr. G. A. Christopher, the representative of European Theological Seminary, Birmingham, England which the seminary is affiliated to, delivering his address titled, Revival of Learning With Reference to Impacts of University Education on the Church charged both the Church and the society to embrace proper education to change the society for the better.

The renowned theological icon called on the church to raise the standard of acquisition of knowledge in the society.

Dr. Christopher who noted the hunger and passion of Nigerians for knowledge in the 60s over money regretted that in the 21st century money has taken a pride of place over the search for knowledge.

He recommended that if Nigeria must move forward the passion for knowledge must be taken serious.

“It is time we realized that the knowledge of the 60s is not enough and cannot be relevant to run the affairs of this age, from analogue to digital age, and therefore there should be need for continuous learning.”

Citing relevant examples from the Bible, Dr. Christopher said, most of the people that excelled in the Bible took good time to learn.

The cleric also noted that God was the first teacher, Adam the first student and the Garden of Eden, the first school. He also pointed out that “with his experience as a man who had direct fellowship with God, Moses still had time for learning, Jesus related with learned men in the temple, and Daniel mentioned in the bible that he understood by the books.

“In the orthodox Churches like the Anglican, Catholic, Baptist and Methodist, you cannot become a minister without going to the seminary from one level to another, but that is not with the Pentecostals. You don’t put anybody in leadership without training.

“Claiming Holy Ghost is not enough, claiming unction and anointing is not enough, ministers should devote more time to learning. They should continue to learn and do research, the understanding of the 60s cannot carry us to the present age.”

Concluding, Dr. Christopher recommended how the church could benefit from university education without compromising its godly, moral values and standards.

He maintained, “Knowledge is power, there is power in knowledge, With the growth in knowledge, the church will grow numerically and qualitatively, learning will add wealth to the church. It will empower the needs of the people which anointing cannot meet, education enhances knowledge and wisdom, knowledge attracts good people who will add to the church, learning will enhance the quality of the church, it restores the position of the Church in the community, with knowledge people should be looking to the church with respect and not down on the church, with knowledge there will be improved standard of the church.”

Also in another presentation, one of the lecturers in the seminary Pastor Timothy Olawale made a presentation on Unveiling Divine Wisdom: Integrating Mathematical Knowledge and Biblical Principles to solve Human Life Problems.

The Convocation event was held over two Saturdays featuring Lectures, Graduation and Ordination of new ministers of God.

It began with the Convocation Lecture hosted by the graduating students with the alumni association members of the seminary.

The lecture was also extended to alumni members, students as well as ministers of different categories, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Bible Translators.

At the end of the exercise students were graduated at Certificate, Diploma, degree and doctoral levels.

A new set of students, according to the rector resume early 2024. Free forms were distributed to willing and qualified prospective students.

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