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Last December, Pastor Solomon Gbemiga Fadipe, the Senior Pastor of Christ Our Saviour Bible Church, Peace Estate, Baruwa, Lagos, stunned many of his readers late last year when he released his latest book titled, Pastor Is Praying, God Is Cursing.

At the conference hosted to unveil the book Pastor Fadipe, a former herbalist turned pastor spoke at length about several things done by men and women who are supposed to be ministers of God but inadvertently representing the works of the devil.

PTL News was with him at his Church where he threw more light on what prompted him to write the book and what can be done by pastors and Christians generally to acceptable prayers unto God.

“It will surprise you to know that many of those people who claim to be men and women of God do not have testimonies of salvation,” he said. They cannot tell how they met Christ. They cannot have salvation with no encounter with Jesus Christ, and this is what is responsible for many of the atrocities we see and hear about from those who are supposed to be keeping the sanctuary of God.

“What are the signs to show that God called us to His ministry? It includes such encounters like dreams, visions, revelation knowledge, direct and indirect message, these will go a long way to show that we have encounter with Christ.

“For example, I was once a herbalist before I became a minister of God. Before then, I claimed to be a Christian by going to Church, and I also loved gospel songs being sold by my brother despite that I was not ready to be a Christian.

I can remember also that my late mother told me how it was foretold that I would be a minister of God. But when I grew up I began to work as a herbalist, and God told me He did not create me to be a herbalist. How many pastors of today can share their testimonies of salvation?

“There are several problems responsible for the noise we have about the church today. I call it noise because it is often said that as churches are increasing in number also sin is on increase.

One of the reasons is that many of our up and coming pastors go out to establish church without any control by reputable leadership, and this leads to problems in the church, unlike you cannot establish your church anyhow under well~established orthodox church. Most of the time too, churches with line of authority also share part of the blame as many of the leaders are more interested in the income generated by their subordinates rather than souls won. It is discovered that the problem of the church are caused by the leaders in terms of returns and remunerations. So many Pastors are pursuing money by all means.”

“Many of Nigeria pastors or perhaps in Africa say they accept Jesus whereas Jesus did not accept them. If a pastor accepts Jesus, He will take all the old garment of sins from them and give them the fruits of the spirit as recorded in the book of Apostle Paul to the Galatians.

Another problem with many of our pastors is that many of them lack adequate knowledge of the teachings and the word of God. These days how many teachers do we have among Nigerian pastors? In teaching you ask questions, but in sermon you cannot ask questions. What depth of the understanding of the word of God do you expect from a church that rushes to have three or more services on Sunday between 7 am and 2.00pm? Many of them don’t run Sunday School? Everybody, members and pastors are all in a hurry.

He continues, “There are so many practices in the church today that are fabricated by pastors. The pastors of these days always make merchandise of every situation so much that many people think twice before they go to church today. People go to church with one problem and leave with many. Will they like to go back? If many people tell you about their experiences in the hands of many of our pastors you will pity them. There are no more strict biblical standards in the church again.

“Pastors are now appointed not based on anointing and divine calling but by their personal desire, wealth and brain knowledge.

“What about manners of dressing in our modern churches? You will find it difficult to differentiate between those going to disco houses and those going to church. Our God has His standard and it does not change. God is not partial and he is not a respecter of anyone. The church has entered the world and the world has entered church.

“Another error of our days is that the attention of many of our pastors have been diverted from service of God to the service of politicians. Most of the messages you hear from the pulpit these days are all about politics, to the extent that many pastors are abandoning the pulpit for the podium. A pastor should not abandon the church for politics. In the last party primaries we heard of a leading pastor in Nigeria paid a whooping 100million naira to contest and as God would have it he had no single vote. God cannot be mocked. Christians can do politics but not pastors.

“How about their new found Jerusalem pilgrimage? It is now more of tourism than being a pilgrimage. We hear of what many of the travellers do there that are against the will of God and the purpose of going there.

“If you try to see through the secret lives of many pastors today it does not give any pleasant news to the ear. Many pastors are members of secret groups, many belong to OPC, many keep girlfriends and boyfriends, there are cases of secret weddings among ministers of God, talk less of many cases of divorce.

“What about pride in the house of God these days? Most pastors have elevated themselves far above their members and colleagues where respects and prayers are reserved for wealthy members and guests. Only fund raising ministers are the toasts of the pulpit these days. Many mentors have turned to tormentors and many mentees are in a hurry to override their mentors, a kind of dog eat dog of a relationship.

“With all these we say pastors preach, that they do the work of God and pray. Who are they praying to? What are they praying for? Where pastors lead prayers for only those who bring huge money and abandon the poor members of his church? Pastors pray for only special members that are wealthy without caring to know what kind of works they do. What you don’t have you cannot give and that is why I wrote the book Pastor Is Praying, God Is Cursing.

“The way out is to return the Church to its owner which is the true God. If we must return the church to God we must return to the old path, we must return to sound teachings of salvation. We should not combine any other loads or commitments with the work of God.

“We discovered that when God called out the children of Israel he specially called out the Levites and gave them no land. He separated them for standing in the sanctuary.”

In his submission he did not write off all pastors distinguishing between fake and genuine pastors, “With all these, it does not mean there are no genuine pastors any more. Yes, there are original pastors who are still doing the works of the One who called them, but where you have original there are lots of fake. One thing about life is as soon as you have original you will find fake and that is what is happening in our days.”

On the book the Ekiti born pastor said, “The essence of the book is to point the attention of the people of God to the realities of today’s Church. It is the same reason why people say Nigerians are praying yet without results, that we have many prominent pastors but there are no more miracles, signs and wonders. Pastors do not have time to stand before the Lord again and therefore there are no more prophecies. Most of those people who claim to be prophets work on imagination and calculation to arrive at their predictions, and that is why their prophecies do not come to pass again.”

The book Pastor Is Praying, God Is Cursing is a simple 88 page work with nine chapters with lucid explanations on the meaning of the topic, with additional expose on what brought about curses by God, and why do curses work faster than prayer, with chapters like Who will prevail between God and Pastor?, with relevant overcoming prayer points for the readers. It is produced in Yoruba and English language and they are available in major leading bookshops in Lagos, Ibadan, Akure and Ado Ekiti. Demands can be made on request with inquiries to the author through these telephone lines 08034060508, 08027343602 and 07084163202.           

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