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Christians have been told to remain focused and not to distract themselves with the issues of life but to be expecting the second coming of Jesus Christ. This was contained in the message preached by Rev. Mike Oluwatuyi, the General Overseer of Emmanuel Apostolic Church, Ijesatedo, in Lagos, Nigeria.

Rev. Oluwatuyi noted that what should be top on the minds of Christians now is how to be counted worth to be eagerly waiting for the coming of Jesus and thereby be preparing themselves for the glorious moments.

According to him, the coming of Jesus Christ was not only foretold by the prophets but was also confirmed by the angels.

He reminded Christians Prophet Zachariah prophesied it in Zachariah 14, Jesus Himself told the disciples in the book of John 14, and the angels told the disciples in the book of Acts, and Apostle Paul reiterated it in the book to the Tessalonians.

Recalling the message of the angel to the disciples while Jesus was taken to heaven in the book of Acts of the Apostles Chapter one verse 9, the man of God told Christians to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ.

He explained that Christians should always learn to comfort themselves with the world of God and should not distract themselves with what they see or hear about Coronavirus.

He explained, “Jesus is coming back. Imagine all that are happening, they have been prophesied as part of the events of the last days, we have been told and they are being confirmed. All we need to do is to be preparing ourselves for the second coming of Jesus Christ.”

Rev. Oluwatuyi lamented a situation where Christians and even Church leaders were thinking more of Coronavirus during the lockdown rather than saddle themselves with what could propagate the gospel.

According to him, it was true that there was lockdown but he thanked God not everything was locked down.

“We may not be allowed to do service in the Church with lockdown, but thank God they did not prevent us from reading the word of God, they did not prevent us from prayer and we were not prevented from having group fellowship.”

He predicted that very soon the pandemic would become a thing of the past and the people of God would bounce back to serve their God.

“I want the children of God to know that all that are happening now is to prepare for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and however long we spend on earth we would spend more than that in eternity,” he explained.


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