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The President of the Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samuel Olusegun Oladele has called on Church leaders to go back to the doctrine of the bible.

Pastor Oladele made this call in Ibadan at the National Secretariat of the church at a Press Conference organized to announce this year’s edition of Pastors’ Conference.

All ordained pastors of Christ Apostolic Church will be gathering at Ikeji Arakeji for the 2023 Pastors’ Conference between Tuesday, September 19th to Friday, 22nd September, 2023.

The cleric who noted that his church chose the conference theme Proving Our Growth Through Sound Doctrine in viewof how modern churches are changing the ancient land marks of Christian doctrine.

He said CAC chose the theme for this year’s conference in order to emphasize the truth about the standard doctrine of Christianity.

According to him, “there are so many teachings flying about today, but we are talking about doctrine rooted in the Scriptures,” adding that “those teachings may be popular, they may be inviting, but if they are not rooted in the Bible, they won’t help the Church.”

He noted that “the word of God is settled and it doesn’t need revision or padding, and that’s why God warned Israelites not to tamper with the ancient land marks which demarcate family holdings from one another. But today’s Christianity is shifting from the clear landmark that was set for us in the Scriptures.”

Pastor Oladele warned that Christianity should not be practised the way any one wants but according to specification which had been given in the Bible.

“Proving our Growth Through Sound Doctrine” which is the broad theme for the conference, expressed the necessity for ordained ministers to return to the basics and uphold the sound doctrine from the Bible.

“The doctrine that we are talking about is not CAC system of beliefs, but what the Bible teaches, the fundamental truths of the Bible which we cannot joke with. We cannot compromise that. It is time for the church to go back to the doctrines of the Bible,” he said, explaining that the focus on sound doctrine is not what the church or its leaders teaches, but what the Bible teaches.

The CAC president also stated that the church may be wrong but the Word of God cannot be wrong, quoting Psalms 119:89 which says “forever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.”

On if the conference is open to non-members of Christ Apostolic Church, the CAC President explained that there are gatherings of the church where non-members are invited to attend, but the annual Pastors’ conference is strictly for ordained ministers of the church and not just for any minister.

The cleric continued that the ordained ministers have been ministering to congregations and worshippers, the conference is for CAC ordained ministers to “come once a year, and be ministered to as well.”

When asked on the expectations of the conference, Pastor Oladele explained that the retreat programme for ministers is not only a conventional annual conference but such where God’s visitation is primarily expected, adding that through the resource persons and the range of topics to be treated, the expectation is that all spiritual, emotional, intellectual, financial needs would be met in the lives of every attendee.

The President also disclosed that the conference resource persons would be drawn from within the church while some special features of the conference would be handled by experts from the Church.

These would be in the area of health, personal and church management, estate management, family and all other areas that have to do with the welfare of the pastor and his congregation.

According to Pastor Oladele over 12,000 ordained ministers in Christ Apostolic Church are expected at the conference which will begin at 4pm on Tuesday, September 19th 2023 and end at the early hours of Friday, 22nd September, 2023 at Babalola International Miracle Camp, Ikeji Arakeji in Osun State.

The conference is to serve as a means of retrain and to remind the ordained ministers of their duties and responsibilities through seminars, workshops and networking among participating ministers.

Also speaking on the state of the nation, Pastor Oladele expressing his views on the first 100 days of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu said, leadership is not easy in a multicultural country like Nigeria, believing that many things were wrong with the current arrangements in the country.

He expressed the belief that to get things wrong the people would have to undergo some unavoidable pains.

“We cannot call the present government a government of hardship but if it is the kind of hardship we need to go for, to get things right, so be it.

He emphasized that Nigeria cannot get things right without righteousness, saying, “Righteousness exalts a nation, so the bible says. Prayer alone cannot solve the problem of Nigeria but with righteousness. Just like in the case of Sodom and Gomorah God requested for 50 righteous men to avert the destruction of the city. So righteousness matters no matter who gets there. The prosperity of Nigeria does not depend on our land but who cultivates it. Without righteousness prosperity will continue to elude Nigeria. Let us match our prayers with righteousness.”

He, of course blamed the church for the state of the nation.

“Is the Church guilty? Yes. We all know that many of the politicians attend churches. The church might have failed in its responsibility if it cannot disciple the politicians to be righteous in their dealings.”

It is expected that there will be intercessory prayers for Nigeria at the pastors’ Conference as pastors will also be charged on how to successfully disciple their members to be righteous in handling the affairs of the nation.

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