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All is set by Pastor Dr. Amos Dele Dada, a Nigerian Pastor based in Canada and members of his International Gathering Of Eagles (IGOE) to host the 20th Anniversary of the ministry in Canada. It holds between September 14, and 17, 2023, at The Jewel Event Centre, Woodbridge, Canada.

According to the visioner, IGOE has been organising programmes, events and conferences, but the 20 years celebration would be coming with a difference.

Pastor Amos Dada in an online interview with Dr. Benjamin Akinrinola on GOLive TV Channel 01 on August 25, 2023, the engineer by profession turned cleric spoke extensively about the International Gathering of Eagles Conference (IGOE ) 20th Anniversary.

According to pastor Dele Dada who is a pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, and the Zonal Superintendent of CAC Bethel Zone, Ontario, Canada, confirmed how god has confirmed himself in being faithful to the calling.

He expressed the belief that God had brought him to Canada, “to put Canada on the spiritual map of the world, and to raise an Eagle Generation.

“After this, the question also arose, how am I going to do this, and the Lord spoke to me again, in 2003 to gather the leaders of churches, leaders of ministries, Bishops, Pastors, and that He would give me a word that we would deliberate on and it would be a kind of train the trainer model which people could use to other nations.

“We started that conference in 2003 and God began to use the biblical principles established in Joel Chapter 2, stating, ‘let the pastors weep at the altar and cry to Me.’ It is an opportunity for us to cry to God about the nations, and cry to God about an Eagle generation. It is an opportunity for us to raise an Eagle Generation.

Looking into the past 20 years, the energetic cleric said, “We are grateful to God for the 20 years. It is the grace of God that has been keeping us on. If God gives you a direction He follows you through. Without the grace of God there is nothing you can do.

“God has helped us greatly in the ministry. God has given us able and faithful men and women to support us. My spouse, my children have been good supports. As a minister in Christ Apostolic Church, God has surrounded me with good people. God has helped us in this vision in a dimension we cannot explain. For instance we have held this conference in over 45 nations to the glory of God and we didn’t have that in mind when we started.

“In 2007, God said the vision he gave us could not be contained in this space, that there would be people who want to hear but would not be able to come. He has also opened doors for us.”

Pastor Dada also expressed his thanks to God and the government of Canada, noting that “their international passport has made things easy for me.”

In the course of the interview, Pastor Dada also noted some his memorable experiences in the journey of the 20 years of International Gathering of Eagles, saying, “God has been leading us to the nations. The last one we had was the trip to Colombia. I can remember the first time we went to Malaysia they said they could help us to hold the conference in Singapore, in Indonesia, and God opened those doors. Wherever we hold the conference our philosophy has been based on the three Es, to encourage, to empower and to equip the people. God has given me the grace to write some books, and help the people.

“We have been to India, Italy, Malaysia, we have carried out several of our conferences and seminars in Africa, in Nigeria, Gambia, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and several other countries, God has helped us to open many doors, thousands of people that we have trained all over the world have been our positive points. This programme has helped us to open churches, two of them in Uganda, and Ghana, so also in Kenya.

“Talking about the Uganda one, there was a time we went there for our usual conference, I was very tired by the end of the programme but it was like the people wanted more. I thought of telling my wife to go and stand for me, after all she is also a preacher of the word, but when I got there I saw that the people were waiting for us inside rain. My energy came back, we were there and preached, and God took over.

“There were other encounters which would have turned negative but God turned them positive, like an experience in Uganda.” 

Also speaking on his challenges and opportunities, Pastor Dada responded, “Usually I don’t see challenges. I see them as opportunities. It takes the grace of God to go to 45 nations and hold conferences there. We have been to some difficult countries like Pakistan and China, they gave us a lot of headache before they gave us the visa there. Another thing we can call challenge is that in some cases there are some people who are supposed to be useful instrument to drive the vision, but they don’t support as expected.

“Why we are doing this is that we want to raise a people of an Eagle Generation, they have the notion that we are part of the corrupt generation but God has given us a kind of peculiar message from day one, that we have many people in the body of Christ that are not living holy life, life of integrity, this is what God wanted me to correct. I made this very clear to them. I thank God for giving me the tolerance. I remember when we went to South Africa, they gave us a tough time, but by the time we finished our conference they began to call me and asking for when next we want to bring our conference.”

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“There are also the challenge of going to those nations, the issue of acceptability and all that have been surmounted courageously. I want to thank God that we have not had financial challenge that could hinder us from holding our programmes.”

20th Anniversary Conference

On what to expect for the 20th anniversary, Pastor Dada said it was all about the celebration of God’s goodness.

“We celebrate God’s goodness. We are expecting several anointed and distinguished ministers of God. The Christ Apostolic Church has its base and headquarters in Nigeria, and the present president is Pastor S.O. Oladele. By the grace of God he has agreed to come and we are expecting him live here. By the grace of God he is a distinguished teacher of the word, if you are in this environment whether you are a member of CAC or not, you need a word of God from him. Also I Have my partners is Bishop Odey coming from the US.

“You talked about missionary, one of the missionaries we are expecting is Bro Sam Kputu, he is also coming from South Africa, these are seasoned ministers of God. In the area of gospel music is Dare Davis and Janet, these are highly inspiring people of God. We are going to have undiluted and unpolluted word of God, that would envision and energise you to move closer to God. It will move your ministry forward.

“There are also people coming from different parts of the world. From Kenya, from Sri Lanka and many other places, so if you are a minister of God it is place to network. If you are lover of music, you will be thoroughly touched, and if you are a lover of prayer we are here to present to you the God of Ayo Babalola, has always been known for healing, raising the dead, there you will pray and receive your healing and miracles.

“The difference we are talking about is that it is coming to carry special grace with it. We will also present our eagle Believers’ Magazine. We will be coming up with the 20 years reports. Most times we give it almost free. There are other materials and resources people will give away. Another addition is the anointing the 20 years carry. We are not expecting anything short of the presence and the glory of God. It is about how God raised the people of Eagle Generation.

“The programme starts on the 14th. It will not be held in our church. On Thursday when we start there are going to be special sessions, welcome presentations, word of God, prayers and revival. From 10 am to 2.00pm each day we have what we call the School of Ministry. This is for teachers and leaders of churches. We are also expecting Apostle Javier from Costa Rica. If you are minister of God and you want to see strategies for Church Growth, living and serving God in holiness, it is the place to be. The theme for this year is Worshipping God In Spirit and in Truth. We have the morning and afternoon sessions. The Sunday one is going to be the grand finale, there is going to be a lot of activities, there will be drama, there is going to be ordination, thanksgiving, there are going to be awards, there will be presentation of the word of God, children will present choreography, the youths will make their presentations.

Supports and assistance

Before the end of the interview Pastor Dada also took questions on how he could be assisted in the ministry, saying “When we talk about the growth and success in ministry you talk about the three Ms. Yes we talk about Money, Men and Materials. We also need all these to move forward. Presently we are involved in the renovation of the church which is about 300,000 dollar project. We will look for people to help to do it. We also need prayers. If you want to support us you can visit our website, www. cac, you can make your donations. We need your prayers, we need your support. This is a project of about 100,000 dollar budget. We need to book hotels which price has sky rocketed of late. Everybody is welcome, we need people as ushers, protocol officers, to support members of our CAC Bethel men and women, materials we need equipment. I have also written another book titled Redeeming The Time. So there are lots to gain from the conference.

Final remarks

“I want to thank God for this opportunity to invite you to be part of this 20th Anniversary Conference of International Gathering of Eagles. I want to assure you that it will be awesome, filled with the spirit and presence of God, there will be healing, there will be salvation, there will be deliverance. Whatever you need in a time like this to facilitate your coming, may be you need a letter, we are willing to do that. By and large we need your prayers, we need your supports, and whatever you can do to be there. Whether you are in Canada or not, from September 14 and 17, be at Jewel Event Centre. It is part of our year of testimonies. I personally look forward to seeing you.”

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