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The Church in Nigeria and Christians all over the world have been told to prepare for the emergence of the Glorious Church. The Church when it comes would fully demonstrate the glory of God. Making this call recently in an international conference tagged RESET is the Senior Pastor Scripture Pasture Christian Centre, and the President of Christ Life Ministries, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Dr. Olubi Johnson who asserted that the present Church is not yet the expected Glorious Church said, “The Church is yet to become the Glorious Church, it is still in the process of emerging. The Church that is demonstrating the glory of God is the Glorious Church.”

According to him some of the features of the new Glorious Church is the Spirit Without Measure which is lacking in today’s Church. In today’s Church we don’t have the spirit without measure. We cannot see the glory of God manifesting in the Church today. The emergence will be like the metamorphoses of the butterfly, it will be a period of hibernation and transformation.

“When the Glorious Church emerges it will bring an end to all corruption. The purpose of the Glorious Church is to deliver the world from corruption and plagues affecting the world globally. God wants us to be a transformed Church. In the era of the Glorious Church people will see the glory of God and they will worship God with the emergence of the Glorious Church.

“The Church will come back to the days of Moses, days of Daniel. With one word, Moses drove out the locust in Egypt. We will also do the same. The Glorious Church will bring instantaneous healing and spectacular miracles like Jesus healed the man with withered hand, when people saw human part grow live.

“The Glorious Church would bring about miracles in all facets of our lives. There will be emergence of great things, great people, innovations, creativity. There shall be emergence of the miraculous in politics, education, intellect, business and economy.

The days of the glorious Church will be days of incredible ability, there will be economic miracles and transformation, like the days of Joseph, there will be intellectual and environmental miracles to affect nations,to heal the world of social problems, plagues and afflictions.

“It shall amaze the unbelievers that they would fear the Church. There would be amazing governance with outstanding wisdom and knowledge. It will be an era of spiritual glory.”

He however distinguished the days from that of the antichrist. The cleric also pointed out that it would not be the day of the antichrist. “The days of the antichrist has not yet come. We are not there yet. The antichrist is going to be a man who will come after the rapture, he will be a person of tremendous charisma. After the rapture there will be plagues, but the antichrist will like to be a good person. He will lead the government of the world.  It is the Glorious Church that will catch the rapture. You need to understand the time and the seasons, the Glorious Church will put the enemies under their feet.”

The man of God therefore called on Christians to prepare themselves for the emergence of the Glorious Church.”We need to be cleansed to become part of the Glorious Church. We need to be cleansed by the agency of God’s word. You need to confess your sins and wash your body with the Water of Life.

“It is a spiritual fluid that flows from Jesus. You pump that life into you through speaking in tongues and praying in ther spirit. It will cleanse the sin nature of man. The era of the Glorious Church would be the day of opportunity for the Church. People will now come to Church for all manners of problems and many people will come to Christ through it, and the present Church must prepare for it,” he explained.

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