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Christians have been advised on how to overcome the affliction of BUT in their life. This was contained in one of the weekly Sunday services by Pastor Segun Olaoye of Christ Apostolic Church of America, Chicago Illinois, of the United States of America.

Pastor Olaoye in a message titled My BUT Is Over drawn from Psalm 138 verses 1 to 8 defined BUT as a stigma or a reproach causing one to weep quietly in his closet.

“BUT is an imperfection in one’s life. It gives one a name that is not on one’s birth certificate. It will make one to live an opposite life against what God has purposed for him. BUT is an emblem of imperfection in a man’s life,” citing the cases of Namaan the Army Commander, Hannah and Jabesh as cases of BUT in a man’s life.

Quoting Matthew 13 verses 24 through 28, the cleric explained that the plan of God for man was good, BUT is always the plan of the devil as the enemy, to plan evil into one’s life stressing that the Bible says when man slept the enemy came and planted tares into the field, noting that if the enemy could not put something evil in one’s life then they would try to remove something very important from it.

“Our life is made perfect but the enemy causes imperfection which is the BUT, and when the enemy succeeds in adding something evil or take something good out of man the problem starts. It is the plan of the enemy to alter the plan of God for one’s life.

“For instance, if one is not enjoying a blissful home, it is the enemy that alters it. If it attacks your job, there will be problem. It can make you to lose your job or make you to suffer one imperfection there. When it comes it can afflict your health. The devil is lurking around to make people suffer pains, agony and deprivation,” quoting John 10a.

Another instrument the devil uses to cause imperfection is sin, posited Pastor Olaoye. According to him sin has always been a gateway that permits BUT in one’s life as iniquity separates one from Jesus.

Adding that BUT comes with the enemy, the American based preacher explained that at the creation all what God created were perfect and God saw them as good but the devil came and changed the purpose of God for Adam and Eve.

The cleric said, the devil uses many things that looked like attraction to tempt children of God and distract them from looking unto God.

Pastor Olaoye pointed out that the beauty of it is that God has given us the way out of overcoming the affliction of BUT in our life.

Quoting James 1.25, Pastor Olaoye urged children of God to always take their eyes away from the threat of imperfection by the enemy and rather focus on the perfection that Jesus stood for, like Hannah at Shiloh looked unto God, she persisted until her situation changed.

“According to IICorinthians 3.18, the plan of God is to enforce His perfect law of liberty. He will transform us into the same image from glory to glory. If you are looking into the perfection of God you will be made perfect, so is your situation,” he emphasised.

The man of God also cited the example of Jabesh in IChronicles 4.10 as he called on God and his situation was changed.

“Jabesh’s life was transformed when he called on God. This means God wants us to call upon him when the devil knocks. God is ever ready and willing to bring restoration. When we call Him, He will answer us,” he admonished.

Pastor Olaoye also noted that as Christians, “we are called the righteousness of God as the Bible says, Say ye to the righteous it shall be well with him. As the righteousness of God whatever serves as imperfection in our life is perfected in Jesus name,” he prayed.

The Nigerian born Pastor said that God in His righteousness was ready to uproot all that the enemy had planted especially during the Covid -19 lockdown.

Another recommendation by Pastor Olaoye was for the children of God to avoid sins in their life saying, “Jesus has forgiven us from sin. He has forgiven us from the curse that opens us to iniquity. He has redeemed us from the curse of the law. What is left for us is to live a life without sin.

“Like the woman that was accused of adultery as she was forgiven we have also been forgiven and we have the grace to take our forgiveness by faith.

He added, “To correct the current BUT which the devil has imposed on the whole world, the Lord is ready to bring open door in place of lockdown and bring light in place of darkness. The fact that God has given us a beautiful day indicates He has given us another opportunity. It is by His work that He has made us to see the breaking of a new day because God has good things to do in our life.

“What we should expect as children of God is that God should complete the good work He has begun. We are holding Him to complete the good work He has started and surely He will do it.”

He later closed with series of prayers among which was the one he asked that whatever was not planted in the people’s life by God should be destroyed by fire.

Pastor Segun Olaoye is of Christ Apostolic Church of America, Chicago Illinois, of the United States of America.

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