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Christians have been told of how to overcome their anxieties, worries and life challenges.

This was part of the message delivered on Sunday by Pastor Isaiah Oluwatimilehin Agbenike of Christ Beloved Gospel Mission, Lagos.

Speaking to members of his church at a Sunday service, the cleric looking into the present situation in Nigeria observed that many Nigerians were clearly going through a lot of pressures, worries and anxieties which might affect their daily living and if care was not taken it could affect their relationship with God.

According to him, anxieties are concerns of worries, nervousness or uneasiness about a situation or something, and they are very common to humanity. “Many are bothered with care of what to eat and how to survive in their daily lives, and these are some of the things we battle with even as children of God.

“If you look round over Nigeria you would think all have finished. It has not finished. It is just starting. God is not done with you until you don’t have any breath in you, but as long as you are still living there is hope.”

Encouraging the listeners, he was quick to tell them the only way out of anxieties.

“The only way we can put an end to anxieties is through Jesus who is our Redeemer. The One that says all powers on earth and in heaven have been given to him.

“I want you to know that all powers over anxieties and worries have been given to Him so as for us not to go astray.

“In Christ Jesus there is liberty, freedom and deliverance. I don’t want to know the kind of problem you are facing or passing through, or whatever are your worries, what I know is that as long as you are in Jesus Christ, his message to you is to be of good cheer He has overcome the world,” quoting John 16.33.

He continued, “Before you can overcome anxieties and worries you must surely know Jesus because without Him we can achieve nothing.”

Pastor Agbenike noted that “those who get frustrated and end their lives by committing suicide and some other ungodly things, it is either they don’t know Jesus or Jesus has left them.”

He said, “before you can overcome your worries, the first thing you need to have is Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. He is the only one that can put an end to all worries and anxieties. Jesus must be in you, dwell in you, you must know Jesus as all in all, and no other person but only him.”

Quoting John 14.1, ‘Let not your heart be troubled, believe in God, believe in Me (Jesus),’ and “saying it the other way round is to let your heart be troubled and don’t believe in Jesus, if you don’t believe in God, worries are not far away from you.

“My appeal to you is to know Jesus, believe Him as your Lord and saviour, he will never let you down.”

Another scripture quoted by Pastor Agbenike was ‘Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.’ He noted that the Lord delivers the righteous from all their afflictions.

“What the Lord needs from us to be out of afflictions is to be righteous. To be righteous is to be honest and live your life with no sin. The problems of this world are many but it is only the Lord that can take us out of all afflictions.”

He noted that there is no other person apart from Jesus Christ who can take anybody out of afflictions, saying “No prophet, no leader, not even Moses, not Joseph, not Elijah or Elisha, even in the New Testament nobody could make any boast of taking people out of afflictions, not Apostle Paul, not John the Baptist or any of the disciples, the only person that can help us to overcome anxieties in Jesus Christ.”

He also noted that when God created man, he did not create anxieties with man, and everything was provided until man disobeyed God.

“But today many of different strata of the society live with one anxiety or the other. Whether you are young or old, married or not married, with or without children, everybody has one anxiety or the other to live with.

“A lot is passing through us and we are passing through a lot of things.

In summary, he admonished the people to know God as the Great Provider, and the way oyt is “to believe in Him, serve Him and pray to him in the belief that he would answer your prayer, all you need is to ask him and he shall provide.

Pastor Agbenike also told his congregation “to see God as a good shepherd who knows and is ready to take care of His sheep. As the shepherd takes care of the sheep, God is ready to take care of us, and He does not want us to harbour anxieties.

“A shepherd will always look for what his sheep will eat, in the same way, God is ready to take care of our needs and provide for them. If a shepherd man can go the extra length to provide for his sheep how much more is our God that has everything in His hands?

“If you want your anxiety to go, go to the good shepherd, pray to God He will provide for your needs.”

Other recommendations offered by the preacher were, first to know God as a prayer answering God, know Him as a hope giver, and for them to remain steadfast in Him, quoting copiously various relevant portions of the bible. Even as he preached there were testimonies of divine intervention from the participants and members.

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