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Christians have been told of how to keep the power of the Holy Spirit to flow in their life and in all that they do. This was part of the message delivered by Pastor Stephen Adeyinka Adesoji of Christ Apostolic Church, Prayer Embassy, Osogbo in Osun State recently.

Speaking on the message Holy Spirit, The Needful Thing, the District Superintendent said the power of the Holy Spirit could not be over emphasized in the life of any believer, and a Christian who lacks it is like a dead lion. According to him the holy Spirit was a promise delivered by Jesus Christ to the Apostles on the day of Pentecost which was 50 days after the Feast of Passover of the children of Israel, and it came 50 days after the ascension of Jesus Christ.

The first thing to bring the power of the Holy Spirit into a person is by having a thirst and honest desire for it. From the account of the Acts of the Apostles the apostles desired it, and they thirsted for it. Pastor Adesoji who likened the day of Pentecost to the modern day harvest anniversary in many churches said, because the Apostles had a thirst for the power of the Holy Spirit, they waited for it.


“It was like while others were merrying, eating and drinking on the day of Passover, the apostles remembered the promise made by Jesus Christ and the prophecy of Prophet Joel, they moved into the upper room, praying earnestly for the promise made by their master, and they obtained the promise.

The man of God compared this with those who come to church today but get themselves engaged in ordinary things that add no value to the work of God.

“Many people came to the church for different reasons. While some come for the power of the Holy Spirit others come for some non-important things like food, empty talks, gossips and other ungodly things.”

Another thing noted by Pastor Adesoji that could keep the power of the Holy Spirit flowing in the life of believers is the power of love and unity, noting that the Apostles were together in one accord.

“They were not only physically together but they were together in the spirit, united in love. In unity they asked for the promise, and they got it because they were united.”

The man of God also noted that many people’s prayers are not answered today because their hearts are not in tune with God over their requests. Explaining further the man of God said because they expected it, the power of the Holy Spirit descended on them.

Quoting Acts 2 verses 2 to 4, he explained how the Holy Spirit descended on them in “cloven tongues like of fire, and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and they began to speak with other tongues, as the spirit gave them utterances,” stressing that the power of Holy Spirit is neither given nor learnt but by divine impartation.

“When we talk of the power of the Holy Spirit, we are talking of the power of God in action. It is the power that we can use to walk our journey of faith.

“As a young Christian when you are born again the spirit will testify that you are a child of God but you are yet to have the full experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That you are born again has not given you the full experience of a Christian.”

Pastor Adesoji explained that whoever wanted to work for God must prepare to begin his journey from Calvary as he added that “Whoever wants to work for God, whoever wants to please God must have the experience of the Holy Spirit.”

The cleric pointed out that in the old Testament the Spirit from God used to come and leave but it remained permanently with God’s people after the experience of the Pentecost.

“Jesus told the disciples, that He was going to the father and the Comforter would come and teach them and the last He mentioned was that He would dwell with them, meaning it would not be coming and going back.

“When the Holy Spirit dwells in you He will be revealing the secrets of hidden things and mysteries, that this is the way you should go, this is what you should do, this is what you can eat, and it would tell you what you are not to do.”

The cleric also revealed that the work of the Holy Spirit is multidisciplinary and diverse noting it was not meant for pastors or leaders alone.

He said, “It will teach you, it will comfort you, it helps, it guides and orders your steps in life. That is why it is very important to allow it to dwell in you. Now that it is the promise of the father to keep the Holy Spirit with us, we should not only keep it, but we should allow it to remain, grow and manifest in us.”

The district Superintendent also noted that one way to allow it to grow is by being thirsty for it. “By being thirsty for it we must always desire it, exhibit it and allow it to manifest in all that we do. Through it, it would be working miracles, signs and wonders in our life and those of others.You must be thirsty of it. If you are not thirsty of it you cannot receive it and if you don’t have it your service would be meaningless.” The cleric also assured believers that all they were looking for in the world that glorify God are in the Holy Spirit.

“When you have the Holy Spirit in you, you need not to be distracted everything you need to function in life and ministry is in the Holy Spirit. In the Holy Spirit you get wealth, you have peace, the joy of the Lord is yours and you have the hope of eternity. When you have it the fruits and gifts of the spirit as stated in the book of Corinthians will grow and develop in you.”

Before concluding Pastor Adesoji told his listeners and whoever desire the gifts of the Holy Spirit to prepare their hearts, have a clean heart, and have the belief of receiving it by faith.

He however did not forget to list out some of the things that could hinder the flow of the Holy Spirit in a person and these according to him, are various sins of ungodliness, lack of forgiveness and pride among others, saying, “If the Holy Spirit dwells in you it drives away sins from you inside out. It will clean you internally and drive away from you all temptations of sins.

“After Peter and the disciples received Holy Spirit they could do easily what they could not do before. Peter received boldness and began to preach that in one day through the power of the Holy Spirit he added three thousand souls.

If you want to serve God in all your capacity the first step after accepting Christ is to embrace the power of the Holy Spirit. If you are feeling shy the Holy Spirit will help you, give you the power and the strength for great exploits,” he admonished.

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