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Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God has once again admonished his members and those who believe in God on how to make the best use of the times afforded them by the COVID -19 lockdown. He assured that the current lockdown at the wake of COVID-19 global pandemic would end up in greater things. Pastor Adeboye in his message via online drawn from Romans 8 verse 2 assured that all things would work together for them that loved God.

He explained that there was nothing that happens in life of the children of God that would not lead to testimony. He said, “Testimony is the baby of test, and miracles are the babies of impossibility. All things work together including lockdown for them that love God. The bigger the problem the bigger the testimony,” citing the example of the waking up Lazarus after four days. “That big problem in your life will soon result to bigger testimony,” he prayed.

He went further to mention some of those who experienced lockdown in the bible and emerged greater and better and the promise of God was fulfilled in their lives. “Peter came to his destiny after an all night failure. If he had caught some fish in the night he would not have possibly met Jesus, he would have gone home.

He also mentioned David, Elijah, Joseph and John the Beloved.

“David experienced lockdown in the cave of Adulam, that was where he got his mighty men. Elijah was lockdown in the house of the widow of Zarepath, and he became the first prophet to raise the dead, Joseph was locked down, it was while he was  in the prison that he was moved to become the interpreter of the king’s dream. He came of his lockdown from a prisoner to become the prime minister,” as he prayed for accelerated promotion for the listeners in view of the lockdown.

He then went ahead to mention ten things people could do if they truly want to come out strong out of the lockdown. First of his recommendation was for people to rejoice. According to him, this is time to rejoice. “You are in a lockdown, rejoice because your tomorrow will be alright,” he admonished.

The second recommendation was to praise God, and the third was to pray saying “we should praise God in all things including in a lockdown. There has never been a greater opportunity in your life to pray like this. The bible tells us to pray without ceasing.”

Other things he mentioned were to study and meditate in the word of God. “Study and make discoveries, he encouraged, adding that if you want to make good success, meditate, think on what you have studied.”

His number six recommendation was to receive visions for their future. “Visions usually come when you are locked down. John the beloved was locked down in the Island of Patmos when he wrote the book of revelation.Where there is no vision the people perish.”

He continued, “This is the time to ask God, and what do you have for me in the future? Why many of us are not seeing visions is because we are in a hurry. After vision, plan what next to do as soon as the lockdown is over. Plan towards actualising your visions. When you finish planning hand it over to God.” That was his seventh recommendation.

His remaining recommendations were his call on his listeners to clean up their immediate surroundings noting that while cleaning they would discover and be surprised of how many things they did not need and are kept in the house that have not been touched for years.

“What do you do with them? Give them out. The people you are giving them out to would be thankful on your behalf.”

The last and by no means the least was his request for prayers. He said “pray for me because the bible says, we should pray for our leaders. Pray for your leaders, they need your prayers.

As part of his message the man of God told his members and pastors, to expect baby boom in the coming year. “A lot of great things are going to come out of this lockdown,” and to his pastors he said, I want you to get ready to work because early next year you will be having a lot of naming ceremonies as a result of the lockdown”.

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