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For the leaders and members of His Presence Revival Team International, it was a kind of all roads lead to Iju Ishaga headquarters of Lead me To The cross Gospel Church for the one day annual International Conference of the team held on Saturday January 20, 2024.

The conference which had Arrows Bearers in the Local Church had in attendance leaders of the team like Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Ajose, Rev. Dr. S.O. Onaolapo, Pastor Matthew Olu Aina, Rev. Dr. E.O. Adigun, Rev. Dr. Tunde Olowoyeye, and the host Rev. Dr. Festus Odeyemi,.

At the Conference, Church workers, members and ministers were charged to see themselves as Arrow Bearers in the Ministry, and as such should see themselves as instruments to enhance peace and progress in the growth of Church and ministry.

This was the take home message by the President of His Presence Revival Team International, Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Babatunde Ajose, at the 2024 annual conference of the body held recently in Lagos.

Rev. Ajose satisfied by the success recorded by the Conference called on the participants to see themselves as part of the different arms for the growth and expansion of Church and ministry as handed over to them by God.

He said, it has been proved at all levels that the Armour bearers are very essential to the growth and development of any ministry and it would not be out of place if Christians and church workers make themselves available for the unique roles the Lord has carved out for them.

An armour bearer according to him is a “biblical reference to the one who carries the spear, and the shield of warrior, is traditionally the person in the church who carries the spear, the shield of warrior, he is the traditionally the person in the church who assists the pastor in everything from adjusting the temperature in the sanctuary to picking up visitors at the airport to running interferences for the minister.

“To be one’s armour bearer means you accept your God’s given duty to stand firmly with your pastor or leader and to help him to fulfill the vision God has given to him, and therefore you must fully submit yourself to him in the process of the vision’s actualization.

At the conference the following roles were listed out for Armour bearers in the house of God.

Their responsibilities include “standing physically and spiritually beside and behind their leaders at all times during peace and challenges, to assist, to lift him up and protect him against any enemy that may wish to attack him.

“Armour Bearers must work tirelessly and diligently on behalf of his leader, always seeking ways to advance his welfare and situations. An Armour bearer carries out the decision and every plan of his leader successfully and command perfectly.”

It was added that armour bearers must demonstrate total intolerance of any false charge made against the leader, and demonstrate unalloyed loyalty to his leader.     

Citing biblical examples of successful and fruitful armour bearers like Eleazar served in Abrahams’s house, Joseph served in Potiphar’s house, Elisha served Elijah, David had many armour bearers and Paul was assisted by Luke, Timothy, Titus and many others.

At the end of the Conference it was very clear that the participants were well charged to play the role of Armour Bearers in their various Churches and ministries.

The well attended conference was also used to lead prayers for the participants, members of His Presence Revival Team, the Church of God, Nigeria and the world at large. 

In attendance were leaders of Churches and ministries within and outside Ifako Ijaiye where the Conference was organized. It was jointly hosted by Rev. Dr. Festus Odeyemi and Prophet Jegede. It was hosted within the premises of Lead Me To The Cross Gospel Church, Plot 4/6, Victor Olaleye Avenue, Power lin, Rogo Busu Stop, Iju-Ishaga, Lagos State.  

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