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Nigerians and the global community have been called upon to support the Nation of Israel at this moment of their current challenge and battle with their hostile neighbouring communities.

This was part of the highlight of the recently held Holocaust Day hosted by IStandWithIsrael, a Non-Governmental body set up in solidarity with the nation of Israel marked the 2024 Holocaust Day.

Rev. Edwin Okoh, a business man in a statement said the world should rise in sympathy with Israel and rally round to support the nation in all spheres of life.

Rev. Okoh who acknowledged the various prayers offered by Christians for Israel opined that the Christian community in Nigeria and other parts of the world could do more that prayers.

He said, “We need to support Israel in all spheres of life. It’s good we have been praying for the nation of Israel yet we need to do more than that. We need to support them economically, we need to buy their products, and patronize their services. We need to appreciate the deposits of God in them.

“Israel has been an influence to the whole world. No other group of people in the entire world, not Americans, not Chinese, not the Britons, have been a blessing to the whole world like Israel has ever been,” he explained.

Also, in a chat, the conveyor of the meeting, under the auspices of IStandWithIsrael, Rex. Rex Ajenifuja also called on the global community to recognize the impact of the holocaust against the people of Israel by the Germans.

Holocaust Day, is observed as Israel’s day of commemoration for the approximately six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust by Nazi Germany.

Rev. Rex Ajenifuja, who is also the Executive Director of I Stand With Israel International, a Christian organization established to bring Christians and Jews together further revealed that his organization was “committed to connecting Christians to the land of Israel, and to connect Christians to the God of Israel.”

He said that “there is no way you can talk about the people of Israel without talking about their history. The Jews are people of history from Abraham, Moses, Noah, David and the likes of the Bible characters, and holocaust is part of the Jewish history.”

In the same vein, one of the resource persons, Rouga Oluwatoyosi pointed out that “Holocaust is what that has not happened to other nations but Israel and it has become part of their history and there is no way the Jews would live without the pains of the holocaust.”

She added that “hardly would you see any Israeli person who does know the history of the holocaust.”

In unison, the gathering left with a consensus that Holocaust like any other subjects of history should be taught among students both in junior and higher schools so that the world would know and understand the extent of the damage done to Israel through the holocaust.

On the media parley, the host, Rev. Rex Ajenifuja expressed his satisfaction with the success achieved by the programme, saying, “I am satisfied with the report of the day. I am also encouraged knowing that the next time we want to do this, it would be better than what we saw here today.’

The programme was well attended by ministers of God, Nigerians and members of the global community from all walks of life as well as friends and well-wishers of the nation of Israel.

As part of the historic event was presentation of award to Rev. Edwin Okoh for his strong support for the organization, as participants left with different gifts to commemorate the day.

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