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An old adage says “ The mill of God grinds too slowly but exceedingly well ”. This assertion corroborates the mind of God as recorded in the book of 1 Timothy chapter 6 verse 6, which states that “ Godliness with contentment is a great gain , for we brought nothing into this world , neither shall we take anything out”.

This fact, no doubt, is an irrefutable testimony regarding the certainty of vanity of this transient world.

We live in a world characterized with deep corruption, untold pollution and abject defilement in all human endeavors and spheres of life.

Sadly, people hold the mundane things of this world with tight hands, especially when it turns to the usual rat race, engulfed in by all humanity. The disheartening reality is that almost every mortal has thrown caution to the winds, dissipating energy on amassing wealth, not minding the source thereof. Believers of today are not exempted from this folly, as the invaluable virtue of patience has long gone into extinction among them. Everybody wants to get it right now, relegating to the background, the biblical injunctions on the indispensable need for exercising patience after prayer and the dogged pursuit of God’s will.

In the days of yore, dignity of labour was of paramount importance among all humanity. But nowadays, the satanic “ Operation get rich quick syndrome” has plunged so many people into the dungeon of imminent degradation, doom, disaster, devastation and perdition, as they wallow in the mire of yahoo-yahoo, yahoo plus and all forms of conscience-deadening and satanic ventures.

Unfortunately, some so-called believers are equally caught in the web of the inculcated anomaly, as they ignorantly indulge in and absorb worldliness at its peak, claiming their Jesus is not poor. Consequently, the believers of this time have, in act and in deed, fully endorsed the maxim: “If you cannot beat them, you join them” or “When you are in Rome, you behave like the Romans do”.

Some so-called men of God are also not exonerated from this show of shame, consequently hardening the hearts of their innocent followers. How do we explain a situation whereby notable men of God embark on false prophesies, prayer merchandising and all forms of shameful acts, capable of bringing the name of God into disrepute?

Apparently moved by their insatiable crave for materialism, these emissaries of God gradually fizzle out of spirituality and degenerate into total backsliding, apparent obscurity and imminent apostasy. The tragedy of this is that they operate in self-delusion, thinking they are working for and walking with God.

I am bereft of idea in terms of the right adjective to describe the actions of certain men on the pew who demonstrate insatiable greed. During funerals, they place unnecessary financial burdens on the children of the deceased, thereby making lucrative business out of any opportunity to preside on burial rites and other ceremonies in the church of God! Some others get to the extreme point of defrauding the church under their watch, thus enriching their pockets.

Gone are the days when Christians would not lie about their real ages and places of origin, neither would they make any false declarations at job interviews. They would also avoid any form of examination malpractice like a plague. All these sharply contrast with events of nowadays as Christians including pastors are at the Centre of scandals, even at seminaries!

Satan has blindfolded so many believers that they easily and predictably get enmeshed in fraudulent activities at work, in church and in their business endeavors. This is not surprising as their consciences are dead and seared with hot iron. Truth has long been sacrificed on the altar of human insatiable desire and hot chase of prosperity.

It is a sacrilege that believers nowadays get involved in ritual, fraud and sharp practices, all in a bid to make ends meet. The purchasing committee members of companies, churches and organizations today, no longer see any sacrilege in their deliberate manipulation in form of gross inflation of prices of items, mandated for acquisition.

These are men of ardent perception of the popular but negative maxim” Those who labour at the altar must also enjoy the dividends thereof”, thereby exhibiting greed and uncontrolled lust.

Today, the perceived but erroneous acid test of a believer who serves God truly and acceptably is his financial worth or material possession, as opposed to the unsullied spirituality of the days of yore. In the past, Christian sisters at marriageable age would strive hard to get unshakeable and unalloyed divine confirmation, having received contacts and overtures from men, who sought their hands in marriage. However, all that has been thrown into the dust-bin of time as sisters no longer pray but jump into marriage proposals from men, irrespective of the latter’s spiritual experiences and not minding the consideration of God’s perfect will in the proposed union. The fat bank account controlled and the luxury displayed by the man in question seems to be the only sufficient yardstick for God’s approval of such a proposal.

In conclusion, this social cankerworm of greed and corruption, which has eaten deep into the fabrics of the society, must be condemned in its entirety for its dire consequences.

One , it leads its perpetrators into disrepute.

More than anything else , it culminates in shame and reproach on the part of the culprits.

Besides, when detected and caught, culprits become objects of ridicule hence, people consider them misfits in the society.

Again , there is a perpetual stigma associated with corrupt men and women.

On another pedestal , trust is eroded and suspicion becomes the order of the day.

Also, if unchecked, it can lead to depopulation of the kingdom of God as the name of the Lord might be evil spoken of, among unbelievers. Evangelism might suffer a huge blow in this regard.

Finally , there is tendency of eternal doom and damnation for culprits, except there is genuine repentance.


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