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For about three weeks, Pastor Dr. Amos Dele Dada the visioner of International Gathering of Eagles with headquarters in Canada was in Africa. He visited some countries in West Africa before rounding it off in Nigeria. In Nigeria he visited some of colleagues in Lagos, Ibadan, Warri, Ilorin and other towns and cities. It was part of the 20th anniversary of International Gathering of Eagles which was held in Canada and taken to different parts of the world in 2023.

In an explosive and inspiring message witnessed by the President of Christ Apostolic Church, Pastor Samuel Oladele, the Canada based cleric carried his mandate to another level as he preached on “God is looking for a change agent.”

Dr. Dada looking into the state of Nigeria told the congregation that “What we are going through in Nigeria, terrorism, banditry, corruption, bad economy, are not strange, and God is interested in finding solution,” stressing that “God needs somebody who will bring the solution.”

He explained, “God sent Moses to the children of Israel to liberate them. God is looking for somebody in Nigeria who He would say go and be my agent in this generation.”

The Nigerian born man of God also said, “There is no way we can find solution to human problem outside Jesus who is the Solution to the problems of the human race.”

“Why must you be a change agent?” he asked, and he answered, “Because God is looking for somebody to do it. God is fed up with the human problems. God is not interested in seeing any man go to hell, because Jesus has not come, because you have found grace. You have been created for that purpose. If you don’t do anything you will be dominated,” he warned.

According to him, “anyone that wants to be a change agent must see the light of God, like Paul the Apostle, and our own Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola.”

He also explained, “There are five things that will determine how you will go in life. Your level of illumination, the level of light you have in your life, the level of knowledge you receive, you can’t grow beyond your knowledge power, you must hear the voice, what you hear will determine where and how far you go in life.

“What you hear is what would determine your future. Think the right thought. Consider your feelings, don’t subject yourself to feelings, and mind the people who surround you,” quoting Job 31.

He continued, “Change agents are concerned about the generality of the people. They fight for what they believe, they are committed to their purpose like David. As a Nigerian, there must be some things in Nigeria that must infuriate you.”

He prophesied, “There will be a time in Nigeria when we will not see the troubles of this nation any more. If there are change agents that will make things work for us. There will be power supply, there will be good roads, our colleges will work well. Those are the challenges we are facing, God is looking for a professor from the university, God is looking for the politician, who will insist that things must change in this country.

“We are the Noah of this generation. We must not allow the things we see, or fear to dominate us. As we enter year 2024, whether you are a market woman, whether you are a student, whether you are a driver, you are a change agent, you are the hope of this generation. God wants you to do something for this country.

“Change agents have fire in their bones, they are willing to be sent, they have the track records, and thereby allowing Jesus to fight their battles. They are industrious, they are committed, and like Martin Luther King they are ready to die for the cause that they believe.”

In the new dispensation, the Engineer turned Cleric also had his roles for the church.

Stating the purpose of the Church? Pastor Dada taught that “the Church is a learning centre. The church is deliverance centre, the Church is the solution to every unclean spirit. God called Peter to become a change agent. The church is what the nation is waiting for. The Church is the representative of Jesus to subdue the instrument of satan. The church must ensure that corruption and evil do not prevail in the society.”

He explained further, “The church is the last hope of the common man, the church is the vehicle of eternal life. Anyone that will enter heaven, the church is the hope of salvation, the liberator of man, without the church everyone is a candidate of hell, without the church satan will not be restrained, without the church wickedness on earth would prevail, without the church, woe to the earth, without the church there would be no evangelist, and preachers.”

He therefore charged the congregation, and by extension, Nigerians, “As you enter into the new year don’t just be a pastor, don’t just be a professor, see yourself as a Noah, see yourself as a man who is ready to build an ark for God.”

He also explained how Nigerians could be the solution to many of the country’s problems.

“What are we to do to make the change?” he asked again, “Start from the beginning, make an extensive list of the problems of this nation, there are people who said they are poor, Bill Gate said, ‘it is not your problem, if you are born poor; but if you die poor, it is your fault.’ All the people who made money, how do they make money? They saw the problems and they solved them. For your personal prosperity, and for the prosperity of Nigeria, and of the world, go and look into a problem and solve it.”

He also mentioned the Seven Mountains of Influence, which are religion, family, education, government, information, and community, he charged, “all these areas are to challenge you.”

In conclusion he charged Nigerians to go and build altars and monitor them.

“There are what we call altars. Altars are where celestial spirits meet, altars are where things change, if Nigeria is to change, it is from the altar, if your life is going to change it will begin from the altar. So if you are going to be a change agent, you must rebuild your altar, you are a human altar, you are temple of the holy ghost.

He finally listed out Seven altars that need to be rebuilt

These according to him are, “Personal Altar, Family Altar, Church Altar, The City Altar, National Altar, and the Continental altar”

“On your Personal Altar, where are you now in the spiritual things? Family Altar, there have been family altar that has been broken down. If you must be a change agent what you need to do is to rebuild your family altar. The next altar to be rebuilt is your Church altar. All the denominations, there are many strange things that have entered into our churches, we know them, but we do nothing about them, what are you doing to change it? The church altar must be repaired. Fire must be returned to the altar. Why are we not seeing the miracles? There are no more prophets because our altars need to be repaired.

“The next is the City Altar. Then the National Altar. Nigeria has the National Altar that has been bastardised with all kinds of things, if we don’t see anything about it how do we expect it to change? A new Nigeria will come when we rise up to be the change agent. When the commissioner who is your son, does a bad thing, rebuke him, saying this is not what I trained you to do. You must pray for this nation in your attitude.

“The continental altar. I have travelled all over the world, only Africans are black. It is not our colour that makes us backward, it is our mental capacity. If you are going to make a change what Africans can do, is to build their continental altar. ….Our continent will change. Continue to talk about integrity. Attack the attackables, attack ungodliness, attack darkness, attack ignorance, attack hatred. We are to teach transformation principles. Teach them beyond what they need to know in the church, teach them how to transform this nation, how to transform communities, transformation principles, and the Lord will help us.

“Think on your legacy. Leave a positive legacy. What will you be remembered for? Don’t just be satisfied with mediocrity. Do your best always. Be an anti-corruption crusader. Be a nation repairer, take away drug addiction, protest, do whatever you can do. Find something to do in the kingdom, engage yourself, create an online ministry, do something for the prostitute.

“I see a new Nigeria, I see a stronger Nigeria, I see a better Nigeria, as we enter the year 2024.”

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