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The annual Gilgal Convention of Anointed Christ Power International Church Inc, Isolo has kicked off. It holds between Sunday January 3, and 10, 2021 at the sprawling Church Cathedral, 20, Adekunle Street, Isolo, Lagos.

Speaking on the Convention which started over 30 years ago, the General Overseer, Apostle Stephen Debo Olagunju said the Convention was to appreciate the faithfulness of God both in the life of the Church, the ministers and members in general.

“Gilgal is the annual Convention of the Church, and this is the 32nd. We thank God for that and that is why we tag it the faithfulness of God. Faithfulness of God because we can see that nobody is faithful like God. When He promises He fulfils it.”

Explaining further he said, “Looking into the past we know we have all reasons to celebrate the faithfulness of God. God called me out of my Engineering work and business by telling me what He wanted me to do in life. I retired from my job in 1998 then while the business was booming, and since then God has been faithful day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year, His promises to me and other members of the commission have never failed.

“We have been growing in leaps and bounds, we have been increasing, the Church has been growing and expanding, and He has made our Church a congregation of happy and joyful people.  He has been unfolding His promises till now and we are confident that He will continue to do more.

Quoting Psalm 92, verses 2 and 3, Psalm 103, verse 3, emphasizing the faithfulness of God, Apostle Olagunju said, “It is not by our prayer, it is not by our knowledge or piety or that we are good but that God is faithful to His promise. God has taken me from a nonentity to a celebrity, that we can say he who is without Christ is a nonentity.

“Like He called  Abraham to come out of his father’s house at 70 when Abraham was nobody, without house, with no child, but He followed the unseen God, and God kept His promise with him, even to all the fruits that came out to him, till this very day, that all humanity is happy to be associated with the blessed Abraham’s lineage. We cannot talk enough of God’s faithfulness. The same God of Abraham is the same as that of Isaac.”

Looking into the theme and the nation in general, Apostle Olagunju called on leaders at Church and national levels to believe and hold strongly to the faithfulness of God in all things.

He admonished, “It is now time for the nation and every Church to look unto God because God is faithful and He will fulfil His promises if we follow Him, and preach undiluted message of the gospel. When He makes a promise He stands by it and fulfils it. We can say confidently that God is our helper, refuge, strength and power.”

For this year’s Gilgal Convention, despite the state of the nation and global economy, all is set to hold another modest convention featuring revivals and thanksgiving service.

The revival has been kicked off with ministration on Sunday by the Special Guest Speaker Prophet Akinola Fasawe, who enjoined the Church members to think big this year for great expectations from the ever faithful God, saying “the more you think, the more you plan, the more you work and the more God will do for you as a faithful God.”

Expected to minister in music are Evangelist Samuel Alatise, Pastor Tayese Adenrele and Sister Rhema Ajayi.

“We are celebrating the convention moderately this year because of the state of the world. We will like to avoid waste,” explained Apostle Olagunju.

The man of God also took time to speak on the mood of the world that was ravaged with Coronavirus pandemic last year which he said God to shake the world.

“I thank God for Covid -19 because without Covid -19, there would have been war in the world. We could notice that before the pandemic there had been bickerings among nations, from America to China, Iran and the likes, but when the pandemic broke out, there was no time to fight one another but to concentrate on how to provide solution to the pandemic.

“I think God used it to humble many people in the world showing the powerlessness of money, political and social influence. Before the pandemic, there were drums of war but after, the pressure subsided. God proved that human beings cannot take His place and human beings cannot be used to end the human race.”

He was quick to remind all Covid -19 was yet to go, saying “We must also remember that Covid-19 is still raging and doing cleansing. Because this is the end time anything can still happen. So it behoves everybody to come back to God, as no vaccine would work but prayers and godliness.

“We must also know that the pandemic cannot affect Nigeria more than others, but we need more of prayers. As to its termination, anybody can say whatever they want but God will remove it from the surface of the earth, but let Nigerians continue to speak in faith and boldly that Covid-19 should go from Nigeria, Covid-19 should go from Africa, and Covid -19 should go from the world and there will be normalcy.”

On the threat and fear of the government mounting control over the Church, the man of God warned those who were thinking about this to desist as nobody could put the Church of God under satanic control.

He said, “In Nigeria, I want to say that nobody cannot gag the Church, the Church is the number one property of God. It is bought by the blood of Jesus. As Christians we should not follow what other people are following, we should not say what others are saying, and we should not believe what others are believing. As children of God our confession should be positive. Every believer of God should see beyond what people are seeing. Every believer must use his 6th sense. The people of the world have five senses but children of God should have six senses and use the 6th sense.”

On divine protection Apostle Olagunju called on children of God to put themselves under the divine protection of God. “We must always declare that the Lord is our refuge and He will surely protect us, and children of God should not fear. There could be propaganda, this is not the first of such pandemic and propaganda, many have come and gone in the past, and this one will surely go.”

On the year 2021, the cleric described the year 2021 as a year of Restoration for Nigeria, and “all what Covid -19 has swallowed would be vomitted but it will come to total fulfilment in 2022.  For the Church it is going to be a year of Angelic Visitation, Manifestation and Ministration. Angels will rule, God of Plenty will visit His Church and there will be bountiful blessings.

In the spirit of the season, the Church through Hand of Mercy Foundation, a benevolent arm of the Church, some members, ministers and less privileged members of the Church benefitted from the kind gesture of the Church and the General Overseer.

Hands of Mercy, led by Mr. Lanre Kolawole at the beginning of the Convention reached out to about 300 widows, and church workers giving them money clothings and food materials.

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