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Sunday November 7, 2021 marked 49 years of the departure to the great beyond of Prophet Moses Maadan Adewuyi Akande, aka Kinniun Inu Emi and that provided an ample opportunity for the children, disciples, church members as well as family and associates far and wide to come together to celebrate the memory of the departed.

It was an opportunity to remember and celebrate the fond memory of their patriarch as they all converged at The Cherubim and Seraphim Church headquarters, Oke Alaafia, Oluwole, Iseyin, the Church founded by the departed spiritual leader on Sunday 7th November 2021 to commemorate the 49th departure of their late father and spiritual icon.

The service was attended by family, biological and spiritual sons and daughters and the grand children of the late priest who was the founder of the Church, as they pay tributes one after the other.

Prophet Maadan, at the service was acknowledged as a man who brought Cherubim and Seraphim to Iseyin town. He was remembered for how he went on seven day trance and went to the bush to where many joined him to receive divine messages that brought relief and solutions to diverse individual and group problems.

According to His Eminence, Baba Aladura Chaplain G. Olu Awelewa, the deceased would be long remembered for his selfless attitudes and dispositions and that is why his works were speaking long after him.

“Late Prophet Maadan was a man that lived and radiated love wherever he found himself. He was never a threat to his followers except evil doers. He was well noted for praying for the members of his Church, as one person testified that anytime he saw anything good outside, he would mention it to his members especially the young ones, to have them and they would have them. That was how God used him to prosper and bless the members of his Church,” he testified.

The preacher also used the day of the event to thank God for the life of impact the spiritual leader gave to his children, explaining that was why they were and still remain in the service of God spread across many Church denominations, within and outside C& S Church.

Prophet Maadan was also appreciated for the way he used water and anointed oil to effect healing and deliverance in the life of those in bondage.

While many used to come here for prayers and healing, Baba would used only water and sometimes anointed oil to effect healing unlike what many are doing today that do not glorify the name of God.

Another person also testified that late Prophet Maadan was a spiritual icon to reckon with during and after his lifetime.

Both the members and the guests were led with songs and jubilation to the spot where he began his church before moving to its present location at Oke Alaafia, also in Iseyin, Oyo State.

The event was celebrated with economic empowerment and presentation of gifts to widows, the aged and the less privileged under the auspices of Maadan Relief Centre which was newly opened at the remembrance service.

According to the organisers, the caring mission which had been commenced in Lagos would be made available to all comers within the community every fortnight, or every first and third Saturday of the month. Many people benefitted from the mission work.

The programme was attended by family members, sons and daughters from far and wide. Among the officiating ministers were Most Senior Apostle D.F. Falohun, Bishop Dr. Robert Oladiran Adegeye, Revd. Samuel Adunola Adeniran, Pastor Mayowa Orunmuyiwa aka Aboyun Oro, Pastor Taiwo Moses Ajibade, Prophetess Felicia Adebanke Adebanji, Snr. Evang. Folorunso Oluwole, Pastor Ajuwon Gabriel Adewuyi, Pastor Gbenga Falohun and Pastor Samson Jacob Olusegun.

According to the children the memory left behind by their father can never be forgotten, as they thanked God for what he has done in the life of the children, it has become very imperative to keep the memory of the deceased father alive.

The memorial service featured many programmes like sessions of praise and worship led by the choir, special rendition and drama presentation for the memory of the patriarch, and time was dedicated to pay tributes and speak of the fond memories of the spiritual icon.

As part of the remembrance serce was a procession by the members and the followers of late Prophet Maadan within the community.

It is on record that Prophet Maadan was the first person to bring C&S Church to Iseyin.

According to testifiers, Prophet Moses Adewuyi was seen as a compassionate and caring leader who was always encouraging the younger ones on how they can improve their lots, unlike many selfish others, noting that was why God has exalted him even in death that he was being remembered 49 years after him.

He was seen as somebody who came to the world to do the work of his creator and that was why his works were long speaking after him.

Also in his appreciation remarks, Bishop Dr. Michael Solajuwon Adewuyi speaking from his US base thanked all that were part of the remembrance service hugely successful, as he promised that the people should be looking forward to a more elaborate memorial Silver Jubilee thanksgiving service for their patriarch in the coming year.

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