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The attention of children of God has been drawn to how they live their secret life. Making this revelation is the Senior Pastor and District Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church Prayer Embassy, Osogbo in person of Pastor /Prophet Stephen Adeyinka Adesoji.

Pastor Adesoji made this appeal in one of his regular weekly programmes tagged The Voice of the Lord delivered online.

The cleric who defined one’s secret life as anything that we do in the secret that other people do not know that we are doing it said they are the things we do that are not known to others and are not in accordance with the will of God, explaining that “If there is anything that God takes serious interest in, it is what we do in the secret. It is what God values more than what we do in the open.

“It is those things you do that nobody sees, and it is the thing that God values more than what we do in the open. It is more important than what we do in the open.”

Quoting Luke 12. 1-3, and Proverbs 6: 16-19, Pastor Adesoji  explained that Jesus likened the evil people do in the secret to the hypocrisy of the Pharisees of His days on earth.

He said, “They would say one thing in the open and do otherwise in the secret, and Jesus said nothing would be covered that would not be made known in the open. It is just a matter of time.”

Citing examples of what most people do in the secret that are not according to the will of God, Pastor Adesoji mentioned those married people who engage in extra marital affairs thinking that their spouses are not aware; those who engage in petty and major stealings, those that are Christians in the open but turn other things in the secret, politicians who deceive the electorates to amass illegal wealth, and all such ungodly vices found among those that are supposed to be Christians.

He said, “Some people are into adultery with their husbands or wives not knowing, they know how they organise their meetings thinking nobody knows. Some others’ secrets are about stealing, some others are backbiters who can use their mouth to destroy others.”

Reading from Proverbs  6:16-19, Pastor Adesoji listed what God hates as “Proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked imaginations, feet that are swift in running to mischief, false witnesses that speak lies and he that sow discord among brethren,” saying all these are abomination unto the Lord, and whoever live with these secrets are enemies of the Lord.

Continuing, he was very quick to warn that whatever is being covered will be revealed and when it is revealed brings shame and destruction to the perpetrators.

The man of God went further to cite examples of those who engaged in secret sins in the bible and the repercussions. These according to him were Achan, Rachel and King David.

“We all know what were the effects for these sinners. Achan caused defeat for the children of Israel in the hand of weak Ai, and eventually he was found out and that led to the destruction of his life and his children. David engaged in adultery, he tried to cover it but God revealed it, he also suffered severely by attracting curse upon himself and his family.

“As for Rachel she stole the father’s idol and she also denied which made Jacob to put curse upon her, and that was also responsible for her early death. All these confirmed that all secrets shall be made open. Whatever you are hiding will be revealed one day except if you did not do it. Once you do it, it shall be revealed.”

He therefore called on the people to go and examine their secret lives warning that it could bring destruction if they failed to desist from them.

“God wants you to examine your secret life as a husband, as a wife, as a father or mother, as Pastors God wants you to observe your secret life, as political leaders and representatives of the people, what are you hiding from your followers? All these shall bring shame whenever they are made open.

Pastor Adesoji also pointed out that as God was directing the people to how they live their secret lives so is He interested in those who live positive and open lives as good examples citing Joseph in the house of Portiphar , and Daniel in the land of captivity.

“It was possible for Joseph to agree to sleep with Portiphars’s wife with his master not knowing, but he would have used it to compromise his glorious future. Because he feared God, we can see what God used to reward him in future.

“We also learned of Daniel, God used his secret prayer to lift him up. God wants us to live our secret lives to please Him. It is possible to live our secret lives to please God. That you are in a place where you are not well known is not a licence to doing evil, thinking nobody would know.”

Pastor Adesoji also took the advantage to call on those who might have been indulging in shady characters in the secret to desist until its revelations bring shame and open disgrace.

According to the cleric, the gains of living a positive godly secret life include divine promotion like that of Joseph and God would always be there to defeat and disgrace their enemies like it happened to Daniel.

In conclusion, he listed out ways to live positive secret life as to have a new birth in Christ, by living their lives based on the word of God, and by walking anew in the Lord.

“If you are walking in the Lord your way of life will be different and it will be difficult for you to live in secret sins. God is calling on us to walk on our secret lives. Go and remove all negatives in your way of life before it turns to condemnation and shame. If you change your way of life, like Apostle Paul you will be able to testify of how God changed your former lifestyle to a new creature,” he admonished.

Pastor Adesoji rounded off by praying for the grace to live their secret lives in the way that would be pleasing to God.

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